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Australian Grand Ch Aprilraine Maggie Rose
(Therese Kropman)

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QLD Addatoll Hugo Boss (ai) (Julie Robinson)
SA Airai Taste The Rainbow (Miss J Leibhardt)
SA Airai You Cant Say No (Miss Jeannie Leibhardt)
NSW Anasadatar I Dreamed the Dream ET (Grand Ch) (Mrs K & Miss C Walker)
NSW Aprilraine Blitzen (Ch) (Therese Kropman, Sonia Bostjancic)
NSW Aprilraine Cool Hand Luke (AI) (K Lynch & T Kropman)
SA Aprilraine Devil in Disguise (Aust Ch) (J Bastin, N Bastin, T Kropman, K Lynch)
NSW Aprilraine Fantastic Mr Fox (Australian Champion) (Therese Kropman)
NSW Aprilraine Fox Spirit (Aust Ch) (Kerry Lynch & Therese Kropman)
NSW Aprilraine Fox Spirit (Grand Champion) (K Lynch & T Kropman)
NSW Aprilraine Georgia Rose (Ch) (Therese Kropman)
NSW Aprilraine Ginger Ninja (Aust Ch) (Therese Kropman)
QLD Aprilraine Gundiguy Skoda RT (Bob Boodnikoff)
NSW Aprilraine Maggie Rose (Australian Grand Ch) (Therese Kropman)
NSW Aprilraine Midnight Run (Therese Kropman)
SA Aprilraine Midnight Sun (Miss C Schneider and Ms T Kropman)
SA Aprilraine Nordic Fire NRA (Therese Kropman & Tash Bastin)
QLD Aprilraine Nordic Mist (Aust Ch) (Ms Julie Stockbridge)
NSW Aprilraine Nordic Warrior (Therese Kropman)
NSW Aprilraine Red Cheif (Aust Ch) (Therese Kropman)
QLD Aprilraine Red Silk CCD AD JD TDX RN (Ch) (Meegan Ally)
QLD Aprilraine Red Squaw RN (Aust Ch) (Therese Kropman and Meegan Kettleton)
NSW Aprilraine Red Storm (Aust Ch) (Kerry Lynch and Therese Kropman)
SA Aprilraine Red Zuma CDX RE ORA AD JD GD SPD SD (Therese Kropman & Tash Bastin)
NSW Aprilraine Tardes Rose (Aust Ch) (Therese Kropman)
VIC Avatar's Best Bet of Pikkinokka (Can/Am/Aust Ch) (D Ellis)
NSW Castaneas Orana Moon (Mrs Linnea Akpinar)
WA Chroje East Indie Imp SWD (A Z Macdonald)
NSW Edlyn Seastar Dodge N Burn WC(USA) CGC(USA) CDX AD JDX ORA GD QND (Aust & US Ch NSDTRC-USA Ch) (Claire Wade)
WA Fionavar Dance Yer Lane CDX ADX JDX SPD GD SPDX SD (Aust Ch) (A Z Macdonald)
WA Fionavar Red Hot Gamble CD NRD (Aust Ch) (A Z Macdonald)
WA Fionavar Rush N Roulette ET RRD (Ch) (AZ Macdonald)
VIC Fionavar Stone Fox Chase (Peter Holdaway and John Chapman)
QLD Firefrost all fired up CD ET (Australian Grand champion) (Julie Robinson)
QLD Firefrost Red Garnet (Aust CH) (Julie Stockbridge)
VIC Fyrefly Song ovth Skye ADX JDX GDX SDX SPDX ET O-NAC O-NJC NCC O-TN-N O-HP-N WV-N XGT-N (Sharne Quinn)
VIC Glenmave Edmund Of Tollhaven (Imp Can) RN (Can Ch Aust Ch) (G Forster)
VIC Glenmave Etta Place (AI) (Ch) (G Forster)
NSW Glenmave In The Fast Lane CD RN QND ORA NRD (BISS Ch) (Claire Wade)
VIC Glenmave Jet Stream (Ch) (Michelle and Tim Gannon)
VIC Glenmave Lightening Bug (Ch) (Roberta)
VIC Glenmave Lucan (Aust Gr Ch) (John Chapman and Peter Holdaway)
VIC Glenmave Merry Dancer (Ch) (G Forster)
VIC Glenmave Naughty Amelia Jane (Ch) (G Forster)
VIC Glenmave Red Comet (ai) (Ch) (G Forster)
VIC Glenmave Red Riding Hood (Ch) (G Forster)
VIC Glenmave Sea Traveller (ai) (Aust Ch) (Glenda Forster)
NSW Glenmave Style And Sagacity (AI) NRA (Dr Claire Wade)
VIC Glenmave Triple Twist (CH) (G Forster)
ACT Glenmave Truehappiness RN (Aus) RI (Can) JC WPD (Neut Ch) (Sarah and Stuart Wheal)
NZ Glynfyre About to be at Lonegum (NZ CH) (Michelle Lynch)
NSW Grga Angels of Baranya (Imp HRV) RN (Aust Ch) (M Strmecki)
WA Kirchoff Dwindling Flame CDX RAE JD (Dual Ch (RO)) (Sandi Gee)
NSW Kirchoff Gracelands (Grand Champion) (Therese Kropman & Sarah Coombes)
NSW Lidlriva Almond Nougat E.T (Australian Grand Champion) (Mrs K Walker)
SA Lidlriva Burn Baby Burn (RUBIS BIG RUBIG Aust Ch) (J Leibhardt & E Simon)
SA Lidlriva Hokey Pokey (AI) (BISS RUBIG GRAND CH) (J Leibhardt & E Simon)
SA Lidlriva Trick or Treat (AI) (Ch) (J Leibhardt & E Simon)
QLD Lidlriva Witchitty Grub CCD ET (Australian Grand champion) (Julie Robinson)
WA Littlerivers Ultimate Endeavor (IMP CAN) (AZ Macdonald)
VIC Lykajet Burning Bright (Michelle and Tim Gannon)
VIC Magpielane Wind Song CD (Ch) (G Forster)
NSW Micmaq Freak Ona Leash (Sandra Goldsmith)
WA Multestua Dancing Pirate (imp Nor) CDX RAE JD ORA HWM (S (Dual Ch (RO)) (Sandi Gee)
VIC Novafusion Miracle Rose ET RAE (Ch) (Roberta Strmecki)
VIC Oryxes Fancy Duck Downunder (Imp CAN) (Can GCH Grand Ch) (John Chapman and Peter Holdaway)
WA Ptolomy Choc Chip UDX RAE ADM JDM ADO JDO SPDM GDX SD HWM (N) (O GR Ch) (Sandi Gee)
WA Ptolomy Nannas Little Treasure CDX RM JD (Sandi Gee)
NSW Ptolomy Nordic Valkyrie (Aust Ch) (Therese Kropman, Jessica Ireland, S Gee)
NSW Redlored Cherry Royale Truffle ET (Grand Ch) (Mrs K & Miss C Walker)
SA Redmoon's Do Ya Think I'm Sexy? (IMP USA) (Aust & Am. Ch.) (J Leibhardt, S Goldsmith & E Simon)
NSW Renarders Beunas Tardes (Australian Champion) (Therese Kropman and Sara Coombes)
SA Rivafire Flaming Hot (Aust Ch) (Miss J Leibhardt)
QLD Rivafire Pandoras box (Australian champion) (Julie Robinson)
ACT Seaterrace Wigeon Hunter JC RN WPD (Imp Can) (Aust Ch Can Ch) (Sarah Wheal)
VIC Skyesong Dancing Thru Life (Ch) (Sharne Quinn)
VIC Skyesong Looney Tunes RN ET CAA WPD (Aust Ch) (Mr A & Mrs S Gallo)
VIC Skyesong Wouldn't It Be Loverly (Ch) (Roberta)
NSW Stargazers Red Hot Chilli Pepper (Champion) (Tina Teasdale)
NSW Tarshona Crowd Pleaser (Mrs K & Miss C Walker)
NSW Tarshona Cruise Control E.T (CIB Supreme Ch) (Mrs K & Miss C Walker)
NSW Tarshona Made You Look (Ch) (Mrs K & Miss C Walker)
NSW Tarshona Maximun Impact (Mrs K & Miss C Walker)
NSW Tarshona My Lucky Star ET (Ch) (Mrs K & Miss C Walker)
NSW Tarshona Royal Abbey RN ADM JDO2 JDM GD SDX SPD (Mr C R & Mrs R A Jones)
TAS Tarshona Too Hot to Handle (Miss K Smith)
NSW Tarshona Touch of Class ET (Ch) (Mrs K & Miss C Walker)
VIC Tollerpoint Herald Angels Sing (Aust Ch) (J Chapman and P Holdaway)
NSW Tollerville Baltic Amber ET (Aust Ch) (Sandra Goldsmith)
VIC Tweety Angels of Baranya ET. (Imp Croatia) (Ch) (Roberta Strmecki)
VIC Ximinez Fire inthe Skye (IID) (Ch) (Sharne Quinn)
VIC Ximinez Forest Fire (IID) TD (Ch) (G Forster)
WA Zirius Darya Ye Noor (Zoe Macdonald)
WA Zirius Fox In Sox NRD (Aust Ch) (A Z Macdonald)
WA Zirius Moussaieff Red (A Z Macdonald)
WA Zirius Rikki Tikki Tavi CD RE (Aust Ch) (Sandi Gee)
WA Zirius Ultimate Bounty (A Z Macdonald)
WA Zirius Ultimate Faith (Zoe Macdonald)

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