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Karojenbe All This N More
(M.R. & L.C. Shaw)

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SA Affinage Top Score (Aust. Ch.) (Mr.G.J & Mrs.P.A. Harrison)
VIC Affinage Touch Of Afterglow (AUST. CH.) (Steven Reid)
NSW Akimura of Padawi's (Imp Gmy) (Aust Ch) (Jan Clarke (Yetholme Yorkies))
VIC Allsan All Class (BISS AUST. CH.) (Steven Reid)
QLD Ausilk Charles (Aust. Champion) (Mrs Shayne Scott)
QLD Ausilk I am champanger (CH) (H. Dressler & S. Tiele)
QLD Ausilk Imara Gem (CH) (H.& E. Dressler)
QLD Ausilk jay jay (CH) (H.Dressler & S. Tiele)
WA Azimiblu Chantilly Lace (Ch) (Yvette Miles)
WA Azimiblu Georgeanna Rose (Ch) (Yvette Miles)
WA Azimiblu Razzmic Berry (Yvette Miles)
WA Azimiblu Silk N Satin (Yvette Miles)
SA Berlorr Miss Cleopatra (Aust Ch) (G & P. Harrison)
NZ Bluhaze Magic Touch (Ch) (Tanyia Hayes)
NSW Brave Heart of Padawi's (Imp Gmy) (Aust Ch) (Jan Clarke)
WA Brolea Mi HeartD'Sire of Aramattestones (Ch) (Yvette Miles)
WA Brolea Sweet'N'Fancy of Aramattestones (Yvette Miles)
TAS Buidhe Belle Chantelle (Craig & Merrillee Jones)
VIC Caemor Created With Jewels (Ch) (Joy & Chris Talbot)
VIC Camparis Cosimo (Import from Germany) (Aust CH & CH JR (Ger)) (Miriam & Yoel Morag)
VIC Chidolls Ginger Meg (Leonie Bohm)
SA Ciaben Good Charlotte (Ms S Boswell)
NSW Ciaben Highland Diamond (Ch) (Brian Keith & Gail Keegan)
SA Ciaben Justan Illusion (L. L. Walker)
NZ Debonaire's Come What May (Imp-Swd) (NZ & Aust Ch) (Carol Hayes)
QLD Deebees Dionysius (Imp UK) (CH) (M. & L. Shaw)
VIC Edison Bakarat (Imp Poland) (BIS BISS BISTS Aust Grand CH & Jr Pl CH) (Yoel & Micky Morag)
NT Emani Zsa Zsa Gabor (Australian Champion) (Mrs Margaret Doyle)
NSW Eye Candy Du Domaine Du President (Imp Fr) (Aust Ch) (J. Clarke (Yetholme Yorkies))
NSW Feywild Destiny Child (Ch) (Mrs A Burton)
VIC Fiorentino Desire -York (Imp Spain) (RuBIS/ Au Ch /Spain.Ch) (Yoel & Miriam Morag)
NZ Forrest's La Ve En Rose (Elizabeth Forrest)
NZ Forrest's Simply Ireristable (Elizabeth Forrest)
QLD Forrests Ashen Prince (NZ Ch) (Rachael & Suzette Woodruffe, Renee Shaw)
VIC Gudyork Marion ( Import from Slovakia) (Aust Ch  ) (Miriam & Yoel Morag)
NZ Illusion Music Maestro Pleaz At Bluhaze (CH) (Carol Hayes)
NZ Illusion Music To Dance By (CH) (Carol Hayes and Elyse Purdie)
ACT Imayorkie Ace of Hearts (Aust. Ch.) (Mrs. Marvin Byrnes)
SA Imayorkie Dream On (Mr.G.J. and Mrs.P.A. Harrison)
SA Imayorkie Good Luck Charm (Aust.Grand Ch.) (G.J. & P.A. Harrison)
SA Imayorkie Picture Perfect (Aust.Ch.) (Mr.G.J.&Mrs P.A. Harrison)
SA Imayorkie Pretty Woman (Aust.Grand Ch.) (G.J. & P.A. Harrison)
SA Imayorkie touch of elegance (Mr.G.J. and P.A. Harrison)
SA Istada Marley and Me (A K Brooks)
VIC Istada Dejavou It Had Tobe You (AUST. CH.) (Steven Reid)
TAS Istada Dejavou Will Meet Again (AUST CH) (Merrillee & Craig Jones)
SA Istada Tea For Two (Mrs A K Brooks)
SA Istada The Lady In Red (Aust Ch) (A K Brooks)
SA Jarob Mista Ziek (Aust Ch) (Susan Boswell)
SA Jatine Make My Day (Lyn Walker)
VIC Jazzuki Blubeach Bunny (AUST. CH.) (Steven Reid)
VIC Jazzuki Call Me Angel Face (AUST. CH.) (Steven Reid)
VIC Jazzuki Diva La Dream (Steven Reid)
VIC Jazzuki Getup Andboogie (AUST. CH.) (Steven Reid)
VIC Jazzuki Havnstopdancnyet (Steven Reid)
SA Jazzuki Isdancin Withme (Aust Ch) (A K Brooks)
SA Jazzuki Justan Illusion (Ms S Boswell)
VIC Jazzuki Pardon Myfame (RUBIS AUST. CH.) (Steven Reid)
VIC Jazzuki Red Stilletos (AUST. CH.) (Steven Reid.)
WA Jazzuki Rhythm N Steele (Ch) (Yvette Miles)
NSW Jenarlie Flight To Yetholme (Imp NZ) (Mrs J. Clarke (Yetholme Yorkies))
NSW Jenarlie Return to Yetholme (Imp NZ) (Mrs J. Clarke (Yetholme Yorkies))
NZ Julvir Angel N' Disguise (Imp-Sing) (NZ Ch) (Carol Hayes)
QLD Karojebe Champagne (BISS Aust CH) (M. & L. Shaw)
VIC Karojenbe Attraction (RUBISS AUST. CH.) (Steven Reid)
QLD Karojenbe Adulation (Ch) (M. R. & L.C. Shaw)
QLD Karojenbe Air Of Distinction (BISS Aust CH) (M.R. & L.C. Shaw)
VIC Karojenbe All Fun N Party Trix (AUST. CH.) (Steven Reid)
QLD Karojenbe All This N More (M.R. & L.C. Shaw)
QLD Karojenbe Blaze Of Glory (BISS Aust CH) (M.R. & L.C. Shaw)
QLD Karojenbe Celebration (Ch) (M. & L. Shaw)
QLD Karojenbe Cointreau On Ice (Aust CH) (M.R. & L.C. Shaw)
QLD Karojenbe Dom Perignon (RUBISS Aust CH) (M. & L. Shaw)
QLD Karojenbe Dragonfly Gin (CH) (M.R. & L.C. Shaw)
QLD Karojenbe Exquisite Touch (Ch) (M.R. & L.C. Shaw)
QLD Karojenbe Glory Be (Aust Ch) (M.R. & L.C. Shaw)
QLD Karojenbe Go Get Em (BISS Aust CH) (M.R.&L.C. Shaw)
VIC Karojenbe Go On I Dare You (AUST. GRAND. CH.) (Steven Reid)
QLD Karojenbe Go Smooth Operator (BISS AUST GRAND CH) (M.R. & L.C. Shaw)
NSW Karojenbe Go With Gusto (CH) (L.C. Shaw and G. Keegan)
QLD Karojenbe Impetuous (CH) (M. & L. Shaw)
QLD Karojenbe Kiss N Tell Moscato (Aust CH) (M.R. & L.C. Shaw)
NSW Karojenbe Magic Of Merlin (Aust CH) (J Morris)
QLD Karojenbe Make Me Proud (CH) (M.R.&L.C. Shaw)
QLD Karojenbe Moonlite Salutation (CH) (M R & L C Shaw)
QLD Karojenbe My Jubilation (CH) (M.R. & L.C. Shaw)
QLD Karojenbe One In A Billion (Ch) (M. & L. Shaw)
NSW Karojenbe Pop the Corks (RUBISS Ch) (Alanna & Wayne Burton)
QLD Karojenbe Ready Set Go (Ch) (M.R. & L.C. Shaw)
QLD Karojenbe Shaken Not Stirred (Aust GRAND CH) (M.R. & L.C. Shaw)
QLD Karojenbe Shirley Temple (CH) (M.R. & L.C. Shaw)
QLD Karojenbe Spritz (BISS Aust CH) (M.R. & L.C. Shaw)
NSW Karojenbe Symphony (M.R. & L.C. Shaw)
QLD Karojenbe Temptation (Grand Ch.) (M. & L. Shaw)
NSW Karojenbe Tequila Hot Shot (BIS BISS Supreme Champion) (Alanna & Wayne Burton)
QLD Karojenbe Tequila Sunrise (CH) (M.R. & L.C. Shaw)
QLD Karojenbe Texas Temptation (AUST CH) (M.R. & L.C. Shaw)
NSW Karojenbe The Entertainer (BISS Ch) (Alanna & Wayne Burton)
QLD Karojenbe The Illusionist (BISS CH) (M.R. & L.C. Shaw)
QLD Karojenbe Unforgetable (CH.) (M. & L. Shaw)
QLD Karojenbe Vivacious (BISS Aust CH) (M.R. & L.C. Shaw)
QLD Karojenbe Watch The Sparks Fly (CH) (M.R. & L.C. Shaw)
TAS Kelepina African Queen (Australian Champion) (Debbie & Craig Delphin)
TAS Kelepina Make Us Proud (Australian Champion) (Craig & Debbie Delphin)
NSW Kelzarki Blu Musician (Aust CH) (J.Morris)
QLD Leedstheway Bluebell (Mrs H Van Der Walt)
NZ Lil's Specific Showgirl (Imp-Swd) (NZ CH) (Carol Hayes)
QLD Magic Touch Of Padawi's (Imp Gmy) (CH) (Shaw & Clarke)
NSW Marydon Steals The Scene (Imp Can) (Aust Ch Can Ch) (Jan Clarke (Yetholme Yorkies))
NSW Marydon's On The Marquee (Imp Can) (Can Ch) (Mrs J. Clarke (Yetholme Yorkies)
QLD My Precious JP Orchestra (imp JP) (V. Harrison and L.C. Shaw)
NZ NicNak's Gladiator (Canadian Champion) (L Forrest, s woodruffe, Dixon)
NSW Sapphire's Jewel At Yetholme (Imp USA) (Aust Ch) (Jan Clarke (Yetholme Yorkies))
NSW Skysilk Diamonds Tiffany (Ch) (B.K. & G. Keegan)
NSW Skysilk The Skys the Limit (Alanna & Wayne Burton)
NSW Smidgit Creme De La Creme (Aust Ch) (Alanna & Wayne Burton)
NSW Smidgit Creme of the Crop (Anthony Cacciola)
NSW Smidgit Its All About The Bass (Ch) (D & J Herboldt)
NSW Smidgit Just My Cup of Tea (Michelle Dreaper)
NSW Smidgit Tea se Me (Michelle Dreaper)
VIC Tanteen Jetset N Playboy (Leonie Bohm)
QLD Tanteen Risky Business (Aust & NZ Ch) (Mrs S Woodruffe & Mrs N. Dixon)
VIC Texas Bakarat (Import Poland) (Aust Grand CH) (Yoel & Miriam Morag)
VIC VRose Amber Queen (AUST. CH.) (Steven Reid)
NSW Vrose Champagne (Mrs A Burton & Mr W Burton)
VIC VRose Cloth Of Gold (AUST. CH.) (Steven Reid)
VIC VRose Hawaiian Belle (AUST. CH.) (Steven Reid)
NSW Vrose Honeyflow (J Morris)
TAS Willjon Little Miss Tiny Tot (Aust Ch) (Merrillee & Craig Jones)
TAS Willjon Mr Exclusive (Merrillee & Craig Jones)
QLD Willjon Right Said Fred (Aust Ch BISS) (Mr S & Mrs D Cleaver)
TAS Willjon Sweet Mona Lisa (Craig & Merrillee Jones)
NSW Yetholme A Touch Celtic (Aust Ch) (Jan Clarke)
TAS Yetholme Blessed Lucylee (Australian Champion) (Debbie & Craig Delphin)
NSW Yetholme Born Free (Am Ch Aust Ch) (J. Clarke & T. Bell)
NSW Yetholme Born T Blossom (American Ch/Aust Ch) (Yetholme Yorkies/T. Bell)
NSW Yetholme Button Up My Heart (Mrs H. Tillelli)
NSW Yetholme Care Free (Am Ch) (Yetholme Yorkies & Mrs T. Bell (USA))
TAS Yetholme Celestial Grace, (Australian Champion) (Debbie & Craig Delphin)
NSW Yetholme Celtic Drums (Aust Ch) (Mrs J. Clarke)
NSW Yetholme Esprit (Aust Ch) (Mrs J. Clarke)
VIC Yetholme Esprits Dame De Coeur RN (Aust Ch) (Jennifer Clancey)
NSW Yetholme Free Cheers (Am Ch Aust Ch) (J. Clarke/R. Taranaki)
NSW Yetholme Frilly Bits (Mrs J. Clarke (Yetholme Yorkies))
NSW Yetholme Grand Secret (Aust Ch) (Mrs J. Clarke (Yetholme Yorkies)
NSW Yetholme Great Blessing (Ch) (Yetholme Yorkies)
NSW Yetholme I Believe In Karma (Jan Clarke (Yetholme Yorkies))
NSW Yetholme In A Heartbeat (Mrs J. Clarke)
NSW Yetholme Kahluas Esperanza (Aust Ch) (Jan Clarke (Yetholme Yorkies))
NSW Yetholme Kahluas Phoennix (Aust Ch) (Jan Clarke (Yetholme Yorkies))

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