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Sup CH Chanpema Royal Flush
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QLD Blackshot Act of Dog (Aust Ch) (Steve Hughes & Sandra Smid)
NSW Boambeefalls Chocolate Muffin (Aust Ch) (Natalie Flintoff)
NSW Boambeefalls Cookies N Cream (Natalie Flintoff)
NSW Boambeefalls OliviaNjohn (Natalie Flintoff)
VIC Bohunt Angel Provocateur (MBISS CH) (Gaela Whyte)
VIC Bohunt Best Served Cold (AI) (Gaela Whyte)
VIC Bohunt Fallen Angel (MBIS, MBISS SUPREME CH, NEUTER CH) (Gaela Whyte)
NZ Bohunt Foreign Affair with Otterpond (IMP AUST) (RBISS NZ CH.) (Gloria Geraghty)
VIC Bohunt Hells Angel (CH) (Mrs A Tuxworth)
VIC Bohunt Just Thawed Out (AI) (G. Whyte)
VIC Bohunt Moonshine (CH) (Gaela Whyte)
NSW Bohunt Parting Shot (Ch) (LK & RG Williams)
VIC Bohunt Sods Law (AI) (Gaela Whyte)
SA Bordour I'm-Just-A CuppaTea JE (Imp NZL) (Ch.) (Tegan Whalan)
VIC Burrowa Anticipation (Ch) (Clare Stainsby & Diana Rees)
SA Burrowa Blue Flame RN DWDF.S. HTM.S. (Tri. Ch. (T) (ED)) (Tegan Whalan)
VIC Burrowa Bright Boy (Aust. Champion) (Sevilara Kennels)
VIC Burrowa Bright Spark (Clare Stainsby & Diana Rees)
VIC Burrowa Dart (Clare Stainsby and Diana Rees)
VIC Burrowa Dazzler (Clare Stainsby and Diana Rees)
VIC Burrowa Fern ov Maybole (Ch) (Bev Dyatloff)
TAS Burrowa Knight ME (Ch) (Lisa McGinn)
NSW Chanpema All Eyes On Us (Aust CH) (Chanpema Kennels & Miss P Hopkins)
SA Chanpema Bali Boy (AUST SUP CH) (Chanpema Kennels)
SA Chanpema Chase That Feeling (Ch) (Chanpema Kennels)
NSW Chanpema Frangipani (Ch) (Chanpema Kennels)
SA Chanpema High Roller (Chanpema Kennels)
SA Chanpema Imagine (Supreme) (Chanpema Kennels)
SA Chanpema Obe Wan Kenobi (CH) (Chanpema Kennels)
SA Chanpema Roll the Dice (Sup Ch) (Chanpema Kennels)
NSW Chanpema Royal Flush (Sup CH) (Chanpema Kennels)
VIC Conundrum Sweet Sir Galahad (imp UK) (Ch) (Clare Stainsby & Diana Rees)
QLD Craigend Home James (Champion) (Yvonne Ryan)
VIC Criochabhag Seoras SE (Ch) (Clare Stainsby & Diana Rees)
SA Dalshoj Chippendale T.D. M.E. (Imp DK) (Aust & NZ Ch.) (T L Whalan)
VIC Dewton Fox Tracks TD ET JC (Ch) (Sue Mewse)
NZ Dewton Mister Fox at Moonridge (Imp Aust) (MRBIS RBISS NZCh) (Alli McArthur & Amber Riley)
QLD Drewshield Badger Boy(ImpUK) (Champion) (Mrs V Doherty)
NZ Dunrobin The Lady Ailsa at Thaxmead (Rob & Rosemary Weaver)
NSW Fencho Earthopper SD. SE. JC. (AUS Ch) (Dr P A Mead)
QLD Fencho Firecracker (Aus Ch) (Mrs N Smith)
QLD Fencho First n Foremost EIC (AUS Ch   ) (Valerie Doherty & Mrs N Smith)
QLD Fencho Queen Bee (Mrs N Smith)
QLD Fenmagic Artemis (Imp UK) (Aus Ch) (Mrs N Smith)
VIC Fernbrook Everyones Rose (Mrs A Tuxworth)
QLD Glebeheath Name That Tune (Imp UK) (Aus Ch) (Mrs N Smithh)
VIC Glenbogle A Twist of Magic NE ET (Aust Ch) (Sue Mewse)
NZ Glenbogle All Hands on Deck (Imp Aust) (Amber Logan)
VIC Glenbogle An Affair to Remember (Aust. Champion) (Sevilara Kennels)
VIC Glenbogle Better Be Quick ET (Ch) (Carole Denehey)
WA Glenbogle Bottomline (TS Gr Ch Dual Ch (T)) (Corinne O'Hehir)
VIC Glenbogle Bottomly Potts ET (TS Gr Ch Dual Ch (T)) (Sue Mewse)
VIC Glenbogle Dazzle N Daze JC (Ch) (Colleen Maddigan & Sue Mewse)
VIC Glenbogle Fallen Through Time JC (Ch) (Sue Mewse)
VIC Glenbogle Gondors Lass (Aust Ch) (Sue Mewse)
VIC Glenbogle Griffon In Flight SWN (Ch) (Julie Merryfull)
NZ Glenbogle Just A Cracka at Moonridge (Imp Aust) (NZ Ch) (Alli McArthur)
VIC Glenbogle Just Keeping Up SWN ET (Ch) (Sue Mewse)
VIC Glenbogle Just One More Soda (Sue Mewse)
VIC Glenbogle Just Raisin Hell JC (RUBIS RUBISS CH) (Sue Mewse)
NSW Glenbogle Phryne Blue (AI) (Ch) (Ron & Mary Williams)
VIC Glenbogle Playin With My Heart (Sue Mewse)
VIC Glenbogle Poetry In Motion (TS Gr Ch Dual Ch (T)    ) (Sue Mewse)
VIC Glenbogle Rolling In Clover ET (BISS RUBISS MBIG Dual Gr Ch TS Dual Ch (T)) (Sue Mewse)
VIC Glenbogle The Reckoning (Ch) (Sue Mewse)
VIC Glenbogle Tickedy Boo ET (BISS TS Ch Dual Ch (T)) (Sue Mewse)
NSW Glenbogle Trick or Treat (AI) RN ET. (Dual CH (T)) (Mr R J & Mrs M D Williams)
NSW Glenbogle Trick or Treat (AI) TD (Ch) (Ron & Mary Williams)
WA Glenbogle Unxpected Surprises (TS Ch Ch (T)) (Corinne O'Hehir)
WA Glenbogle Westward Ho CA (Dual Ch (T)) (Corinne O’herir)
NSW Glenboyd Tarn Tawny JD (Champion) (Margaret Killmore)
NZ Goldsmith Hard Nut to Crack (Ch) (Kirsten Price)
NZ Goldsmith May Contain Nuts (Kirsten Price)
NZ Goldsmith Never a Cross Word (KIrsten Price)
NSW Guilcroft Dame Alice of Dibley (CH) (Mrs P and G Harding)
NSW Guilcroft Early At The Croft (CH) (Mrs P And G Harding)
NSW Guilcroft Esprit De Corps (RUBIS SUPREME CH) (Pamela and Garth Harding)
NSW Guilcroft Gentleman Never Tell (Mrs P & G Harding)
NSW Guilcroft Illusion of Thyme (BISS CH) (Pamela and Garth Harding)
NSW Guilcroft Izzabella Ringing (Pamela and Garth Harding)
NSW Guilcroft Klassique Krystelle (Pamela and Garth Harding)
NSW Guilcroft Life Of Riley (Pamela and Garth Harding)
NSW Guilcroft Observe N Report (Ch) (Pamela and Garth Harding)
NSW Guilcroft Play To WIn (Grand Champion) (Pamela and Garth Harding)
NSW Guilcroft Polli Yanna (Ch) (P and G Harding)
NSW Guilcroft Quintessential Blush (Ch) (Pamela and Garth Harding)
NZ Guilcroft Red Ochre (NZ CH Gold & Platinum Merit) (Sonja Firby)
NSW Guilcroft Texas Tea And Toast (Aust Ch) (Pamela and Garth Harding)
SA Hilbren Bonnie Lass (Aust Ch) (Chanpema Kennels)
VIC Hollystone King Gondor NZ (Imp NZ) ET (BISS Aust Grand Ch) (Sue Mewse)
SA Kalan Just Madge (Ch.) (Tegan Whalan)
SA Leema Bluebelles and Myrtle (Ch.) (Tegan Whalan)
SA Leema Didjah Win JC ET (Dual Ch. (ED)) (Tegan Whalan)
SA Leema Eternity (Tegan Whalan)
SA Leema Jarrah and Myrtle (Ch.) (Tegan Whalan)
SA Leema Myrtle N Clover JC. (Tri Ch. (ED)(T)) (Tegan Whalan)
SA Leema Rumblebobbins SE JC (Tegan Whalan & Dave Howell)
SA Leema Serenity (T L Whalan)
SA Leema Sprig O Clover NE (Ch.) (Tegan Whalan)
SA Leema T Rex JE (Aust Ch) (Tegan Whalan)
SA Leema Tuit JE (T Whalan & the Beaumonts)
SA Leema Winning Ink SE (Ch.) (Tegan Whalan)
NZ Lester Borda goin awol to Thaxmead (Champion) (Rob a d Rosemary. Weaver)
TAS Lisgar Bonnieville (Ch) (Lisa McGinn)
TAS Lisgar Otterly Outrageous EIC (Ch) (Lisa McGinn)
VIC Llanthro Lady Gin (Ch) (Sue Mewse)
NZ Mossrose Annabel (Amber Logan)
VIC Mossrose Cap'n Jack Sparrow At Glenbogle (imp NZ) ET (RUBIS MBIG Aust Ch) (Sue Mewse)
NZ Mossrose Isabella at Moonridge (NZCH) (Alli McArthur & Amber Riley)
NZ Mossrose Marama of Moonridge (NZ Ch) (Alli McArthur/Amber Logan)
NZ Mossrose Mons Meg at Moonridge (BISS NZ Ch) (Alli McArthur)
NZ Mossrose Niamh of Moonridge (Amber Logan)
NZ Mossrose Porscha (Ch) (Sharyn McKandry/Amber Riley)
NZ Mossrose Princess Gift of Moonridge (NZ Ch) (Alli McArthur/Amber Riley)
NZ Mossrose Princess Pride of Moonridge (Alli McArthur/Amber Riley)
NZ Mossrose Raphael (Amber Logan)
NZ Mossrose Rob Roy at Moonridge (BIS RBIS NZ Ch) (Ian Pilling/Alli McArthur/Amber Riley)
NZ Mossrose Sassenach of Moonridge (BISS NZ Ch) (Alli McArthur)
NZ Mossrose Shady Knight (S McKandry/A McArthur/A Logan)
NZ Ottadale Heatherhope Valley (NZ CH) (Sonja Firby)
QLD Otterecho Train A Comin Imp USA (Yvonne Ryan)
NZ Otterpond Beretta (MBISS NZ CH.) (Gloria Geraghty)
NZ Otterpond Bloody Mary (Gloria Geraghty)
NZ Otterpond Both Barrels AD JD (Tracy Munro)
NZ Otterpond Full Throttle (NZ CH.) (Tracy Munro)
NZ Otterpond Kiss My Grits (NZ CH.) (Peter & Audrey Matthews)
NZ Otterpond Midnight Magic (NZ CH.) (Julie Greer)
NZ Otterpond Pistol Pete (NZ CH.) (Gloria Geraghty)
VIC Otterpond Stamped with Bohunt (Exp NZ) (AUST CH.) (Janet Almond)
NZ Patterdale Aline (NZ CH) (Patterdale Border Terriers)
NZ Patterdale Amber (NZ CH) (Patterdale Border Terriers)
NZ Patterdale Bracken (NZ CH) (S Firby)
NZ Patterdale Cara (NZ CH Bronze & Silver Merit) (Sonja Firby)
NZ Patterdale Chocolate Muffin (NZ Ch) (Lori Amlehn)
NZ Patterdale Cinnamon (NZ Ch) (S Firby)
NZ Patterdale Coral (Am CH) (Holly Scott)
NZ Patterdale Daphne (NZ CH Bronze of Merit) (S Firby)
NZ Patterdale Hunting Spirit (NZ CH) (S Firby)
NZ Patterdale Pistachio (Sonja Firby)
NZ Patterdale Robert Brambel (S Firby)
NZ Patterdale Southern Breeze (S Firby)
NZ Patterdale Spirit of Tweed (NZ CH Bronze Merit) (Sonja Firby)
NZ Patterdale Stars N Stripes (S Firby)
NZ Patterdale Tweed (NZ CH) (Patterdale Border Terriers)
QLD Pickwick Blue Quiila (Yvonne Ryan)
QLD Pickwick In The Pink (Champion) (Yvonne Ryan)
QLD Pickwick Ivy League (Ch) (Y Ryan)
QLD Pickwick Just A Dash (Y.Ryan)
QLD Pickwick Poppy (Ch   ) (Yvonne Ryan)
NSW Pickwick-JR Robert The Bruce (Nat Flintoff)

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