Aust Ch Furbari Chronicles

I won Fabian in a newspaper competition advertising the 1973 Pal International.

For all my young life I loved dogs; and Afghan Hounds were my favourite, so at 13 years of age when I won Fabian it was a turning point in my life, and a passion I still have today although I have gone on to other breeds.

There could only EVER be one Fabian.

In 1974 we commenced the steep learning curve which is dog showing. Fabian was slow maturing and in the ‘70’s when Afghans were all the rage we rarely placed. This did not deter me and with ever patient parents who drove us to all the shows and to show training at Moore Park in the city every Monday night we developed an enviable teamwork which started to pay dividends as we progressed into the Junior Class.

Fabian took after his sire, Kusan, and had eye-catching correct movement. His first big win at breed level was winning Junior in Breed from approximately 20 junior Afghans at Garden Island (when their shows were actually held at Garden Island). From then, there was no stopping us, with Fabian placing 5th in the Intermediate Dog Class, (60 entries) at 1975 Sydney Royal, and then consistently winning or placing in his Class, taking challenge points, Classes in Group including Best in Group he achieved his Australian Championship. Kusan’s 60th champion.

I was a member and committee member of the NSW Breed Club and our family participated in all their social activities from showing to track racing to lure coursing, and Christmas parties. I am forever indebted to the members of that Club for their friendship who took me under their wing and guided us.

In the late 1970’s Fabian contracted Heartworm. He survived the treatment but it did debilitate him. He was retired and passed away from heart failure a few years later on 11 November, 1982.

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Pedigree for Aust Ch Furbari Chronicles
Sire : Aust Ch Furbari Kusan Kabul (imp UK) S: Shikari of Isfahan S: Ajman Branwen Kandahar (USA)
D: Zeena of Khorrassan
D: Morelia of Carloway S: Eng Ch Pasha of Carloway
D: Crown Crest Zardeeka (USA)
Dam : Rothwell Khali S: Furbari Lassim S: Evandor of Carloway (UK)
D: Kabul Tainya
D: Furbari Mervana S: Ch La Perouse Rahman
D: Yashkan Odette