BEST IN SHOW, Multi BIG, Multi RUBIG, Aust Ch Tagetarl Got Ya Back (retired)

***** BEST EXHIBIT IN SHOW 09/05/09 *****

BUNDY is currently being campaigned to his GRAND in Qld by our Platinum Partner Roberta Wilkins

When it comes to BUNDY we don't need to QUOTE CHUNKS FROM THE STANDARD to try and convince people we know what we are talking about...just look at the photo.

Mrs J Gotch's (judge) comments: "This is a lovely compact dog with a great temperament.Terrific powerful movement and I have no doubt that this dog could work all day easily."

General comments Mrs Gotch made after judging our dogs.
"I do quite a lot of judging nowdays and i was very impressed with the overall quality of your cattle Dogs."

Our dogs Move because they can...We don't have to drag our dogs around the ring because they move with that much ease that we can't keep up...Our dogs move because they are constructed correctly and are sound...We don't have to try and HIDE our dogs faults from the judges with tricky handling like others must do to 'appear' sound...For us there IS nothing to hide...Our dogs win on their own merits because of their outstanding quality...This year alone we have already had 5 different dogs win either BEST IN SHOW or R/UP under 5 different judges.. Because of where we live we don't have the luxury of chasing judges and picking who we show under so ALL of our wins are because our dogs win on THEIR OWN MERITS!

OUR BIGGEST REGRET ~ We only have 20 shows per year NOT 70+ like some other people can attend.

BUNDY is a stunning young man with an exceptional headpiece and boisterous ring attitude. He possesses true dark brown eye and correct compact body. This, coupled with his ideal angulation means that he is able to display the true effortless movement of the breed.

PRCD status, CLEAR
Normal Hearing
Full Dentition

BUNDY is proudly SIXTH generation TAGETARL

TAGETARL- The BLUES to Beat, the REDS to Reckon With © 1988

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Carol & Steve Beckett - ANKC International Judges (Member Details)
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Pedigree for BEST IN SHOW, Multi BIG, Multi RUBIG, Aust Ch Tagetarl Got Ya Back (retired)
Sire : Grand Champion TAGETARL CRITICAL MASS S: Ch Tagetarl Mercury Rising S: Ch Tagetarl Mercury May
D: Ch. Tagetarl Blue Bella
D: Ch. Tagetarl Dance Hall Girl S: Tagetarl Thunda Downunda
D: Ch Tagetarl Rhythm In Blue
Dam : Ch. TAGETARL MONSOON MISTRES S: Tagetarl Storm Surge S: Tagetarl Thunderhead
D: Tagetarl Diamond Dream
D: Ch Tagetarl Lady Tamara S: Neverfail Hobo
D: Ch Rokeglen Blue Fallon C.D.