RUBIS Ch Staffegan Bullet Proof JC DNA Profiled - DM,HC & L2-HGA, PHPV clear

SBTCWA 31st Champ Show
Saturday 11th November 2017
Judge Mr Larry Lunn (UK) �Milgrath�

2nd. Cook�s Staffegan Bullet Proof. Another B/B with white to chest and throat. He was probably the best mover in the class and this won him his place in the line-up. Strongly headed he has good eye and ear set although he � flies � the latter a little. He has nice length to his muzzle which is balance by his skull. He is nicely bodied-up and has decent quarters fore and aft and it his rear that enables him to move with drive. His brisket is a little deep and gives the impression and it is only an impression that he is a bit short in the foreleg but, in fact, is not.

SBTCWA 30th Anniversary Champ Show
Saturday 5th November 2016
Judge Dr Archie Bryden (UK) Gantocks
1. Cook's Staffegan Bullet Proof
Black brindle, nice shaped head, good bite, dark eye, but ears could have been a bit tidier, bodily ok with good rib, moved all right coming and going. STATE BRED IN SHOW

SBTCWA 4th Alan &Iris Short Memorial Champ Show
Sunday 6th November 2016
Judge Brian Owen (UK) Brystaff
2. Dark brindle nice type very fit with a nice expression, nice clean head shape, darkest of eyes, nice in body shape tucked up with a good bend of stifle moved and shown well.

Thank you Alison Leggo, Jomaldun for doing such a terrific job handling
Thank you Mel Mclean, Onahi for the photos

Australia's Lure Coursing Fastest Stafford for 2016
This boy is beautifully balanced and constructed and his true terrier nature is awesome to watch.

SBTCWA CH Show 7th November 2015 Judge Mr Norman Benham (UK) Eaststaff
2nd - COOK's Staffegan Bullet Proof
Standard black brindle very compact dog, neat head, dark eye, correct bite, short strong neck, nice deep chest, well barrelled ribs, short coupled, well muscled hams, moved well

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Pedigree for RUBIS Ch Staffegan Bullet Proof JC DNA Profiled - DM,HC & L2-HGA, PHPV clear
Sire : Tuareg King Shaka S: CH. Tussler Midnight Storm (AI) S: UK. CH. Nethertonion Just One Look (UK)
D: CH. Tussler Emma Peel
D: Fullafire Bedazzled S: Bloomstaff Van Bobby Dazzler (IMP NZL)
D: CH. Rayonnoire Celtic Legacy
Dam : Britishpride Black Gem (AI) S: IR. CH. UK. CH. Lackyle Diabhal Dearbhchlo (IRL) S: UK. CH. Carnig Positive Profile (UK)
D: UK.CH.INT.CH. IR.CH. Lackyle Ceal Na OLC (IRL)
D: Borstaff Miss Maisie S: Borstaff Thman in Black
D: Borstaff Black Knickers

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