Ch Boldhart Bookies Babe

Alias "The Toad". It was never in the plan to keep Toad at home and she was sold as an 8 week old puppy. At the age of 8 months she came home to us a failed show dog. At the time we were going to Qld for a holiday and because of the time constraints we decided she should come with us ( we were already taking 6 staffords - whats one more ) and we would find her a new home when we returned.

Well we were away for 6 weeks and we fell in love with her personality. She was different from our other Staffords as she appreciated the attention that we gave to her. It was not just expected and taken as the norm. Anyway the end result was, she lost a little weight, gained a little shine on her coat and was an Australian Champion at the age of 13 months. Not a bad effort for a reject!

Although shown sparingly she won well under specialist and all breeds judges excelling in movement and soundness. Toad had one litter to Aus Ch Solidrock Prime Mover producing 2 more Boldhart Champions - Ch Boldhart Tiggy Tuchwood and Ch Boldhart Tabatha Twitchit

How did she get the name Toad - When in Qld she could not help herself - a natural hunter - she acquired a taste for cane toads

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Pedigree for Ch Boldhart Bookies Babe
Sire : Grand Ch Boldhart Booker Bates S: S:
D: S:
Dam : Ch Boldhart Prisy Prunella S: S:
D: S: