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Sleykh Invincible Iceman (AI)
(Annika Oksa)

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QLD Alarves A Star Is Born (J McKernan & Shannon Townsend)
QLD Alarves Betty Boop (Jenni McKernan)
QLD Alarves Bonaparte (Jenni McKernan)
QLD Alarves Brigitte Bardot (Jenni McKernan)
NSW Ballahond Seda Cascade (Gr Ch) (Sandra Bell)
NSW Ballahond Seda Chiffon (Ch) (Sandra Bell)
NSW Ballahond Seda Rose (AI) (Sandra Bell)
QLD Houla's Easter Lilly (Jenni McKernan)
QLD Plushcourt Pollyanna (Imp UK) (Jenni McKernan)
QLD Shamrock's Napoleon (IMP USA) (Jenni McKernan)
WA Sleykh Astonishing Amoriina (IID FIN) (Annika Oksa)
QLD Sleykh Astonishing Amoriina (IID FIN) (Annika Oksa Walker)
WA Sleykh Brilliant Honey Badger (AI) (Annika Oksa)
QLD Sleykh Cacao Chuao (Aust Ch) (Jenni McKernan)
QLD Sleykh Cacao Criollo (Aust Ch) (Annika Oksa Walker)
NSW Sleykh Cacao Porcelana (IID) RE EIC (Ch) (Sandra Bell)
WA Sleykh Invincible Iceman (AI) (Annika Oksa)
QLD Sleykh Vivacious Valentina (IID FIN) (Annika Oksa Walker)
WA Sleykh Vivacious Valentina (IID Fin) (Liz Jewell/Annika Oksa Walker)
QLD Tähtitaivaan Choco (Annika Oksa Walker)
QLD Tähtitaivaan Emmi (FIN CH EST CH) (Annika Oksa)

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