Neuter Champ Vondoussa Princess Nic A(2:2) Z(0:0) BSCL 1 Multi Ex

"Nikki" is named after her handler - as If I had any choice in her name!! Princess Nic!!

We always believed you had to be careful what you named your dogs or they would live up to it. Yes "Nikki" already is taking after her name sake... there should be plenty of laughs ahead of us.

"Nikki's" Critique from the 2008 National

24th VP Minor Puppy Bitch

7 mths. Large, med strong bitch of v/g pigment, feminine head with dark eyes. High withers, firm back, while the croup is of good lay it should be a little longer. Stands correct in front. Slightly upright pasterns, v/g hind angs. Steps correct at rear, wide in front. During movement shows good hind drive, fore reach however should be a little freer.

GSDC of SA Champ Show - 15 Nov 2008 - Mr J Rodger (Vic)

2 VG - Jnr Bitch (Youngest in the Class)
13 mths. 61 cm. Very large, med strong, expressive feminine bitch of overall v/g type & props. V/g head & expression. Quite good colour. Stands correct in front. Good length of neck. Good withers, firm back, well laid sl short croup. Good fore & v/g hind angs. Good pasterns. Good overall balance. Steps just a little cow hocked going, steps correct coming with good elbow connections. During movement displays a v/g ground covering gait.

Not bad - 2nd show back after last being shown as a minor at the National.

Nikki had a very successful 37th National finishing "on the pegs" - 5th VG in a very big and a very nice Inter class. Nikki was handled by her namesake, Nichole who did a very good job handling her.

(Main Photo - Nikki at Breed Survey 19 mths of age, middle and other photos taken at 13 months of age.

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Pedigree for Neuter Champ Vondoussa Princess Nic A(2:2) Z(0:0) BSCL 1 Multi Ex
Sire : *Ray v Fichtenschlag (imp Gmy)a ED H-Neg S: VA *Dux de Cuatro Flores S: VA *Hill v Farbenspiel
D: *Lina v Arminius
D: *Carolin v Fichtenschlag S: VA *Yasko v Farbenspiel
D: *Gunnie v Fichtenschlag
Dam : *Vondoussa Georgie Girl AZ ET HSAs S: *Nilson v Wildsteiger Land (imp Gmy) a Z H-Neg S: *Nils v Wildsteiger Land
D: *Yanke v Wilsteiger Land
D: Grundelhardt Wild Witch AZ HT S: *Mutz v Schuttingerweg (imp Gmy)a Z H-Neg
D: *Redhaus Anastasia (IID Gmy) AZ

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