Alezan Dakota 'A''Z' H-Neg BSCL. I

Dakota or 'Codi' as he is affectionally known is a truly big lovable boy. He has exceptional character and strength which he produces in all his progeny. Dakota is full german breeding with some of the most sought after bloodlines from Europe in his pedigree. He is recommended through his breed survey for the improvement of strength and type with a caution on size. His breed survey general description states : Very large,strong and substantial dog showing excellent masculinity. Very strong head, dark eyes. Stands and moves with high wither, firm back, very good croup. The dog presents a very harmonious picture in stance. Very good fore and hindquarter angulations with broad thighs. Stands correct in front and steps correct front and rear. Shows powerful ground covering movement where the wither is maintained. The dog presents a very good picture in stance. Very good character and firm to gun.

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Pedigree for Alezan Dakota 'A''Z' H-Neg BSCL. I
Sire : Torro v Bisschofsheim 'a''Z'BSCL.I Imp Ndl S: Vako vd Herderskring 'a' S: Yugo vd Michaelswiese 'a'
D: Quaella vd Herderskring 'a'
D: Alaska Drei Wieken 'a' S: Cim v Bomberg 'a'
D: Laika v Nieuwlandshof 'a'
Dam : Redhaus Brazil (IID) 'A''Z' BSCL.I S: Quai Zu Den Sieben Burgen 'a' S: Flick v Arlett 'a'
D: Dunja Zu Den Sieben Burgen 'a'
D: Iris von der Waterkant 'a''Z' Imp GMY BSCL.I S: Kratmosens Gambo 'a'
D: Maxi von Batu 'a'