Ch. Neut. Ch. Wynterra First Edition TK.S. RN. ME.

Ch. Neut. Ch. Wynterra First Edition TK.S. RN. ME.

Rupert is my gorgeous snuggle-bug and an absolute delight to be around. He is a ridiculously happy chap with not a care in the world. Nothing phases Rupert and each new adventure is taken in stride.

Rupert is a very active little dude and we keep busy competing in Earthdog, Rally, Agility, Trick Dog and Scent Work. We are enjoying spending time together and learning tricks and little Rupie is very smart and a super fast learner.

Rupert has been semi-retired from the show ring for a while now and only comes out to play for major events in order to interact with the public and get lots of pats and attention!

As of 2023, we have recently started competing in Rally and we are still working towards his Earthdog Champion title.

UPDATE 15/09/2023:
After trying something different, Rupert attains the final pass for his Rally Novice (RN.) title with an amazing score of 99/100.

He and Vixen are the FIRST Norwich Terriers in Australia to hold a Rally title and I'm so proud of them both!

Rupert finally gains the final pass for his Master Earthdog (ME.) title.

He is now the FIRST Norwich Terrier in Australia to hold 4 Earthdog titles: Earthdog Instinct Certificate, Junior Earthdog, Senior Earthdog and Master Earthdog.

Rupert wins First Place and a 200 Novice Jumping Q on agility day at the Sydney Royal Dog Show. He is such a consistent worker and gives me his all!

Rupert attains his first ever Rally Q at the Sydney Royal Dog Show with a lovely score of 90/100. Such an amazing achievement for the two of us considering we haven't had any real formal obedience training.

Rupert attains his Trick Dog Starters (TK.S) title, officially making him the equal first (with his sister Vixen) Norwich Terrier in Australia to be awarded this title.

Rupert wins Best Neuter of Breed at the 2021 Sydney Royal Dog Show, which we entered purely for fun and to show off this amazing breed to the public!

He is the first Norwich Terrier in history to win this award!

Rupert becomes the first Australian Norwich Terrier to attain 4 titles with Do More With Your Dog (AKC affiliated) -- Novice Trick Dog, Intermediate Trick Dog, Advanced Trick Dog and Expert Trick Dog.

After re-entering the show ring late 2019, Rupert becomes the first male Norwich Terrier in Australia (and only the second of the breed) to attain his Neuter Champion title.

December 2019:
Rupert has really proven himself to be a fantastic Earthdog with an amazing working terrier instinct. We struggled with the recall section at first as Rupie stubbornly refused to leave the den and his quarry, but eventually, with a lot of perseverance (and the crinkling of a food packet!), Rupert has now mastered the recall too.

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