Ch Spezia Lady Plays the Fool

Pleased to introduce the newest show team member Dottie. Homebred from dad...Ch. Macdolly Cantfoolme (Spotty) and mum Ch. Spezia Ring of Pearls (Queenie), Dottie is a spilt image of her parents. A Happy, energetic little blue roan bitch started her first show with a 3rd placing in a large Baby Puppy Sweepstakes under an international judge. With a few shows has placed each time and still learning the art of running without playing up. Looking forward to fun times ahead with my little girl from a very limited breeding programme. 12 months down the track and Dottie is still winning group and show awards and started earning challenges and reserves in hard competition and now doing really well in the Lure Coursing circuit building up a new fan base with her energetic runs. A fun loving cocker who loves to carry and bring you toys and always with a kiss to share. U[date Dottie has gained her Australian Show Title and has become a mum for the first time and was a real natural and excelling in playing with her kids who all looked so much like their mother...... Dottie has been Hip and elbow tested and scored well and has been health tested for PRA and FN and is a double clear.

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Pedigree for Ch Spezia Lady Plays the Fool
Sire : Ch Macdolly Cantfoolme S: Alisma Arizona JW (imp uk) S: Wiljana Ragamuffin (uk)
D: Alisma Ayesha (uk)
D: Ch Macdolly Cantgetyououutamyhead S: Watervaal Hang On A Mo
D: Macdolly Dangerouscurves
Dam : Ch Spezia Ring of Pearls S: Backhills Ring Master (imp swe) S: Swd Ch Backhills New Design
D: Nuch. Swd. Backhills Farah Diba
D: Neut, Ch, Aust Ch. Lamorna Black Pearl S: Ch Kokleone Krossbow
D: Kokleone Prues Charmed

Recent Results

  • 1-Mar-2016 Res CH Bitch

    Warwick Show and Rodeo Society Inc [CH] (Judge was Mrs I Dawes)

  • 13-Sep-2015 Junior Breed/Res Bitch

    Darling Downs Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Mrs M Markotany (NSW))

  • 12-Sep-2015 Junior Breed

    Allora Kennel Club Inc [CH] (Judge was Rev C Seymour (Vic))

  • 12-Sep-2015 Junior Breed, 9ps CB.. R/U breed

    Darling Downs Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Mrs J Reilly)

  • 12-Sep-2015 Junior Breed, 9 ps CH/B & RU Breed

    Darling Downs Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Mrs J Reilly)

  • 11-Sep-2015 Junior Breed/Res Bitch

    Allora Kennel Club Inc [CH] (Judge was Mrs M Long (NSW))

  • 11-Sep-2015 Junior Breed

    Allora Kennel Club Inc Show 2 [CH] (Judge was Mr W Stevenson (NSW))

  • 13-Jun-2015 1st Junior Bitch/Breed

    QKC [CH] (Judge was Mrs C Stoate (VIC))

  • 30-May-2015 Res Bitch/ Junior in Group

    Lockyer Valley Kennel Club [OP] (Judge was Mrs V Knopke)

  • 30-May-2015 Junior class/Breed

    Lockyer Valley Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Mrs L Watson (Vic))

  • 29-May-2015 Junior class/Breed

    Lowood Ag Show [CH] (Judge was Mrs J Croad)

  • 23-May-2015 Res Bitch/Junior Breed/Junior in Group

    Esk A & P Society [CH] (Judge was Mr P Cousins)

  • 15-May-2015 Junior bitch class

    Boonah Show Society [OP] (Judge was Miss R Green)

  • 13-May-2015 2nd Junior/Res Bitch and Breed

    Ipswich Show Society [CH] (Judge was Mrs D Jovanovic)

  • 21-Mar-2015 Puppy Bitch1st of 3 and Puppy of Breed

    Toowoomba RNA [CH] (Judge was Mr J Rowton (Canada))

  • 14-Mar-2015 Puppy of Breed

    Oakey A P & R Show [CH] (Judge was Ms Kim Tosi)

  • 30-Jan-2015 Junior class/Breed

    Lockyer Valley Kennel Club pm show [CH] (Judge was Mrs D Duffin (Vic))

  • 30-Nov-2014 Minor class/Minor of Breed

    Amenities Committee of Dogs Qld [OP] (Judge was Mr G Soares (Brazil))

  • 29-Nov-2014 Minor class/Minor of Breed

    Dog of the Year Committee [CH] (Judge was Dr C Molina (Bolivia))

  • 23-Nov-2014 !st Minor Bitch and Minor of Breed

    Caboolture Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Mrs F Browing-Cristina (SAF))

  • 22-Nov-2014 Minor Breed/ Minor in Group

    Caboolture Kennel Club [OP] (Judge was Mrs Joanne Tilbrook (Qld))

  • 22-Nov-2014 1st Minor class/Minor of Breed

    Caboolture Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Mr M Vaid (India))

  • 19-Oct-2014 CD Bitch/Res Breed/Minor in Group

    Inverell Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Mr D McGreevy)

  • 18-Oct-2014 CD Bitch/ Res Breed/Minor Group/MINOR IN SHOW

    Inverell Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Mrs G Hovey-Jacobs)

  • 5-Oct-2014 1st Baby Bitch class from 4

    Beaudesert/Maree KC 1st show [CH] (Judge was Mr M Igawa (Japan))

  • 14-Sep-2014 Baby Breed/Group

    D>D>K>C [CH] (Judge was Mrs D Hyde (ACT))

  • 13-Sep-2014 Baby Breed

    D>D>K>C [CH] (Judge was Mrs A Everson)

  • 13-Sep-2014 Baby Breed

    Allora 2nd show [CH] (Judge was Mrs L Knott (NSW))

  • 12-Sep-2014 Baby Breed

    Allora Kennel Club Inc [CH] (Judge was Mrs A Bowe (nsw))

  • 2-Aug-2014 Baby Breed

    N.C.K.C [CH] (Judge was Mr A Reid (Vic))

  • 19-Jul-2014 3rd in Baby sweepstakes from 15

    K.A.Q [CH] (Judge was Mr J S Pawar (India))