Ch Magpielane Wind Song CD

Louella is a fantastic natured girl, fun to live with, fun to train and fun be around. Whether I am off to the beach, throwing bumpers in the paddock, going to a show or trial, going up the street or just hanging out she loves to be with me.

For several years she attended kinders and schools with me working for the DPI Responsible Pet Education Program and was so sweat with the children that even those who are scared of dogs will usually come and practise meeting and patting a "strange dog" with her.

She finished her Novice Obedience Title at the Easter Trials 2010.

Her show career highlight was winning BOB at Adelaide Royal 2007.

Louella has attended numerous Melbourne Pet Expos and was a regular on the Dogs Victoria Education and Promotions Caravan. She always behaves impecibly when we are out.

At home she has been very naughty at times, like when she chewed through the electric cord on my vacum cleaner. She can undo zippers and has twice bought me wallets from handbags.

Louella was also caught on film gently sucking a sausage out of the bread a little girl standing near by was holding. The girl was unaware that the sausage had gone until she took a bite and there was only bread. Tollers are generally very food orientated.

She is a Dogs Victoria Therapy Dog and goes to nursing homes with me where she is a very popular visitor.

Louella has produced 4 lovely litters for me and is now retired from our breeding program.

I am grateful that Pam Francis of Magpielane bred and placed this lovely girl, who was my introduction to Tollers, with me. I am hooked and can't imagine life without a Toller or two.

Louella is DNA TESTED PRA carrier(B) CEA clear
FINAL ACES eye certificate (at 8 years old) Clear
Heart certified clear by a heart specialist
AVA Elbow score 0 Hip score 2/2

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Pedigree for Ch Magpielane Wind Song CD
Sire : Supernova Colonial Boy S: Ch Kirchoff Lord Kitchener D ET ADM JDX (IID) S: Lyonhouse Alexander Stuart (Q01)(IMP UK)
D: Ch Lyonhouse Agnes(Q01) (IMP UK)
D: CH Sunlit Ingenious Supernova (IMP NWY) S: Fnl. Ch Nordwart Peleus(FNL)
D: Sunlit Pamela Peanut ( NWY)
Dam : Ch Ximinez Kel Mark My Work S: GR CH CAN CH Berdia True Blue To Kirchoff Can WC ARD ( IMP CAN) S: Harbourlights Salty Dog WC (CAN)
D: Westerlea Superstar At Berdia WC (CAN)
D: Ch Ardunacres Jetlag to Kelmark (IMP CAN) S: CAN CH Sir Walter Riely of Ardunacres (CAN)
D: Ardunacres Rocky Bay Nikki ( CAN)