AM Grand CH/Grand CH Warrukadli Rebellion

Ned is a strong dog with a suspicious glint. He has substance, power and balance. His head is strong with well placed moderate ears. His forequarters are well angulated. His hindquarters are strong, broad and muscular. Ned has a smooth blue-speckled coat with a dense undercoat. He stands at 51cm at the withers and weights in at a tidy 28kg.

Ned is Prcd-PRA Pattern A with bilateral hearing and scissor bite. His inbreeding coefficient is 4.43%.

He has excellent hips. His PennHIP distraction index on the Left is 0.42 and on the right is 0.39. There is no evidence of degenerative Joint Disease. His laxicity profile based on 291 Australian Cattle Dogs is tighter than approximately 80% of dogs in the breed.

Ned was shown in America in the second half of 2013 while we were on sabbatical. Certainly, his substance raised many an eyebrow in America. His expression was likened to the many changing faces of Charles Bronson. He achieved his American title and his American Grand Champion titles in quick succession becoming the first ACD on record to be a dual American and Australian Grand Champion (as far as I know). He was given an Award of Excellence at the 2013 Eukanuba dog show in Orlando.

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Pedigree for AM Grand CH/Grand CH Warrukadli Rebellion
Sire : Sup CH Queblue Blu Min Aussie S: GD CH Barkersvale Supa Aussie S: CH Kombinalong REally Super
D: Bobbanne Lady Jamade
D: GD CH Queblue Min Min S: CH Richenda River Rustler
D: Willkara Blue Fire
Dam : Am & Aust CH Warrukadli Blues Power S: Can/Am/Aust CH Kombinalong Super Power ET S: CH Kombinalong Super Tramp
D: CH Kombinalong Truly Super
D: Am/Can CH Yaringah Deacon Blues S: GD CH Flagstone King Red Teddy
D: CH Yaringah Jelousysacurse

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