Earl is one of our prolific winners. A continual in show award winner at multi specialty and all breeds shows. He is a lovely breed type, exceptional temperament & exhibiting fabulous ground covering movement. Not only is he doing exceptionally well in the show ring, but has proved to be a very valuable Stud Dog. He is standing at stud to approved bitches. All enquiries are more than welcome (best to call Julie on the mobile, as emails aren't checked that often).

Critique by judge Dr R. Zammit (NSW)- at the Working Dog Show of NSW Nov. 2008 after awarding Earl BEST EXHIBIT IN SHOW & Best Junior in Show at 17 months of age.

"This dog has qualities that I haven’t seen in an Australian Cattle Dog in a long time. A strong head along with strength of muzzle, which tapers correctly and doesn’t lose power. This is equally matched with a strong under jaw, which flushes squarely giving great function to this area as well as very admirable type. This is all in balance with a strong, muscular neck, without any excess and flowing into a strong, level topline. The angulations is balanced front and back with a correct lay of shoulder and a broad hindquarter displaying a well turned stifle, which is so sadly lacking in this breed. The movement is extremely sound coming and going with far ground covering reach equally matched by the driving hindquarters, the final result of which is a ground covering gait, still supple but very impressive. I was extremely honoured to give this dog the Best In Show award; I congratulate the breeders and wish this dog the many success he deserves in the years to come. Great dog; just a great dog. I hope he is recognized for his true worth".

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