CH Norwester Burn Time

"Dammit" Janet, as her call name suggests, has a little of the devil in her, typical of all her female line. Her mother, Mabel, Ch Norwester Golden Bay Babe, was an enthusiastic and successful show dog, and Janet has inherited her outgoing attitude. At her first appearance in the ring at 3 and a half months old, at the North Canty. KA show on 2nd Jan 2013, she was Baby Puppy in Group, under local judge Pat Plimmer. At her second and third shows, Banks Peninsula A&P, Janet was Baby Puppy in Group both days, under local judges Karen McIntyre and Brian Harris, then went on both days to be Baby Puppy in Show under John Forbes and Robin Robertson of NSW. At Nelson District KA next weekend she was beaten by her litter brother, who went BPIS day one and BPIG day two. However, Janet was 5th of 57 entries in the all age Puppy Stakes. At the CKA Open Show 3rd Feb Janet went BIG and BPIS, also taking out the all age Puppy Stakes under terrier breeder-judge Samantha Diggins (nee Cowie) of Wellington. Only entered the first day of the Waikouaiti KA show, a double show on 16th Feb, Janet was Baby Puppy in Group in each show, under judges from Mexico and Paraguay. At Canty Ladies 2nd March, Janet was Baby in Group under B. Hession (Aust), 3rd in the Baby Puppy Stakes under Jan Brownlie of Dunedin, and Baby Puppy in Group and Baby Puppy In Show under K. Eldred (Aust). She was BPIG under B. Hession at the North Otago KA show on 9th March. As a baby puppy she had a total of 8 Baby Puppy in Groups, 3 of which progressed to Baby Puppy in Show. Puppy in Group under Peter Martin, Australia at Selwyn District on 24th March,4th place in Puppy Stakes at North Canterbury at Easter (Rick Berwick). Janet was Runner Up in Puppy Stakes at Ellesmere A&P under Rhys Dwyer. At Marlborough, she was Reserve In Group under Debra Howell, a great thrill in such strong competition. Janet was points table Baby Puppy of the Year 2012-2013 Canty Combined Terrier Club, and Junior of the Year 2013-2014.

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Pedigree for CH Norwester Burn Time
Sire : NZ CH Rouletta Havin a Good Thyme (Imp U.K.) S: Eng CH Ragus Up'N' Adam S: Ragus Lookin' For Trouble
D: Ragus Lucy Furr
D: Rouletta Primrose S: CH Deansleigh Interceptor
D: Ragus Wine and Roses at Rouletta
Dam : CH Norwester Golden Bay Babe S: NZ CH Karrell Anzac (Imp Aust.) S: Aust Grand CH Kinsridge Red Pepper (Imp U.K.)
D: Aust Grand CH Kinsridge Golden Reign (Imp U.K.)
D: CH Montana Belle of the Ball S: NZ CH Chesney Lord Beaumont (Imp Aust.)
D: CH Grafton Liberty Belle

Recent Results

  • 15-Feb-2014 Junior of Group

    Waikouaiti Kennel Association [CH] (Judge was Mr David Powers, California.)

  • 3-Aug-2013 Puppy in Group

    CKA Double Open Shows [OP] (Judge was Claire Trevelyan and Lavina Diamante)

  • 19-May-2013 Reserve Best in Group, Puppy in Group

    Marlborough Kennel Association [CH] (Judge was Debra Howell (Australia))

  • 11-May-2013 Runner-Up Puppy Stakes 6-12 months 25 entries

    Ellesmere A&P Society [CH] (Judge was Rhy Dwyer, Auckland)

  • 29-Mar-2013 4th Puppy Stakes

    North Canterbury Kennel Association [CH] (Judge was Rick Berwick, West Australia)

  • 24-Mar-2013 Best of Breed, Puppy in Group

    Selwyn District Kennel Society [CH] (Judge was Mr Peter Martin, Australia)

  • 10-Mar-2013 Baby Puppy in Group

    North Otago Kennel Association [CH] (Judge was B. Hession, Australia)

  • 3-Mar-2013 Best of Breed, Baby Puppy in Show.

    Canterbury Ladies Kennel Association [CH] (Judge was K. Eldred, Australia)

  • 2-Mar-2013 Best of Breed, Baby Puppy in Group, 3rd Baby Puppy Stakes

    Canterbury Ladies Kennel Association [CH] (Judge was B. Hession, Aust, J Brownlie, Stakes)

  • 24-Feb-2013 Best of Breed

    Ashburton Kennel Association [CH] (Judge was Mrs A. Vandersteen, South Australia)

  • 16-Feb-2013 Baby Puppy in Group

    Waikouaiti Kennel Association Show One [CH] (Judge was Ms Olivia Aguilar de Arozamena, Mexico)

  • 16-Feb-2013 Best of Breed, Baby Puppy in Group

    Waikouaiti Kennel Association Show Two [CH] (Judge was Ms Felicitas Helene Mattosch, Paraguay)

  • 3-Feb-2013 Best In Group, Baby Puppy in Show, Winner Puppy Stakes

    Canterbury Kennel Association [OP] (Judge was Mrs Samantha Diggins)

  • 26-Jan-2013 Fifth Place, All Age Puppy Stakes (57 entries)

    Nelson District Kennel Association [CH] (Judge was Mrs L. Parekowhai)

  • 20-Jan-2013 Baby Puppy in Group/Baby Puppy in Show

    Banks Peninsula A&P Society [CH] (Judge was Brian Harris ChCh/Robin Robertson NSW)

  • 19-Jan-2013 Baby Puppy in Group/Baby Puppy in Show

    Banks Peninsula A&P Society [CH] (Judge was Karen McIntyre, Nth Cant/John Forbes NSW)

  • 2-Jan-2013 Baby Puppy in Group

    North Canterbury Kennel Assoc Benefit [CH] (Judge was Mrs Pat Plimmer)