Shamrock's Napoleon (IMP USA)

Leon finally arrived in Australia late September 2012. After winning the hearts of all of his kennel attendants in quarantine, they very reluctantly said good bye to him so that he could make the final trip home to Queensland.

A sweet tempered, happy little chap, Leon has settled in at his new home without a worry. He has bonded closely to his new family as this breed does and he loves to have a cuddle on the couch after dinner.

Not everything is bigger in the state of Texas!...Leon is correct size for this small Portuguese breed. His lineage is from some of the very best Podengo breeders in Portugal and he shows the alert and lively demeanor of his ancestors.

Keep an eye out for this little fellow around the shows. He'll be hanging out with the rest of his Alarves Podengo family and giving my beautiful Cino some competition in the hound ring :-)

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Jenni McKernan (Member Details)
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0408 425 423
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Pedigree for Shamrock's Napoleon (IMP USA)
Sire : Faisca De Vedras S: Amendoim Da Praia Do Ribatejo S: Tremoco
D: Hortela Da Praia Do Ribatejo
D: Kida Da Praia Do Ribatejo S: Farrapo Da Praia Do Ribatejo
D: Telha Da Praia Do Ribatejo
Dam : Corda Da Praia Do Ribatejo S: Sabonete De Viamonte S: Peradoce
D: Tia Alice Do Vale Negro
D: Hilma Da Praia Do Ribatejo S: Pinhao Da Praia Do Ribatejo
D: Onda Da Praia Do Ribatejo