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Tramac Law and Disorder (AI) L2 HGA & HC Clear
(T McManus)

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QLD Absolutstaff Blue Rain (Erika Henzell)
QLD Absolutstaff Stormy Nights (Justine Soper)
QLD Aceblue lady. Mishka (Mrs June Jay Cook)
NSW Aceblue Bam Bam C.D (Miss K Snerling)
QLD Aceblue Blue Venus (Louie & Kelly Lukarovski)
QLD Aceblue Lady Mia (Miss S Farrant)
VIC Aceblue Lady Moriarty L2hga-hc (Rachel Barber)
QLD Aceblue Stewie Griffin (Mr BJ Cook and Mrs J Cook)
QLD Aceblue The Vodo Youdo Sowell (Mrs J J Cook)
QLD Aceblue Top Notch Teddie (June Cook)
VIC Acrstaff Risky Business (Ch) (Truhaven Kennels)
VIC Adawyn Cost A Lot (Adawyn)
NSW Aflameinside Ice (Michaell-Lee Freeman)
VIC Ajstaffies Rambo (Mr S Hassan)
QLD Akaiokami Dark Diamond (Mr C A Nieves)
WA Akinos Adora L2-HGA & HC Clear (Akinos Staffords)
WA Akinos Aphrodite (N Kesic)
WA Akinos Charming The Storm (N. Kesic)
WA Akinos Creating A Storm (N Kesic)
WA Akinos Dark Horse (Nina Kesic)
WA Akinos Femme Fatale - L2-HGA & HC Clear (Ch) (Nina Kesic)
WA Akinos Made To Measure (Nina Kesic)
WA Akinos Making A Storm (N Kesic)
WA Akinos Riddick (Ch) (Mrs N Kesic)
WA Akinos Summer Storm L2-HGA & HC Clear (Ch) (Nina Kesic)
WA Akinos Teller of Tales (N. Kesic)
WA Akinos Temptress (N Kesic)
WA Akinos The Snow Man (Aust Ch) (Mrs N Kesic)
WA Akinos Tides Have Turned (N Kesic)
QLD Alangrove A Little Bit Fancy (M.Mcfadzen)
QLD Alangrove Paint the Town Red (Aus Champion) (D.Elms & M Mcfadzen)
QLD Alangrove Poetry In Motion L2- HGA & HC Clear by Parentage (Mechelle Mcfadzen)
QLD Alangrove Sudokuo (Aust CH) (Mr D Wisenstrom)
SA Albermarbull Essence (IMP UK) (Aust Ch) (Mark and Heidi Jenneys)
NZ Aldoushire Burlesque Babe (NZ Ch) (Shannon & Paul Aldous)
NZ Aldoushire Fairest Of Th Ball (Spl Gr Ch) (Shannon & Paul Aldous)
NZ Aldoushire Future Invader (NZ Ch) (Andrea McOnie-Perfect & David Perfect)
NZ Aldoushire Got The Force (AI) (NZ Ch) (Andrea McOnie-Perfect & Shannon Aldous)
NZ Alerick Brunners Bandit (Rudy and Pam Brunner)
NZ Alerick Eclipse Clear by Parentage for L2HGA and PHJC (NZ CH) (S M Payne)
NZ Alerick Home Coming Queen (Susanne Payne)
NZ Alerick Jessamme jack (NZ GR CH) (Susanne Payne)
NZ Alerick Jessamme Thistle (Susanne payne)
NZ Alerick Lockdown Lucy (Susanne Payne)
NZ Alerick Rosegold Ricochet (Susanne Payne)
NZ Alerick XFactor Asher Clear by Parentage for L2 and PHJC (NZ CH) (R Hayton & S M Payne)
VIC Allbluestaff Heartbreaker (Lianne)
QLD Alliedblue Gotta Feeling (C Smith)
QLD Alliedblue The Protector (C Smith)
QLD Alottablue Topaz (June Jay Cook)
NSW Ammorado Miss Tildy (Peter Jones)
NZ Anevay Fire Dancer (Janette Butcher)
NZ Anevay Flying Solo (Cara Gill)
NZ Anevay One N Only (Janette Butcher)
NZ Anevay Queen Bee (Kim Butcher)
NZ Anevay Return Of The King (Cara Gill)
NSW Angelstouch Dakota Blue (Timmothy Orr)
NSW Anglice Leader of the Gang - AI (Wolf & Brown)
ACT Angusstaff Fire Storm (Aust Ch) (Vanstaff Staffordshire Bull Terriers)
SA Anvilhart Baby Im Worth It (Anvilhart Staffords)
SA Anvilhart Bear Necessities (Renee hartnett)
SA Anvilhart Big Girlie Pants (Anvilhart Staffords)
WA Anvilhart Black Label (Mrs E Park Findlater)
SA Anvilhart Cant You See My Halo (Anvilhart Staffords)
SA Anvilhart Chiki Tiki (Ch) (D Tomney)
SA Anvilhart Cloudy Mist (Aust Ch) (Jo Hartnett)
SA Anvilhart Hashtag OMG (Aust Ch) (Anvilhart Staffords)
SA Anvilhart Heaven Scent (Australian Champion) (J Rasche & D Tomney)
SA Anvilhart Hot On Your Heels (RUBISS, BIS and RUBIS Supreme Champion) (J Rasche & D Tomney)
SA Anvilhart I'm Unbearable (Aust Grand Ch) (J Rasche & DTomney)
SA Anvilhart Justanothadevl (Aust Supreme Ch) (D Tomney)
SA Anvilhart Le De Da (Aust Ch) (J Rasche & D Tomney)
SA Anvilhart License To Chill (Aust Champion) (Jorasche & d Tomney)
SA Anvilhart Midnite Rambla (Aust Ch) (Jo Hartnett)
SA Anvilhart Muddie Maddie (Aust Supreme Ch) (J Rasche & D Tomney)
QLD Anvilhart Not Negotiable (Pieter & Shae Tjerkstra)
SA Anvilhart Oliver Twist (Joanne Rasche)
SA Anvilhart Ooh La La (Aust Ch) (J Rasche and D Tomney)
SA Anvilhart Poetikool Justice (Aust Ch) (J Rasche & D Tomney)
SA Anvilhart Pray For The Wicked (Anvilhart Staffords)
SA Anvilhart Talking To An Angel (Ashlee hartnett)
TAS Apollostaff Evil Lightforce (Aus Ch) (Kevin & Margaret Brown)
TAS Apollostaff Lady Olivia (Aus Ch) (Margaret & Kevin Brown)
TAS Apollostaff Olivers Boy (Aust Ch) (Margaret & Kevin Brown)
TAS Apollostaff Twilight Lady (Ch) (Kevin & Margaret Brown)
NSW Araidh Tea Leaf ADX JDX SPD (imp UK) (Ch) (Wendy & Andy Clewley)
QLD Arrowfire Matrix Morpheus (Mrs J J Cook)
WA Artisinal Casablabla (Mrs E Park Findlater)
WA Artisinal Hear Me Roar (E P Findlater)
WA Artisinal Most Wanted (Aust Ch) (E P Findlater)
WA Artisinal Ripple Effect (Leana Bartle)
NZ Artisinal Ripple Effect (Imp Aust) (BISS NZ CH) (Leana Bartle)
WA Artisinal the Pinball Wizard (Elizabeth Findlater)
WA Artisinal Why So Serious (MULTI BISS/BIS/RUBIS/BISTC Aus Supreme Ch) (Mrs L. Findlater)
WA Artisinal Will I Am (Mrs E Park Findlater)
WA Artisinal Wrecking Ball (E P Findlater)
TAS Arwynet Black Widow (Tania Snare and Dion Smith)
TAS Arwynet Final Finale (Mrs Barbara Suckling)
TAS Arwynet Hey Presto 20.09.00 - 21.02.15 (Aust Ch) (Tania Snare & Dion Smith)
TAS Arwynet Painted Lady (Aust Ch) (Margaret & Kevin Brown)
TAS Arwynet Polly Anna L2 - HGA & HC Clear 15.11.2004 to 01.05.2018 (Aust Ch) (Tania Snare & Dion Smith)
TAS Arwynet The Dark Knight (Dion Smith & Tania Snare)
TAS Arwynet Topsey Turvey L2 - HGA & HC Clear (Aust Ch) (Dion Smith & Tania Snare)
VIC Atlanticblue Abdulah Jali (Mr J Jones)
VIC Atlanticblue Juddy (Steve Feder)
VIC Atlanticblue Suave Storm (Nicole Finch)
WA Avater Fire N Fury (Ch) (Anita Murray)
WA Avater LordNMaster (Ch) (Anita Murray)
SA Awesum Lil Bit Conspicuous (Kyra Ricketts)
SA Awesum Lil Bit Flashy (Jackie Kinross)
QLD Axlstaff Pandoras Heavensent (Annetta Bainbridge)
QLD Bajed Fairy Godmother HC & L2-HGA CLEAR PHPV clear ANKC endorsed (Neuter Champion) (A. Crosthwaite)
QLD Bajed Miss Blackberry AD JD RE (Australian Obedience Champion Neuter Ch Aust Ch) (Paula Hill)
NSW Barrikelba Griffins Fire (Kylie Gatt)
NZ Battleaxe Harmony Storm (Grant & Louise Blackwood)
NZ Battleaxe Storm Chaser (L2- HGA & HC clear) (Grant & Louise Blackwood)
NZ Battleaxe Surestorm Lass - ( L2-HGA & HC clear) (CH) (Grant & Louise Blackwood)
WA Battlestar Kosmic Storm (Australian Champion) (Vicki White)
QLD Beaurite Bold Jack (C Drury)
QLD Beaurite Deadly Sweet (Aust CH) (Craig Drury)
QLD Beaurite Ferocious Thunder (C Drury)
QLD Beaurite How U Play Th Game (Craig Drury)
QLD Beaurite Rather Wicked (Beaurite Staffords)
QLD Beaurite Reak Havic (Craig Drury)
QLD Beaurite Red Sunset - L2 & HC Clear (Aust CH) (Craig Drury)
QLD Beaurite The Wicked (Beaurite Staffords)
QLD Beaurite Tothdviladuater (Beaurite Staffords)
QLD Beaurite Wicked Games (Nueter Ch Ch) (C Drury)
QLD Beautestaf Charlysnangel (Aust Ch) (Rizenstar Staffords)
VIC Bellakuta Angus JC (Aust Ch Neuter) (Helen Lomax)
QLD Belleden Arabesque L2-HGA & HC Clear (Australian Champion) (Belleden)
QLD Belleden Chocka Block (Australian Supreme Champion BIS) (J Chivers)
QLD Belleden Comtesse De La Rouge - L2-HGA & HC Clear (Australian Supreme Champion) (Belleden)
QLD Belleden Crown Prince - L2-HGA & HC CLEAR (Australian Champion) (Belleden)
QLD Belleden De La Rouge - L2-HGA & HC CLEAR (Australian Grand Champion) (Belleden)
QLD Belleden Devil Ov Orion - L2-HGA & HC CLEAR (Australian & New Zealand Champion) (Belleden)
QLD Belleden Fleur De Rouge L2-HGA & HC Clear (Australian/Irish/Int Champion) (Lackyle - IRELAND)
QLD Belleden Galliano Kisses L2-HGA & HC Clear (Australian Supreme Champion) (Belleden)
QLD Belleden Ghost N Darknss ~ L2-HGA & HC DNA Clear ~ (Aust Ch) (~ Ourknights Staffords ~)
QLD Belleden Red Sunstone Ov Mars (AI) - L2HGA & HC Clear (Aust Ch) (B Shaw)
QLD Belleden Red Warrior L2-HGA & HC CLEAR (Australian Grand Champion) (Belleden)
QLD Belleden Spellbound (Aust Ch) (J Chivers)
QLD Belleden Sunstone L2-HGA & HC CLEAR (Australian Supreme Champion) (Belleden)
QLD Bilbalina Black Obsession (S.farrant)
NSW Billiblu Ruby Lou (Roberta matterson)
QLD Billiblu Saphiras The Gem (M Mcmeeking)
SA Bilstonwake Shirlywich (Neutered Champion) (Mrs Sandra. Osborne)
QLD Bkool Bad Company L2-HGA clear & HC affected (Bkool Staffords)
QLD Bkool Bad Intentions (Bkool Staffords)
QLD Bkool Freak O Nature (Bkool Staffords)

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