CH & MBISN RuBISSN Neuter GRAND CH Jollab Winchester (AI)

We are so proud of our amazing boy "ARTIE" what a wonderful few years he had in the show ring.

From Baby Puppy in "SHOW" at his first show to a Neuter "GRAND" CHAMPION.

We believe he is the only Labrador to achieved the titles of CHAMPION and Neuter "GRAND" Champion.

He gave us our first CHAMPION, then Neuter CHAMPION and now Neuter "GRAND" CHAMPION. WOW!

Joining the neuter ranks in August 2017 the following years rated him in the:

Dogzonline Pointscore Competion:

2021 the Pointscore Competion was paused on 9th August:

Artie was retired in April, at the pause of competition he was still:

2021 No 1 - National Neuter Labrador Retriever (shown: Jan - April)

2021 No 1 - S.A Neuter Labrador Retriever (shown: Jan - April)

2021 No 1 - S.A Neuter Gundog (shown: Jan - April)

2020 - Not held due to Covid 19

2019 No 1 - National Neuter Labrador Retriever

2019 No 1 - N.S.W Neuter Labrador Retriever

2019 No 3 - N.S.W Neuter Gundog

2018 No 2 - National Neuter Labrador Retriever (with limited showing).

2017 No 4 - Vic Neuter Labrador Retriever (shown: Aug - Dec)

Thanks to Geoff Jolly for breeding our special boy, also giving Geoff his first Champion.

We thank Jan Farrelly for her handling, encouragement, help and the many laughs along the way.

We are over the moon with all that he has achieved. Before and after being neutered.

He has a Baby Puppy in "SHOW" multiple Class in "GROUP", Best of Breed and Dog Challenge awards.

As a Neuter, multiple Neuter in "SHOW" (all breeds) and an amazing "THIRTY THREE" Neuter in "GROUP" awards.

Along with multiple Neuter Best of Breed and Neuter Dog Challenges to his credit.

In 2018 under International Gundog Specialist Mr. Frank Kane (UK).

At the SA Labrador Retriever Club "SPECIALTY" he was Runner up Neuter in "SHOW".

A lot of his wins have been under Gundog Specialist and International Judges.

We would like to thank the Judges who have awarded our special boy so highly.

Artie is a very happy boy, a real character, extremely jealous the looks he gives are priceless.

He loves nothing more than laying belly up on the couch "SNORING" his head off or cuddled up on Bens lap!

He loves riding in his boat or his Van or just hanging out with us, swimming, camping, playing fetch!

When or if he feels like it! He loves thieving the toilet roll and running off and shredding it! Wonderful!

He gets very excited catching up with his human friends when they come to visit or he sees them at shows!

Artie is great fun to have around he has given us so many wonderful memorable moments in and out of the ring.

We love him heaps and thank him for the amazing ride he has taken us on and the joy he continues to bring us.

HIPS: 0 - 0

ELBOWS: 0 - 0

DNA: Tested

EeBB = BLACK - Carries Yellow

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Pedigree for CH & MBISN RuBISSN Neuter GRAND CH Jollab Winchester (AI)
Sire : Blackhills Beretta (Imp Sem NZ) (Yc) S: NZ CH Blackhills Stowaway (NZ) (Yc) S: Gunnislake Kashmir lancer (Bc)
D: Blackhills In Angels Image (NZ) (Y)
D: Riverlea Pot-of-Gold at Blackhills (NZ) (Y) S: CH Priorise Target (Imp UK) (Y)
D: Chasers Jolie Fleur (Imp NZ) (B)
Dam : Waintree Early Bird (Byc) S: Zenchel Happy Days (B) S: CH Zenchel Slick Willy (AI) (B)
D: Zenchel One Fine Day (AI) (B)
D: Waintree Grans Girl (Yc) S: Graebar Principle Boy (B)
D: CH Trewintree Amazon (Yc)

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