TS Ch Ch (T) Glenbogle Unxpected Surprises

In 2012 Spike is following in his fathers (Archie) foot steps in tracking.

Spike has completed his first tracking test in WA, with a good. Spike is now on his way to his tracking dog title. Spike has his Tracking Dog Title, only a couple of more trails and he will have his Champion Tracking Title.

Looking foward to the 2013 tracking season.Spike's gains his Champion Tracking Title and is starting Track and Search.
Spike is not far behind is best mate, Darcy, with Spike also gaining his Track and Search title in 2014
This makes Darcy and Spike the only Border Terriers in WA, with their Track and Search Champion Titles
Spike in 2015 obtains his TSDX and also his TS Champion title, making him the 4th for Glenbogle and 2 2 sons by Archie (TS Gr Ch Dual Ch (T) Glenbogle Bottomly Potts ET)

Thank you Glenbogle for sending this beautiful dog to live with us.

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Pedigree for TS Ch Ch (T) Glenbogle Unxpected Surprises
Sire : TS Gr Ch Dual Ch (T) Bottomly Potts ET S: S:
D: S:
Dam : Dual Ch (T) Glenbogle Tickedy Boo ET TSD S: S:
D: S: