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Oakamoor For Your Eyes Only
(Leana Bartle)

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SA Viperstaff NV (Mark and Heidi Jenneys)
SA Viperstaff Obsession (ai) (Viperstaff kennels)
SA Viperstaff Pure Essence (Mark and Heidi Jenneys)
SA Viperstaff Red By Jupiter (AI) (Aust Ch) (Mark and Heidi Jenneys)
SA Viperstaff Red Venom (Aust Ch, Neut Ch) (Mark and Heidi Jenneys)
SA Viperstaff Red Warrior (Ch) (Tiffany Newman/Mark and Heidi Jenneys)
SA Viperstaff Scorpion (Aust Ch) (Mark and Heidi Jenneys)
SA Viperstaff Spellbound (Ch) (Mark and Heidi Jenneys)
NSW Warbred Rosy Ogrady (J Roberts & J Stclair)
NZ Warfare Enchanted Princess (CH) (Lisa Martel)
NSW Warfare Last Of The Mohician (L2-HGA and HC clear, DNA profiled) (Aust & NZ Ch) (Shannon & Paul Aldous / Karen Osborne)
QLD Warmaster Distant Thunder (imp NZ) - L2-HGA & HC DNA Tested Clear (R/U BISS Aust & NZ Ch) (Sandra Smid & Steve Hughes)
QLD Warmaster Total Magic (imp NZ) L2-HGA & HC DNA Tested Clear (BISS) (Sandra Smid & Steve Hughes)
NSW Warpitt Its So Easy (AI) (Aust Ch) (Tracy & Wayne Murphy)
NSW Warpitt Raunchy Girl (AI) (Tracy & Wayne Murphy)
QLD Warree Echo (Peter & Julie Beresford)
NSW Warree Flami Lexi (Steven De Pater)
QLD Warree Flamin What - L2HGA & HC Clear (Felicity Day)
QLD Warree Injun Joe (Aust Ch) (Annetta Bainbridge)
SA Waurstafford Ghost Whisperer (Aust. Ch.) (J.L. & A.H. Griffin)
SA Waurstafford Great Gatsby (Neut Ch) (**Kyra Ricketts**)
SA Waurstafford Jasper CD (Aust Ch) (Jo Hartnett)
SA Waurstafford Lil Bit Fancy (Kyra Ricketts)
QLD Westieblu Painted Lady (Tania Banek)
WA Westrova Stoic At Artisinal (ai) (Mrs E P Findlater)
WA Westrova Stoic Bells N Whistle (Frances Strover)
WA Westrova Stoic Cilla Black (Frances J Strover)
WA Westrova Stoic Fare Thee Well (Sandy Graham)
WA Westrova Stoic Flirt Ina Skirt (RBISS Ch) (Frances Strover)
WA Westrova Stoic Idris (Daniel Brennan)
VIC Westrova Stoic Ironbark L2-HGA & HC DNA CLEAR / DNA PROFILED - PHPV UNAFFECTED (Finola Jolly)
WA Westrova Stoic Love Ina Mist (Frances J Strover)
WA Westrova Stoic Makers Mark (RUBIS Multi RUBISS Ch) (Frances Strover)
SA Westrova Stoic Mastermind (AI) (Dagmar Adams)
WA Westrova Stoic Miss Barbra (Frances Strover)
WA Westrova Stoic Scuttlebutt (Frances Strover)
WA Westrova Stoic Sexy Sadie (Frances Strover)
WA Westrova Stoic Summer Rayne (Frances Strover)
WA Westrova Stoic The Whistler (Frances Strover)
WA Westrova Stoic Time To Return (Frances J Strover)
NSW Westrova Stoic Tooheys - HC & L2-HGA CLEAR/PROOF OF PARENTAGE/DNA PROFILED (Shane Gardner & Karen Martin)
WA Westrova Stoic Treacle Tart (Frances J Strover)
NZ Westwood Annie Oakley (NZ Ch) (Niki Nicholson)
TAS Whadaboutme Macy Gray (Mrs A Burns & Ms T Kelly)
SA Whadaboutme Queen Of Hearts (Dagmar Adams)
NSW Whimsicalblue Skye Blue (Mr B Bohn)
QLD Widebayblue Storm (Jason And Cyndy)
QLD Widebayblue Summer Rayne (Mr J & Mrs C Steele)
NSW Wildbunch Butterflies For Buzz AI (L&K Ballard)
NSW Wildbunch Leonardo (L&K Ballard)
NSW Wildbunch Strikes Out (L&K Ballard)
NSW Wildbunch Take A Bow (L&K Ballard)
NZ Willpower Betty Boop - L2-HGA & HC Clear (E Terrill)
NSW Willspride Cockney Rebel (Ch) (Neil & Sharon Brooks)
VIC Wintrodan Even Flow (Troy Emmerson)
VIC Woodzez Step It Up And Go (Imp UK) (Sue Lambert)
VIC Wooloostaff Got It Flaunt It (Ch, JC) (Sue Lambert)
VIC Wooloostaff The Devil Sent Me (BISS, CH, Neuter CH) (Sue Lambert)
VIC Wooloostaff The Devils Envy (CH) (Sue Lambert)
VIC Wooloostaff The Devils Mine (CH) (S lambert)
VIC Wooloostaff The Devils Wingman (AI) (BISS , CH) (Sue Lambert)
NZ Wunderbar Hop on Pop at Renegade (Jorga Dixon & Bridgette Wadsworth)
VIC Wyowna Batteries Not Included--L2 HGA and HC Clear by Parentage (Aust Ch) (wyowna Knl's)
VIC Wyowna Choccywoccydoodah--L2 HGA and HC Clear by Parentage (Aust Ch) (Wyowna Kennels)
VIC Wyowna Do You See What I See (Wyowna Kennels)
VIC Wyowna Melbourne Storm (Aust Ch) (Wyowna Kennels)
NSW Yakindow Crazy Diamond (AI) (Nicola Yates)
NSW Yakindow Desert Charge (AI) (Nicola Yates)
NSW Yakindow Sonic Boom (AI) (Aust Ch) (Nicola Yates)
SA Youngblu Bella (Richard Graham)
NSW Zaharastaff Assume Nothing (Kim Smith)
NSW Zaharastaff Desert Storm (Ch) (Tyrone Lee)
NSW Zaharastaff Empower Me (Ch) (Kirsty Lee)
NSW Zaharastaff Raised From Th Ashes (Kirsty Lee)
VIC Zaharastaff Rip Girl Roxy (Lesley Knights ( Grayleigh Staffords))
NSW Zaharastaff Short Denim (Ch) (Kirsty Lee)
NSW Zaharastaff Sole Survivor (Kirsty Lee)
QLD Zanzooblue Man of Steel (M and J Standing)
NSW Zeracious All The Talk (Ch    ) (F & M Coetzer)
QLD Zeracious Born To Glory (Mrs M Coetzer & Mrs J Chivers)
NSW Zeracious Fire Me Up (Ch    ) (F & M Coetzer)
NZ Zeracious Locked And Loaded (NZ Ch) (C & C Hoeben)
QLD Zeracious Sharp Edge (Mr F & Mrs M Coetzer)
NSW Zeracious Showdown (Ch) (F & M Coetzer)
QLD Zeracious Sovereignty (Mrs M Coetzer & Mrs J Chivers)
NSW Zeracious Starman (CH) (F & M Coetzer)
ACT Zeracious Sudden Impact (Ch) (Leighanne Reid)
NSW Zeracious Up To Scratch (Ch) (F & M Coetzer)
NSW Zeracious Wit Supremacy (Ch) (F & M Coetzer)
NSW Zulubul African Gem (Shane Rice)
QLD Zulubul Irish Solar Moon (Ashley Schulz)
NSW Zulubul Knockon Devils Door (Anthony Orley)
NSW Zulubul Stormbull Dark Knight (Mr A Lewis)

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