AUST. CH. Jazzuki Call Me Angel Face

Our very feminine young girl Jeannie is full of personality, elegance, colour, coat qualities and beautiful on the move.

13/4/2014, Jeannie wins BEST MINOR PUPPY IN GROUP under Mr G. Vernon, NSW.

25/5/2014, Jeannie wins BEST PUPPY IN GROUP under Mrs S Gray, Tasmania.

Jeannie gained her Australian Championship at just 10 mths of age, competing against much older dogs. We are very proud of our young girls achievements at such a young age.

She is the Dogzonline Rising Star pointscore competition Winner for 2014.
Jeannie has now retired from the show ring to persue maternal duties and has made an excellent Mother.

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Pedigree for AUST. CH. Jazzuki Call Me Angel Face
Sire : Aust CH Karojenbe Air Force One S: RUBISS Aust CH. Karojenbe Dom Perignon S: Karojenbe Ima Individual
D: BISS Aust CH Karojenbe Champagne
D: Aust CH. Karojenbe Texas Temptation S: Aust GRAND CH Texas Bakarat (IMP POL)
D: Aust CH Karojenbe Exquisite Touch
Dam : Aust CH Jazzuki Red Stilletos S: Aust GRAND CH Karojenbe Go On I Dare You S: BISS Aust CH Karojenbe Go Get Em
D: Aust CH. Karojenbe Exquisite Touch
D: Aust CH Istada Dejavou It Had Tobe You S: Aust GRAND CH Jolen Fatal Attraction
D: Aust CH. Buidhe Dejavou Ebbie

Recent Results

  • 19-Jul-2014 BCC & RUBOB.

    Dog Stewards Association [CH] (Judge was Mrs. S. Mashford, Vic)

  • 12-Jul-2014 Best Of Breed & Puppy Of Breed

    Junior Kennel Club Of Victoria [CH] (Judge was Mr. B. Thompson, NSW.)

  • 5-Jul-2014 Best Of Breed & Puppy Of Breed

    Victorian Poultry & Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Prof. B Corbitt, Vic.)

  • 15-Jun-2014 BCC, RUBOB, Puppy Of Breed & NEW CHAMPION.

    Cranbourne Dog Club [CH] (Judge was Mrs. S. Reeve, NSW)

  • 14-Jun-2014 Best Of Breed & Puppy Of Breed

    Frankston & Peninsula Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Mrs D Harbin, NSW.)

  • 6-Jun-2014 BCC, RUBOB.

    West Gippsland Kennel Association [CH] (Judge was Ms F Ward, Vic.)

  • 6-Jun-2014 RUBOB & Puppy Of Breed.

    West Gippsland Kennel Association PM [CH] (Judge was Mr. J. Thompson, Vic.)

  • 1-Jun-2014 Best Of Breed & Puppy Of Breed

    Western Suburbs All Breeds Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Ms. M Clegg, Vic.)

  • 31-May-2014 Best Of Breed & Junior Of Breed.

    Boxhill & District Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Mrs A Rhodes, Vic.)

  • 25-May-2014 Res BCC & RUBOB & Puppy Of Breed & PUPPY IN GROUP

    Geelong & District Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Mrs. S. Gray, Tas.)

  • 24-May-2014 Best Of Breed & Puppy Of Breed

    Caulfield & District Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Mr A Burt, Vic.)

  • 3-May-2014 BCC & RUBOB & Puppy Of Breed

    Colac Ladies Kennel Club, AM [CH] (Judge was Mrs D Baillie, Vic.)

  • 3-May-2014 Best Of Breed & Puppy Of Breed

    Colac Ladies Kennel Club, PM [CH] (Judge was Mr.C. Hamilton, Vic.)

  • 26-Apr-2014 Res BCC & RUBOB & Puppy Of Breed

    Greensborough & District Kenne Club [CH] (Judge was Mrs N Lane, NSW)

  • 25-Apr-2014 Best Of Breed & Puppy Of Breed

    Kilmore Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Mrs N Abela, NSW)

  • 19-Apr-2014 Best Of Breed & Puppy Of Breed

    Easter Festival Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Mr. M. Le Cussan, NSW.)

  • 13-Apr-2014 Best Of Breed, MINOR PUPPY IN GROUP

    Heathcote Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Mr G. Vernon, NSW)

  • 22-Mar-2014 Best Of Breed

    Eltham & District Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Mr. T. Kyman, Vic.)

  • 15-Mar-2014 BCC & RUBOB

    Pakenham & District A & H Society [CH] (Judge was Mrs D Duffin, Vic.)

  • 10-Mar-2014 Minor Puppy Bitch, RUBCC

    Warragul & District Kennel & Obedience [CH] (Judge was Mrs L. Harwood, Vic.)

  • 2-Mar-2014 1st Minor Puppy Bitch

    Yarra Glen Kennel Club, show 1 [CH] (Judge was Mrs J Campbell, Vic)

  • 2-Mar-2014 Res BCC & RUBOB

    Yarra Glen Kennel Club, show 2 [CH] (Judge was Mr J Hutchison, Vic.)

  • 1-Mar-2014 Bitch CC and RUBOB

    Metropolitan Canine Association [CH] (Judge was Mrs K Cannon, NSW)

  • 15-Feb-2014 BCC & RUBOB

    Sunshine Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Ms F Prideaux, ACT)

  • 15-Feb-2014 BCC & RUBOB

    Twilight Canine Country Club [CH] (Judge was Mrs P Brennan-Lim, S.A)

  • 14-Feb-2014 Minor Puppy Bitch, RUBCC

    Twilight Canine Country Club [CH] (Judge was Mr. R. Fitzgerald, Qld.)

  • 18-Jan-2014 1st Baby Puppy Bitch and Baby Of Breed.

    Lang Lang PA&H Association [CH] (Judge was Ms L Woolley, Vic.)

  • 4-Jan-2014 1st Baby Puppy Bitch Class

    Kyneton & District Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Ms P Kirke, Vic.)