Aust Ch. Lijolba Raise Your Glass (ai)

Baby Specialty in Show winner at 4.5 months, Baby in All breeds show winner, Minor in Show winner and countless class in groups wins. Over half way to her Championship Title before she was 9 months of age. Big future ahead of this girl . NEWS FLASH!

Sarana .........Lijolba Raise your Glass ( ai ) now
AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION Lijolba Raise Your Glass ( ai ) .
In Just under 7 months of being awarded Challenges . She has won numerous Class in SHOW and Class in GROUP wins including SPECIALTY CLASS IN SHOW. She is the first from my home bred litter to become a Champion and at only 12 Months of age. So very proud of this litter. Thanks to all the judges which made this possible.

7th of April 2016 Sarana wins Best Of Breed ,Ran for Group and wins Intermediate In Group at Toowoomba Royal Show under Judge Mr E Aguilo (Chile) !

9th of April 2016 Sarana wins GROUP and INTERMEDIATE IN SHOW!! Under Judge Mrs Carol Donaldson (QLD) Lots to look forward to with my home bred very special girl.

January 2017 Great Start to the year Sarana wins 2 GROUP WINS with two Intermediate in GROUPS at Toowoomba Darling Downs Shows .First show was an Open Show under Mrs.P.Brown (QLD)
Second show was a Champ Show under Mr S. Warry (W.A) and had some lovely comments about Sarana , my favourite was when he asked who bred her and I said me ! Great things to come this year for this special girl .Thank you to all the honest judges that recognize Sarana's beautiful attributes .

Sarana is now a MULTIPLE BEST IN GROUP WINNER before the age of Three and Multi Class in Show winner.


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Pedigree for Aust Ch. Lijolba Raise Your Glass (ai)
Sire : Karakush Jose Cuervo S: Am.Ch.Grand.Ch.Can.Ch.Karakush Dot Com Dot A U S: Ch.Karakush The Heat Is On
D: Grand.Ch.Karakush Unforgettable U
D: Ch.Karakush Cootamndrawatle S: Ch.Furbari Regent Diamond
D: Ch.Karakush Saint She Aint
Dam : RUBISS Ch.Tianze B Witch Me S: Grand.Ch. Tianze Power Of Magik S: Grand.Ch.Lakshmis High Command (IMP DEN)
D: Ch.Tianze The Power Of One
D: Ch.Quidam Cirque Of Jhanzi (IMP NZ) S: Koh-I-Baba Koha Of Jhanzi (IMP NZ)
D: Start Performing Of Jhanzi (IMP NZ)

Recent Results

  • 9-Apr-2016 BOB,BIG and Best Intermediate In Show

    Bonalbo Ag Show [CH] (Judge was Mrs Carol Donaldson (QLD))

  • 7-Apr-2016 BOB,Best Intermediate In Group

    Toowoomba Royal [CH] (Judge was Mr E Aguilo (Chile))

  • 15-Mar-2015 Bitch Challenge & Best Aust Bred

    Tweed River Canine Club (NSW) [CH] (Judge was Mrs Barbara Marsh (VIC))

  • 7-Mar-2015 Res BCC & Junior

    Casino & District Kennel Club Inc (NSW) [CH] (Judge was Mrs Sylvia Gartner (NSW))

  • 28-Feb-2015 BOB,Best Bitch & Best Junior

    Gundog and Heavy Breeds Club of Queensla [OP] (Judge was Mr Glenn Wilshier (QLD))

  • 28-Feb-2015 Res BCC and Junior

    Gundog and Heavy Breeds Club of Queensl [CH] (Judge was Mrs Patrice Johansen (QLD))

  • 14-Feb-2015 Bitch Challenge Certificate

    Redcliffe Peninsula Kennel Club (QLD) [CH] (Judge was Ms Pamela Campbell (WA))

  • 25-Jan-2015 Best Of Breed ,Bitch Challenge & Best Junior In Group

    Gold Coast Canine Club Inc [CH] (Judge was Mr Jim J Black (VIC))

  • 17-Jan-2015 RUBOB & RBCC & Best Junior Of Breed

    Darling Downs Kennel Club Inc [CH] (Judge was Mrs N Harrison (New Zealand))

  • 1-Jan-2015 Reserve Bitch ,Best Puppy Of Breed and Best Puppy in Group

    Lockyer Valley Kennel Club (QLD) [CH] (Judge was Mr Kenneth Iggleden (QLD))

  • 31-Dec-2014 Reserve Bitch

    Lockyer Valley Kennel Club (QLD) [CH] (Judge was Mrs Patricia Smith (QLD))

  • 30-Nov-2014 Reserve Bitch Challenge

    Amenities Committee of Dogs Queensland [CH] (Judge was Ms Cheryl Currie)

  • 29-Nov-2014 Bitch Challenge Cert, Runner Up Of Breed and Puppy In Group

    Dog Of The Year Committee Support Show ( [CH] (Judge was Mr Mario Divanni (Chile))

  • 29-Nov-2014 Bitch Challenge Certificate and Puppy In Group

    Amenities Committee of Dogs Queensland ( [CH] (Judge was Mrs F Browning-Cristina (SAF))

  • 23-Nov-2014 Runner up Of Breed ,Bitch Challenge Cert and Junior Of Breed.

    Caboolture Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Dr C Molina (Bolivia))

  • 22-Nov-2014 Runner Up Best Of Breed ,Bitch Challenge and Puppy In Group

    Caboolture Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Mr S Sonoda (Japan))

  • 21-Nov-2014 Reserve Bitch and Puppy In Group

    Caboolture Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Mr Gutenberg Soares (Brazil))

  • 20-Nov-2014 Reserve Bitch and Puppy In Group

    Caboolture Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Mr Neofytou Erodotos (Cyprus))

  • 16-Nov-2014 Best Bitch and Reserve of Breed

    Sunshine Coast Kennel Club [OP] (Judge was Miss Anthea Adamopoulos)

  • 18-Oct-2014 Minor Puppy and Bitch Challenge

    Ipswich Kennel Club 2 [CH] (Judge was Mrs Jessica Reilly (QLD))

  • 6-Oct-2014 Minor of Breed

    Beaudesert / Maree Kennel Clubs 2 [CH] (Judge was Mr Masato Igawa (Jap))

  • 5-Oct-2014 Bitch Challenge, Minor In Show

    Beaudesert / Maree Kennel Clubs 1 [CH] (Judge was Mr Y Tomimoto (jap))

  • 20-Sep-2014 Bitch Challenge and Best Minor Puppy In Group.

    Nimbin A & I Society Inc [CH] (Judge was Mrs Jodie Wilshier)

  • 13-Sep-2014 Bitch Challenge Certificate and Best Minor Puppy In Group.

    Beenleigh Show Society [CH] (Judge was Mr Graham Kerr)

  • 7-Sep-2014 Best Minor Puppy of Breed ,Bitch Challenge Certificate & Best Minor In Group

    Redcliffe Peninsula Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Dr Lesley Cameron (NSW))

  • 6-Sep-2014 Best Minor Of Breed, Bitch Challenge & Minor Puppy In Group

    Beaudesert Show Society [CH] (Judge was Mrs. G. Hovey-Jacobs (QLD))

  • 27-Jul-2014 RUBOB, RBCC ,Best Puppy In Group

    Ladies Kennel Association QLD [OP] (Judge was Ms J.TilBrook)

  • 27-Jul-2014 Best Minor Puppy Of Breed

    Ladies Kennel Association Of QLD [CH] (Judge was Ms J Yardley)

  • 20-Jul-2014 Best Bitch Minor Puppy

    Kennel Association Of Queensland [CH] (Judge was Mr J S Pawar (India))

  • 13-Jul-2014 Best Baby Puppy In Show

    Hound Club Of Queensland [CH] (Judge was Mr .David Miller (U.S.A.))

  • 6-Jul-2014 Best Baby Puppy Of Group

    Beenleigh & District Kennel Club Inc [CH] (Judge was Mr T Oo Hock (Malaysia))

  • 14-Jun-2014 Best Baby Of Class and Of Breed and Of Group

    Queensland Kennel Council Champ Show [CH] (Judge was Mr .J.Forbes(N.S.W.))

  • 8-Jun-2014 Best Baby Puppy In Speciality Show

    QLD AFGHAN HOUND SPECIALTY [CH] (Judge was (Judge was Mrs K.Takeuchi (Jap)))

  • 18-May-2014 Best Baby Bitch Puppy Of Breed

    Sunshine Coast Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Mr J. Burges)

  • 16-May-2014 Best Bitch Baby Puppy Of Breed.

    Boonah Show Society [CH] (Judge was Mrs.R. McIntyre (NZ))