Zana Vom Ersten Platz (IMP CRO) AZ

Hi Everyone

My name is Zana and you would not have seen me in the ring too often as I try my best to avoid working to hard, so when a big show comes up I either ensure I drop coat or come into season and thus get sent away for a naughty weekend so to speak!!!

When I was in Croatia I had a show career, where I did very well, however since coming to Australia I have not had a chance to do a lot of showing, but my parents tell me that I am not allowed to have another litter for a year so apparently I now have to get back into shape and start showing I suppose you will all see me soon. Some of my children have already started their show careers so I supposed I better get out there and show them how it is done.

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Lynda Friend & Eddie Verhoef (Member Details)
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07 5423 2575
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Pedigree for Zana Vom Ersten Platz (IMP CRO) AZ
Sire : Manto Di Casa Mary (IT) S: Ursus Von Batu (GER) S: Hobby Vom Gletschertopf (GER)
D: Verena Von Batu (GER)
D: Schila Di Casa Mary (IT) S: Clodo Di Casa Mary (IT)
D: Ica Di Casa Mary (IT)
Dam : Ladyna Vom Kapellenberg (SWE) S: Esko Vom Danischen Hof (GER) S: Jango Vom Furstenberg (GER)
D: Una Von Oxsalis (GER)
D: Sindy Vom Kappelenberg (GER) S: Igel V Wollenhaupi (GER)
D: Saskia Vom Kapellenberg (GER)