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Am Can Aust Grand Ch Aviva T All Black JC
(Ros Bacich, Lynn Faro, Marilyn Thompson)

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NSW Aboukir Drama Queen (AI) (Aust SURPREM CH) (Day, Sinclair & Johansen)
NSW Aboukir Drama Queen Ai (Sup Ch) (Day, Sinclair & Johanson)
NSW Aboukir Toughen Up (Aust Supreme Ch) (Day, Sinclair & Johansen)
SA Acewin Dancing In The Street (Acewin Kennels)
SA Acewin Mr.Awesome (Acewin Kennels)
SA Acewin Walking In Memphis (Acewin Kennel)
QLD Adorah's Texas Marshal (Imp USA) (BIS & MULTI RUBIS AUST & AM CH) (Fenirati & Adorah Afghan Hounds)
VIC Affyghan Brave Chief (Aust CH) (Geire Heaton-New)
VIC Alaqadar Mysterre (Aust Ch) (Geire Heaton-New)
VIC Alaqadar Rigoletto (AI) (Aust Supreme Ch) (Mr Wayne Douglas & Dr Arnold Tan)
VIC Alaqadar Wellington (Aust CH) (Carolyn Mibus)
NSW Alouann Red Hot N'Sassy To Tico Imp UK (Australian Champion) (A, L.A. & D. A. Currie)
NSW Aviva Akira (Aust Ch) (P & RM Bacich)
NSW Aviva Divinyl (Malaysian Ch Aust Ch) (P & RM Bacich)
NSW Aviva Glorious (P & RM Bacich)
NSW Aviva Halle Berry (AI) (Aust Ch) (P & R Bacich)
NSW Aviva T All Black JC (Am Can Aust Grand Ch) (Ros Bacich, Lynn Faro, Marilyn Thompson)
NSW Aviva Thera (AI) (Ch) (Ros & Peter Bacich)
QLD Bayan Freyja (Aust Ch) (Bev Houston)
QLD Bayan Norse Maiden (Aust Sup Ch) (DC & CA McGreevy)
NSW Cadiz Gold Rush (William Mackander)
SA Cadiz Wrapped in Gold (Cadiz Kennels)
SA Cadiz Wrapped in Snow (Cadiz Kennels)
QLD Calahorra Ava Gardner (Champion) (Jacky Harnett & Nico Meyer)
NSW Calahorra Queens Ransom (Aust Champion) (Tanara Craig)
NSW Calahorra Viennese Waltz (Ch) (Calahorra Knls)
SA Calamus Night Black Jack (Imp Pol) (Supreme Ch) (B Ferguson & M Ferenc)
NSW Coviter Cup of Ambition (AI) (Coviter)
NSW Coviter Humble and Kind (AI) (Coviter)
NSW Doyen Lili Marlene (PM Bennett)
NSW Doyen Say it with Power (PM Bennett)
NSW Doyen Time To Harvest Appals (CH) (Debbie Tidey)
QLD Ecco Monter Le Ciell(Imp USA) (AM Ch) (D&N Willson & L&H Gibson)
NSW Enarki Twinkle Twinkle Rocksta (Aust Ch.) (M Dwyer and C Clowes)
QLD Fenirati Candy Tonite (AI) (Aust Ch) (Fenirati)
QLD Fenirati Lady Atwill (AI) (Fenirati)
QLD Fenirati Lemonada (Fenirati)
NSW Fenirati Vicomte De Valmont (AI) (Doyen/Fenirati)
VIC Flamz Dash Ocharm (Aust Ch) (Geire Heaton-New)
NSW Furbari Chronicles (Aust Ch) (Sharon Roche)
NSW Gengala Super Trooper (ai) (AUST SUPREME CH) (Mary L. Hickie)
NSW Gengala Fig Jam (AI) (English & Australian Champion) (A, L & D Currie)
NSW Gengala Hijacked (Aust Ch) (Mary L. Hickie)
SA Gengala Sharper Image (Aust Grand Ch, Am/Can Ch) (Kerin & Kerry Hutchings)
NSW Gengala Supertramp (Grand Ch) (D Day, J Hickie, R Sinclair)
SA Gengala Supervisor (Australian Champion) (Mr J P Hickie & Mrs A Farrell)
NSW Good Guys Wear Black at Farrah (Imp NZ) (G Donoso & T Gardiner)
NSW Jahadi Esprit (imp UK) (Aust Champion) (P Bennett/J Dunckley)
QLD Juwain Simply Outrageous (Imp NZ) (Aust Ch.) (Heidi & Bevan McKay)
NSW Kalutara A Chill In The Air (Ch    ) (Eather/Harbutt/Jones)
NSW Kalutara Cashmere Mafia (Ch) (Mary Eather ,Wayne Harbutt ,)
NSW Kalutara Lock Stock n Barrel (Kalutara)
NSW Kalutara Sister Soprano (AI) (Eather/harbut)
NSW Kalutara Tilly Devine (AI) (Eather/harbut)
NSW Karakush But Not As U Know It (L & H Gibson)
SA Karakush By The Grace Of God (Aust Ch) (K & R Hutchings, L & H Gibson)
QLD Karakush Can I Get An Amen (AUST CH) (Mr D & N Willson & L & H Gibson)
NSW Karakush Dot Com Dot A U (Am Aust Grand) (K Setty)
NSW Karakush Double Malt Over Ice (Sup Ch.) (G Donoso/ T Gardiner/ L&H Gibson)
QLD Karakush Elly May Clampett (AI) (Supreme CH) (Bev Houston & Le & Helen Gibson)
NSW Karakush In Champagne (Am Can Aust Grand Ind Grand Ch) (L & H Gibson and L Toomey)
NSW Karakush Jethro Bodine (AI) (RUBISS Aust SUP CH) (Nicole Snerling / Le & Helen Gibson)
QLD Karakush Mr Music (Suprem Ch) (D & N Willson & L & H Gibson)
QLD Karakush Rumour Has It (Miss Tiffany Heares/ L & H Gibson)
NSW Karakush The Meow Factor (Aust Ch) (L Kavanagh and L & H Gibson)
NSW Karakush Tonka Tough (Ch) (Le & Helen Gibson)
NSW Karakush True Blue (Aust. Ch.) (Paul & Pauline Hewitt & Gary & Helen Elm)
NSW Karakush U Know Nothin Jon Sno (Aust Ch) (L & H Gibson)
SA Kashara Spoilsport of Qamari (IMP USA) (Am/Aust Grand Ch) (Kerin & Kerry Hutchings)
NSW Khandhu Amore Amalfi (Aust. Gr. Ch Am. Ch.) (Paul & Pauline Hewitt)
NSW Khandhu Chiama Naomi (Australian Ch.) (Paul & Pauline Hewitt)
NSW Khandhu Cracker Jack (Aust. Ch.) (Paul & pauline Hewitt)
NSW Khandhu Didgeri Blue (Aust.. Ch.) (Paul & Pauline Hewitt)
NSW Khandhu Got The Look (Supreme Champion) (Noel & Janice Newling)
NSW Khandhu Laser Litefoot (Aust. Ch.) (Paul & Pauline Hewitt)
QLD Khandhu Lyka Prayer (Aust Ch) (M J Tonks & K Bathgate)
QLD Khandhu Mamma Mia (Aust Ch) (Jill Harvey & Dr P L & Mrs P E Hewitt)
NSW Khandhu Mandella (Aust. Ch.) (Paul & Pauline Hewitt & MaryJane Blunden)
NSW Khandhu Marisha (AI) (Aust Champion) (D Tidey)
QLD Khandhu Mister Darcy (AI) (Aust. Ch.) (Mr J Nommensen & Ms J Spreadborough)
NSW Khandhu Pagliache (Aust. Ch. Am. Ch.) (Paul & Pauline Hewitt)
QLD Khandhu Plastic Fantastic (Australian Ch.) (P & P Hewitt and Kristofer Crane)
NSW Khandhu Ratta Tat Tat (Australian Champion) (Paul & Pauline Hewitt & Kristofer Crane)
NSW Khandhu Silver Lining (Ch.) (P & P Hewitt & K Crane)
WA Khandhu The Beat Goes On (Supreme Grand champion) (Lynne Fenwick)
NSW Kingsleah Paradis Latin imp. SWD (Aust. Ch.) (Ms. C. Khoury)
VIC Kjavu A Bit Of It (MBIS/MSBIS Grand Ch) (Mr C & Mrs H Hamilton)
VIC Kjavu Air Jordan (Grand Ch) (C & H Hamilton)
VIC Kjavu Benny And The Jet (Aust CH) (Geire Heaton-New)
VIC Kjavu Black Tie Affair (NSBIS Ch) (Colin Helen & Brett Hamilton)
VIC Kjavu Eleanor Rigby (Australian Champion) (Geire Heaton-New & C & H Hamilton)
VIC Kjavu Is It Sweet (Aust Ch) (Geire Heaton-New)
VIC Kjavu It Tells (Aust Ch) (Colin & Helen & Brett Hamilton)
VIC Kjavu Penny Lane (Aust Gr Ch) (C & H Hamilton)
VIC Kjavu Tells It Like It Is (Aust Ch) (C & H Hamilton)
QLD Lijolba Cause We Got Love (ai) (Heidi McKay)
QLD Lijolba Dark Knight Rising (ai) (AUST Ch.) (Heidi Mckay)
QLD Lijolba Hair Raising (ai) (Aust Ch.) (Heidi Mckay)
QLD Lijolba Love In The Dark (AI) (Gail Wood)
QLD Lijolba Love Actually (ai) (Heidi McKay)
QLD Lijolba Loves To Spice It Up (ai) (Heidi McKay)
QLD Lijolba Raise Your Glass (ai) (Aust Ch.) (Heidi McKay)
ACT Lowenhart In Outalimits (Aust Ch) (Irene Horne)
QLD Lowenhart Shes Charmed (Aust Ch) (C J Horne)
SA Malisco Lets Take The Time (Acewin Kennels)
VIC Malisco Remember The Old Days (Carolyn Mibus)
QLD Perns Krystal Dragon (Australian Champion) (Jill Harvey)
VIC Qashmir Like A Flash (AI) (Geire Heaton-New & Andie Jones)
VIC Qashmir like a flash (AI) (Geire Heaton-New & A Jones)
VIC Qashmir Va Va Voom (AI) (Ms A Jones & Ms T Frith)
NT Quom La Movida (Ch) (Sandy & Ian Irlam & Marlene & Allan Watt)
QLD Sashayaway Shadow of Your Love (Mr B Green & Mr S Bennett)
QLD Sashayaway Sweet Child of Mine (Mr B Green & Mr S Bennett)
NSW Satang Heart Theart (Champion) (Ray & Yvonne Barter)
NSW Satang Keewest Kowgirl (Aust Ch) (R&Y Barter & P&G May)
NSW Satang Never Say Never (GR CH) (RAY and YVONNE BARTER)
NSW Satang Tophat Ntails (Am, Can, Australian, Indian Grand) (Mr K S Nagraj Setty)
NSW Seistan's Heart T Beat (Imp USA) (Grand Ch) (Ros & Peter Bacich)
SA Suliman By Distinction (Sup Ch) (Kerin & Kerry Hutchings)
SA Suliman Cut From Marble (Aust Ch) (K, K & R Hutchings)
SA Suliman Don't Stop Me Now (K, K & R Hutchings)
SA Suliman Killer Pose (Aust. Ch) (Kerin & Rachel Hutchings)
WA Suliman Making Waves (L Fenwick)
WA Suliman my Delirium (Aust Gr Ch) (L Fenwick)
SA Suliman Painted By God (Aust Ch) (K, K & R Hutchings)
SA Suliman Poetic Justice (Supreme Ch) (Kerin, Kerry & Rachel Hutchings)
SA Suliman Rewrite The Stars (AI) (K, K & R Hutchings)
SA Suliman Started With A Whisper (KM, KR & RE Hutchings)
SA Suliman Suprima Ballerina (Supreme Ch) (Kerin & Rachel Hutchings)
SA Suliman The Greatest Showman (AI) (K, K & R Hutchings)
SA Suliman There Goes Gravity (Aust Ch) (K & K & R Hutchings)
SA Suliman Wayward Angel (Grand Ch) (K & K Hutchings/R Fowler)
SA Suliman What Comes Around (K & K Hutchings)
NSW Taejon All About Eve (AI) (Aust Sup Ch) (Paul & Lyn Britza & Julieanne Laws)
QLD Taejon all About The Dress (Ch) (Mr S Bennett & Mr B Green)
NSW Taejon El Dorado (Sup Ch) (P & L Britza and J Laws)
NSW Taejon Electric Horseman (AI) (Aust Ch) (Paul & Lyn Britza & Julieanne Laws)
NSW Taejon Esperanza (ai) (GR Ch) (P Batten (Lionslea) / Taejon Afghans)
SA Tahkira Affogato (B Ferguson)
VIC Tahkira blaze in blu (ai) (Aust Champion) (Geire Heaton-New)
SA Tahkira Blue Wizard (AI) (Christine Faint)
SA Tahkira Burn Baby Burn (B Ferguson)
VIC Tahkira Champagne Charlie (Australian Champion) (Geire Heaton-New)
VIC Tahkira Honky Tonk Blues (Aust Champion) (Geire Heaton-New)
QLD Tahkira Knockin On Heavns Door (ai) (Aust Ch) (Mr S Bennett & Mr B Green)
NSW Tahkira Manhatten Moccha (Aust Ch) (Miss E Bray)
VIC Tahkira Matinee Idol (AI) (Aust Ch) (G.Heaton-New & B.Ferguson)
SA Tahkira Perfect Illusion (AI) (P Turner)
QLD Tahkira Razzleme Dazzleme (Aust Ch) (Miss Tiffany Heares)
QLD Tahkira Steel My Heart (Aust Ch) (Miss Tiffany Heares)

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