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QLD Acijay All Fired Up (Aust & NZ CH BISS/RUBISS) (Louise Bygraves)
QLD Acijay Back In Business (Ch) (Alecia Ugrinic)
QLD Acijay Dressed To The Nines With Watervaal CA (CH) (Louise Bygraves)
QLD Acijay Hot Onya Heels (Australian Champion) (Ronda Bygraves)
QLD Acijay Look Who Is Here At Kapoint (Kay Hutt)
QLD Acijay Nobodys Business CA (Aust Ch) (Louise Bygraves)
QLD Acijay So Far So Good (Ronda Bygraves)
QLD Acijay Soul Sister of Pencandy (BISS CH) (Mr N & Mrs T Crocker)
QLD Acijay Tri N Catch Me (BISS) (Louise Bygraves)
NZ Acijay Wannabe An All Black - Imp Aust (NZ Ch) (A Calman & D Heays)
QLD Acvaal Cash In Mater (Lisa Ashley)
NSW Adjobi Cha Ching (R &L Corbett and D & M Rochester)
QLD After Hours Money Maker (Imp USA) (Am Ch) (Alecia Ugrinic)
NSW Algara Cover me in Sunshine (Coviter)
NSW Algara Dance For Me (Allana Smith)
NSW Algara Its Playtime (Australian Champion) (Allana Smith)
QLD Amaclassic Art Waves Kiss (Imp UK) (BISS Ch) (Jenny Hughes)
QLD Amamoor A Night To Remember (Mrs Debbie Thomas)
QLD Amamoor All About Me (Mrs Debbie Thomas)
QLD Amamoor All About The Night (Mrs Debbie Thomas)
QLD Amamoor All Rounder (Mrs Debbie Thomas)
QLD Amamoor Alley Gator (Australian Champion) (Mrs Debbie Thomas)
QLD Amamoor Footprints In The Sand (Mrs Debbie Thomas)
QLD Amamoor Hot Chilli (Mrs Debbie Thomas)
NSW Amamoor Moment to Dream (Theresa Dorrington/Debbie Thomas)
QLD Amamoor Sail The Seas (Mrs Debbie Thomas)
QLD Amamoor Smoke On The Water (Mrs Debbie Thomas)
QLD Amamoor Super Trouper (AI) (Mrs Debbie Thomas)
NSW Amlex Free To Go (Aust Ch) (Ms Allana Smith)
SA Anavelaes Above The Clouds (Mr. B. Davies)
QLD Anavelaes Escapades In Blue (Mrs. Karen Harris)
SA Anavelaes Flying Solo (Mr. B. Davies)
SA Anavelaes Rudolphs Rockin (Mr. B. Davies)
VIC Anemos First Served To Travis (Imp Nor) (Aust Ch & Nor Ch) (BELCROFT - D & M Bellamy)
NSW Apeldoorn Azraelle (Janna G Wayenberg)
NSW Apeldoorn IVE Got The Look (Janna G Wayenberg)
QLD Apusapi Done Ya Dash (Gr Ch) (S & M Sticher & Alecia Ugrinic)
NSW As de Colucan. ( imp Spain) (Danish Champion, Spanish Champion) (Frank& Karen Hogan)
SA Ashmere All About Sage (Mrs V Spangler)
QLD Ashmere All Too Sweet (Ch) (Jennifer Robb)
NSW Ashmere Arrow (BIS BISS Aust Grand Champion) (Ms Amanda Bray & Mrs Julie Burbidge)
SA Ashmere King Louis (Victoria Spangler)
NZ Ashmere Sweet Sweet Love at Suedanka (Imp Aust) (Aust RBIS CH & NZ BIS & BISS CH) (Amanda Thomas-Pritchard)
QLD Ashmere What Ever It Takes (Aust Ch) (J Burbridge & Jennifer Robb)
QLD Ashmore Chocolate Mirage (R Royce and L Todd)
NSW Ashwinds Ivy League (Imp USA) (Aust/Am Champion) (Toni Dennis/Matthew Proctor)
QLD Asuare Always Dockit (SUPREME Ch) (Heath Thomson)
QLD Asuare Always N Forever (Ch) (Terri A Davies)
QLD Asuare Man In the Mirror (Aust Ch) (Heath Thomson)
NZ Avila Avant Garde (Anne Taylor)
NZ Avila Believe in Magic (NZ CH) (Mrs A Taylor)
NZ Avila Finishing Touch (Ch) (Anne Taylor)
NZ Avila Limited Edition (NZ CH) (Anne Taylor)
NZ Avila Maid N' The Mist (RBIS CH) (Anne Taylor)
NZ Avila Mischief Maker (Mrs A H Taylor)
NZ Avila Mission Accomplished (CH) (Anne Taylor)
NZ Avila Mystery Maid (CH) (A Taylor)
NZ Avila News Flash CGCB (Anne Taylor)
NZ Avila Night Time Traveller (Ch) (Anne Taylor)
NZ Avila Night Trooper (Ch) (Mrs A Taylor)
NZ Avila Oriental Express (NZ Ch) (Anne Taylor)
NZ Avila Tried N' True (NZ CH) (Mrs A Taylor)
NZ Avila Twist N' Twirl (CH) (Anne Taylor)
NZ Avila Wandering Star (Ch) (Anne Taylor)
QLD Ayrshire Checkmate (Australian Champion) (Sue Pritchard)
NZ Backhills In Every Way (Imp Sweden) (NZ CH) (Anne Taylor)
TAS Bahloo Dark Khan (Maree Glover)
TAS Bahloo Terra Star (Maree Glover)
VIC Ballyoran Hear The Beat (Mrs A Byrne)
NSW Ballyoran Highland Lass (Ch) (Nikki and Sue Lane)
VIC Ballyoran Uptown Girl (Mrs Ann Byrne)
NSW Bathgate A Comets Tale (G C Douglas)
VIC Bathgate Beat Box (AI) (BISS/CH.) (Mrs A Byrne)
NSW Bathgate Buckle Up Baby (Garry Douglas)
ACT Bathgate Butterfly Kisses (CH.) (Mr G C Douglas)
NSW Bathgate By Design (CH.) (Garry Douglas)
NSW Bathgate Charmed (G C Douglas)
NSW Bathgate Deja Blue (CH.) (Garry Douglas)
WA Bathgate Designer Genes (AI) (Ch.) (Mr L Pearson)
NSW Bathgate Earl Of Douglas (Garry Douglas)
NSW Bathgate Flyme To D Moon N Bak (Ch) (Miss H Roberts & Mr G Douglas)
NSW Bathgate Free Spirit (G C Douglas)
NSW Bathgate I'll Take You There (Garry Douglas)
NSW Bathgate Keepin Itin Dafamily (Garry Douglas)
NSW Bathgate My Heart Skipt A Beat (Ch) (Mrs S McFadden & Mr G Douglas)
NSW Bathgate Out Of The Blue (GC Douglas)
NSW Bathgate Phantom Oth Opera (G C Douglas)
NSW Bathgate Sands Of Time (CH.) (G C Douglas)
NSW Bathgate Shes Got The Look (G C Douglas)
NSW Bathgate Something So Strong (G C Douglas)
NSW Bathgate Spirit in The Sky (G C Douglas)
NSW Bathgate Summer Hit (Ch) (Garry Douglas)
NSW Bathgate Summer Time (CH.) (G C Douglas)
WA Bathgate Turning Heads At Kalaugher (Mr L Pearson)
NSW Bathgate Wired For Sound (Garry Douglas)
VIC Belcroft Believe It or Not (GRAND Ch) (BELCROFT - D & M Bellamy)
VIC Belcroft Bit'O Scandal (Aust Ch) (David & Merryn Bellamy)
VIC Belcroft Country Classic (Aust Ch) (David & Merryn Bellamy)
QLD Belcroft Crazy For You (SUPREME CH) (Bifield - Geoff Kill)
QLD Belcroft Crazy For you (Aust Supreme Champion/ BIS BISS Ch) (Geoff Kill (Bifield))
VIC Belcroft Dare To Dream (Champion) (BELCROFT - D & M Bellamy)
VIC Belcroft Diamond Dayz (Aus Ch) (D & M Bellamy)
VIC Belcroft Dream A Li'l Dream (BIS SUPREME CH) (BELCROFT - D & M Bellamy)
NSW Belcroft Free To Fly (Aust CH) (Sue Raine & Ernie Glass)
VIC Belcroft Highland Tale (Aust Ch) (David & Merryn Bellamy)
VIC Belcroft It's Showtime (Multi BIS/ BISS SUPREME Ch.) (BELCROFT - David & Merryn Bellamy)
VIC Belcroft Mad About You (D & M Bellamy)
VIC Belcroft One Man Show (BIS & BISS SUPREME CH) (BELCROFT - David & Merryn Bellamy)
QLD Belcroft Steal A Kiss (Aust SUPREME Ch) (Geoff Kill)
QLD Belcroft Steal A Kiss (Supreme Ch) (Geoff Kill)
VIC Belcroft Stealing Time (Aust Ch) (D & M Bellamy)
VIC Belcroft Walk On The Wild Side (Ms S Raine & Mr E Glass)
VIC Belcroft Zipp It (Aus Ch) (D & M Bellamy)
NSW Bellebriar Bounty (Aust Ch) (Mrs A Hatherly)
NSW Bellebriar Bounty Free (Mrs A Hatherly)
NSW Bellebriar Classic Charm (Mrs A Hatherly)
NSW Bellebriar Classic Style (Mrs Kim Dwyer & M re Anna Hatherly)
NSW Bellebriar Clear Image (Mrs A Hatherly)
NSW Bellebriar Hijack The Night (Mrs A Hatherly)
NSW Bellebriar Movin The News (Mrs A Hatherly)
NSW Bellebriar My Request (Mrs A Hatherly)
NSW Bellebriar New Bounty (NZ & AUST CH) (Mrs A Hatherly)
NSW Bellebriar New Time (Aust Ch) (Mrs A Hatherly)
NSW Bellebriar News Worthy (Ch) (Mrs A Hatherly)
NSW Bellebriar Night Moves (Mrs A Hatherly)
NSW Bellebriar Spell Bound (Anna Hatherly)
NSW Bellebriar Time Keeper (Aust Ch) (Kim Dwyer)
ACT Bellebriar Time Share (Gr Ch) (M Kingston)
NSW Bellebriar Timeline (AUST CH) (Mrs A Hatherly)
NSW Bellebriar Under My Spell (Ch) (Anna Hatherly)
NSW Bellebriar Under The Mistletoe (Ch) (Mrs A Hatherly)
NSW Bellebriar With A Twist (Anna Hatherly)
NZ Belztone Chanel Five (Imp Aust) (AUST BIS & NZ BISS CH) (Carolyn Hogg)
NSW Bencleuch Beaujolais (Imp.Scot) (Australian Champion) (Ann O'Keefe)
NSW Bencleuch Beyond A Dream (imp UK) (Australian Champion) (F & K Hogan)
NSW Bencleuch Braw Balach (imp UK) (Supreme Ch) (Nicole Lane)
NSW Bencleuch Breaking News ( (Aust.Ch.) (Mrs A O'Keefe)
QLD Benspan A Touch of Magic (Champion) (William & Lee Vickery)
QLD Benspan Free Spirit (Champion) (Mr W & Mrs L Vickery)
QLD Benspan I Can Touch The Stars (AI) (Champion) (Mr W & Mrs L Vickery)
QLD Benspan Its Just Magic (Champion) (William & Lee Vickery)
VIC Bffurever ATanty At Silverblue (Judith O'Brien)
QLD Bifield Aspark Owl (Wayne Sheppard)
NSW Bifield Dont Fence Me In (Aust Champion) (Geoff Kill)
VIC Bifield Fly The Coop To Belcroft (AI) (Aust Ch) (D & M Bellamy)
QLD Bifield Good News Travels Fast (Aust Ch.) (Geoff Kill)
WA Bifield Keepsake At Regencyblue (AI) (Aust Grand Ch) (Mrs J L Sewell & Miss S L Sewell)
QLD Bifield Meant To Be (Aust Supreme Ch/BIS/BSS Ch) (Geoff Kill)
QLD Bifield Mr Fogg (Geoff Kill)
QLD Bifield Pull The Strings (Aust Ch) (Geoff Kill)

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