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CH Kaeva Taken By Storm
(Debra Sheddan)

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NSW Casmara/JR Blue Diamond (Aust Champion) (Fran Kinnear)
NSW Casmara/JR Kingston Gold (Aust CH) (Fran Kinnear)
NSW Casmara/JR Yindileigh Kiri (Fran Kinnear)
NZ Kaeva Calls The Tune (CH) (Debra Sheddan)
NZ Kaeva Dancing With The Devil (CH) (Debra Sheddan)
NZ Kaeva Storm Witch (CH) (Debra Sheddan)
NZ Kaeva Summer Storm (CH) (Debra Sheddan)
NZ Kaeva Taken By Storm (CH) (Debra Sheddan)
NSW Kivamynk Beautiful Bridget (CH) (Dr Carla Day)
NSW Kivamynk Call Me Elizabeth (Ch.) (Amy)
NSW Kivamynk Kathryns Kobby Lad (Grand Champion) (K Smith & Dr C Day)
NZ Norwester All Heart (CH) (Jill Watson)
NZ Norwester All In The Same Boat (Jill Watson)
NZ Norwester Courageous (Jill Watson)
NZ Norwester Heart of Oak (CH) (Jill Watson)
NZ Norwester Irresistible (Jill Watson)
QLD Norwester Made Ya Look (Imp NZ) (AUST CH) (T Boughen)
NZ Norwester Time To Tango (NZ CH) (Linda C Strongman & Kirstin Dixon)
NZ Ragus Yorkshire Life at Thaxmead(impUK) (Rob and Rosemary Weaver)
NZ Thaxmead Oliver Cromwell (Rob and Rosemary Weaver)

Displaying Page 1 of 1 pages