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Am Grand CH/Grand CH Warrukadli Farr Rising
(Bill & Kirrie Ballard)

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NSW Adavale Double Jeopardy (Aust Ch.) (Kim Fisher)
QLD Allbush Ruby (Mark Milton)
NSW Amasterpiece Above And Beeyond (Aust Ch) (Vince and Joyce Muscat)
NSW Amasterpiece Bartys Number One (Aust Ch) (Vince And Joyce Muscat)
NSW Amasterpiece Dusty Boots (Vince & Joyce Muscat)
NSW Amasterpiece Dusty Stockman (Aust CH.) (Vince & Joyce Muscat)
NSW Amasterpiece Her Royal Highnes (Vince And Joyce Muscat)
NSW Amasterpiece Hips Dont lie (Vince And Joyce Muscat)
NSW Amasterpiece Im Your Baby Girl (Vince & Joyce Muscat)
NSW Amasterpiece N The Makin (Aust Ch) (K Fisher)
NSW Amasterpiece She Bee Awesome (Aust CH.) (Vince & Joyce Muscat)
NSW Amasterpiece She Bee Cheekee (Aust Ch) (Vince And Joyce Muscat)
NSW Amasterpiece Sing It Sista (Vince And Joyce Muscat)
NSW Amasterpiece The Bees Knees (Aust CH) (Vince and Joyce Muscat)
NSW Amasterpiece Very Addictive (Vince And Joyce Muscat)
NSW Amasterpiece Your Majesty (Aust Ch) (Vince And Joyce Muscat)
QLD Ardracu Red King (Geoff Noble)
QLD Austrax Eleventh Hour (Aust Ch / Neut Ch) (A Natoli)
QLD Austrax Everlong (Kath Williamson)
QLD Austrax Generator (Aust Ch) (Kath Williamson)
QLD Austrax In Your Honour (Aust Ch) (K M Williamson)
NSW Austrax My Silver Lining CDX TK.N RM. SWA (S Dickerson)
WA Austrax Pure Steel (Aust Ch) (D Dearn & D Stamm)
QLD Austrax Raise Your Glass, HIC (Am Ch) (Lori Frost)
QLD Austrax Sequel (K Williamson)
QLD Austrax The Colour And The Shape (AI) (Kath Williamson)
NSW Avonpark Blue Skyhawk (K Fisher)
NSW Avonpark Briar Rose (Aust Ch) (Kim Fisher)
NSW Avonpark Coalminers Daughter (AI) (Aust Ch) (K Fisher)
NSW Avonpark Crakajak (Aust Ch.) (Kim Fisher)
NSW Avonpark Goldminer (Aust Gr Ch) (K Fisher)
NSW Avonpark Heaven Sent (Aust Ch) (K.Fisher)
NSW Avonpark Heavens Gift (Aust Ch / Neut ch) (K.Fisher)
NSW Avonpark High Maintenance (Aust Ch) (K.Fisher)
NSW Avonpark Iceman (AI) (K Fisher)
NSW Avonpark Isa Queen (K Fisher)
NSW Avonpark Just Cruizin (BIS, MBISS, MBIG Supreme Ch.) (Sue & Ian Ford)
NSW Avonpark Mallee Boy UD (K Saunders)
NSW Avonpark Master Mariner (Aust & Neut Ch) (Sue & Ian Ford)
NSW Avonpark Phoenix Rising (Aust Ch) (K Fisher)
NSW Avonpark Rough Diamond (Ch & Neut Ch) (K.Fisher)
NSW Avonpark Showgirl (Aust Ch) (K.Fisher)
NSW Avonpark Spitfire (Aust Ch) (K Fisher)
NSW Avonpark Steele Diamond (AI) (Aust Ch) (K Fisher)
NSW Avonpark Sudden Impact (Aust Ch Neut Ch) (K.Fisher)
NSW Avonpark Sweet As Spice (Aust Ch) (Sue & Ian Ford)
NSW Avonpark Sweet As Sugar (Aust Ch) (Sue & Ian Ford)
NSW Avonpark Topgun (Aust Ch) (K.Fisher)
NSW Avonpark Tribal Legend (Aust Ch.) (Kim Fisher)
NSW Avonpark Waltzing Matilda (AI) (K Fisher)
QLD Baiamul Bushmans Book (Aust Ch) (K Williamson)
QLD Bangeeri Aussie Alchemist (Gr Ch) (G & S Pinsent)
SA Bangeeri Wild N Wicked (Aust Ch) (Toni Gardiner)
NSW Banyabba Deek Downunda (Mexican & American CH) (Suzi Ironmonger)
QLD Beauvest Ace of Spades (Mark Milton)
VIC Beauvest Blue Jaida (Mrs Judy Thomas)
TAS Beauvest Cutie Maya (Mr S and Mrs A Hall)
TAS Beauvest Fancy Lacey (Mr S and Mrs A Hall)
VIC Beauvest He Sang Dixie (Judy Thomas)
VIC Beauvest Kentucky Blu JC (CH) (P Yamine)
TAS Beauvest Metallic Cool Cat (Mr S and Mrs A Hall)
VIC Beauvest Metallic Lil Lena (Judy Thomas)
NSW Beauvest Ruby Rose RN (Glen and Julie Hogan)
VIC Beauvest Shez Got Class (Judy Thomas)
VIC Beauvest The Lone Ranger (Mrs Judy Thomas)
QLD Beauvest Two Up (Ms S Newton)
QLD Blucalypt Bart (Ch) (G & S Pinsent)
QLD Blucalypt Bianca (Aust Ch) (G & S Pinsent)
QLD Blucalypt Blue Kate (Aust Ch) (G & S Pinsent)
QLD Blucalypt Britt (Ch) (G & S Pinsent)
QLD Blucalypt Dawn Buster (Ch) (G & S Pinsent)
QLD Blucalypt Esoteric Blue (Australian Champion) (G & S Pinsent)
QLD Blucalypt Frosted Blue (Greg & Sharon Pinsent)
QLD Blucalypt Gold As Ice (AI) (Australian Champion) (Greg & Sharon Pinsent)
QLD Blucalypt Icy Gold (Australian Champion) (G & S Pinsent)
QLD Blucalypt Kobe (RUBISS Aust Ch) (G, S & B Pinsent)
QLD Blucalypt Ozzie Impact (Ch) (G & S Pinsent & K Angus)
QLD Blucalypt Pagan Gold (Australian Champion) (G & S Pinsent)
QLD Blucalypt Quintessence (Australian Champion) (Greg & Sharon Pinsent)
QLD Blucalypt Red Boomer (Ch) (G & S Pinsent)
QLD Blucalypt Red XL (Ch) (G & S Pinsent)
QLD Blucalypt Rock N Blue (Maureen Carr)
QLD Blucalypt Spellbound (Australian Champion) (G & S Pinsent)
QLD Blucalypt Wild Child (Multi BIG Aust. Champion) (Mrs S Ironmonger)
VIC Bluenip Annie (Champion) (As Above)
VIC Bluenip Banjora (Sandra Davis)
VIC Bluenip Matong (Australian Champion) (Mrs M A Nelson)
VIC Bluenip Miss Meg (Champion) (As Above)
SA Bluenip Yogi Bear (Aust Ch) (R. Day)
VIC Blueranch Sheps Idol (Jean Purcell)
QLD Bluereserve Upsa Daisy (K Williamson)
QLD Blueverado Yowie (Mrs T & Mr M Poole)
QLD Bluglades Shades Of Blue Ivy (Melissa Powell)
QLD Bluglades Where Theres A Will (Melissa Powell)
QLD Bluglades Wind In The Willows (BISS Aust Ch) (Melissa Powell)
VIC Bluverado Blue Remison (Mrs T Barker)
QLD Bluverado Heavy Storm (Julia Leivers)
SA Bluverado Lady In Blue (Ch) (Renee Milham)
NT Bluverado Royal Discovery (Caroline Camilleri)
VIC Bluverado Royal Rampage (Supreme Ch) (Alan & Robyn Spargo)
NSW Bluverado Royal Tyson (BIG, RUBIG, Aust. Ch.) (Sue Ford)
VIC Bluverado Sammie Jo Jo (Mrs T Barker)
NZ Bostonblue To The Taylors (Nz Ch) (Mrs K Taylor)
SA Brooksvale Hank (Sharon Campbell)
SA Brooksvale Hobo Jack BH OB1 (J Naarding)
SA Brooksvale Kakadu Sky (Alierah Taylor)
QLD Brooksvale Outback Loki (Aust Ch) (Melissa Powell)
SA Brooksvale Sunny Cowgirl (Sharon campbell)
QLD Bulahku Blue Bess (AUST.CH) (Mark Milton)
QLD Bulahku Blue Jackaroo (Mark Milton)
QLD Bulahku Blue Jilleroo (Mark Milton)
QLD Bulahku Blue Stockman (Mark Milton)
QLD Bulahku By Design (AUST CH) (Mark Milton)
QLD Bulahku Dora Th Explora (AUST CH) (Mark Milton)
QLD Bulahku Hot And Steamy (Mark Milton)
QLD Bulahku Iron Mike (Mark Milton)
QLD Bulahku The Riff Raff (Mark Milton)
QLD Burjoise Hez A Boy (Rachel McGrath)
QLD Burjoise Hot Of The Press (Jacqui Connolly)
QLD Burrenjup Blue Bandit Queen (Julia Leivers)
QLD Burrenjup Blue Bomber (Julia Leivers)
NSW Busheela Akinda Magic (BISS Sup Ch) (C & G Arkell)
NSW Busheela Blue Idol (Ch) (Tracey Canciani)
NSW Busheela Blue Tom (Ch) (Tracey Canciani)
NSW Busheela Burn For You (Tania & Steve Monck)
NSW Busheela Indiana Rose (RUPBISS Aust Ch) (T Canciani)
NSW Busheela Red Illusion (Tracey Canciani)
NSW Busheela Touch Of Magic (Tracey Canciani)
NSW Busheela Trick Or Treat (T Canciani)
NSW Busheela Vogue (Tracey Canciani)
QLD Campblu Outwitting The Devil (Nigel Hill)
QLD Capoo Sarabi Blu (Miss Toni Campbell)
VIC Caputh Highland Mist (Brian & Kim Lord)
VIC Caputh Maggie May (Brian & Kim Lord)
VIC Carrawarn Royalreload (Aust. CH) (Mrs J. James)
VIC Circlebartee Country Cheek (Mrs D Thomas)
VIC Circlebartee Kickin Up Dust (Mrs D Thomas)
VIC Circlebartee Tonka (CH) (Di Thomas)
QLD Cleverblue Bon Bon (Mr M & Mrs T Poole)
QLD Cleverblue Lady Of The Rings (Mrs T & Mr M Poole)
VIC Cloverdowns Aim High At Landmaster (Aust Ch) (J James)
VIC Cloverdowns Beyond The Lyric (J Purcell)
SA Cloverdowns Blue Suede Shoes (Aust Ch) (RB & CJ Redhead)
SA Cloverdowns Delta Blues (Aust Ch) (RB & CJ Redhead)
VIC Cloverdowns Fight of His Life (J Purcell)
VIC Cloverdowns Forbidden Kisses (Mrs Jean Purcell)
VIC Cloverdowns Hello Boys at Landmaster (Mrs J Purcell)
VIC Cloverdowns Hidden Surprise (Mrs Judy Thomas)
VIC Cloverdowns Lets Rock (Mrs J Purcell)

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