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Aust Champ Simballoch Mystic Black
(Geoff & Val Jones)

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NSW Aarabells Black Duchess (Aarabells Labradors)
VIC Adderslot Chief (2014 X 2015 x 2016 x 2017 National Retrieving Trial Champion) (Mr Russell and Mrs Sherie Whitchurch)
VIC Adderslot Crackers Stamp RRD (Dr A & Mrs J Cramond)
VIC Adderslot Gemma (AI) (Dr Andrew & Mrs Julie Cramond)
VIC Adderslot Gin Rummy (Dr Andrew And Mrs Julie Cramond)
VIC Adderslot Lay Down Misere RRD (Dr Andrew & Mrs Julie Cramond)
VIC Adderslot Legally Blonde (Cowan/Cramond)
VIC Adderslot Lucy RRD (Dr Andrew & Mrs Julie Cramond)
VIC Adderslot Maverick RRD (Dr A & Mrs J Cramond)
VIC Adderslot Obi Wan Ken Obi (Search and Rescue dog) (Andrew and Julie Cowan)
VIC Adderslot Ruby (AI) (Retrieving Trial Champion) (Mr Kevin Andrews)
VIC Adderslot Snow White (AI) NRD (Dr Andrew & Mrs Julie Cramond)
VIC Adderslot Star Spangled Yank RRD (IMP USA) (Dr A & Mrs J Cramond)
VIC Adderslot Tuscanys Arrow (AI) (Retrieving Trial Champion) (Dr Andrew & Mrs Julie Cramond)
VIC Adderslot Viva NRD (Dr A & Mrs J Cramond)
NSW Adderslot Yanks Shine (AI) (Dr Andrew & Mrs Julie Cramond)
SA Airai California Gurls (RUBIG Aust Ch) (J Leibhardt)
SA Airai Fleur De Lys (Miss Jeannie Leibhardt)
SA Airai Great Expectations (AI) (Aust Ch) (Miss Jeannie Leibhardt)
SA Airai Ivy League (Miss Jeannie Leibhardt)
SA Alablloyd Flavus Fleur CD (Barbara Tusar)
VIC Alexlab Kernow Lad (Ann Harris)
VIC Alexlab Moon Shadow (Janet Aldous)
NSW Aliasa Against All Odds (ALIASA Labradors)
NSW Aliasa Alota Perfection (Aarabells Labradors)
NSW Aliasa Celestial Knight (Sarndra Wood)
NSW Aliasa Colourful Lollypops (ALIASA Labradors)
NSW Aliasa Destiny Dancer (ALIASA Labradors)
NSW Aliasa Dreams Of Glamour (ALIASA Labradors)
NSW Aliasa Further Than You Think (Aliasa Labradors)
NSW Aliasa Glitz And Glamour (ALIASA Labradors)
NSW Aliasa Goddess Ixcacao (Aliasa Labradors)
NSW Aliasa Ice Freak (ALIASA Labradors)
NSW Aliasa Justin Time (ALIASA Labradors)
NSW Aliasa Little Miss Rainbow (Australian Champion) (ALIASA Labradors)
NSW Aliasa Master Of The Sky (ALIASA Labradors)
NSW Aliasa Only Time Will Tell (ALIASA Labradors)
NSW Aliasa Oopsy Daisy (ALIASA Labradors)
NSW Aliasa Pending Perfection (ALIASA Labradors)
NSW Aliasa Perfect Hand (Aliasa Labradors)
NSW Aliasa Rising Star (ALIASA Labradors)
NSW Aliasa River Run (Aust Ch    ) (ALIASA Labradors)
NSW Aliasa Shadow Ov Light (ALIASA Labradors)
NSW Aliasa Tai The Perfect Knot (ALIASA Labradors)
NSW Aliasa Talk About Magic (ALIASA Labradors)
VIC Allenies Pandora's Hope with Rionevado (Imp Spain) (Aust Ch) (P & M Cave)
SA AlpyneAir Al Dente (AI) (Aust Ch) (S&B Washington/ D Venables)
SA AlpyneAir Blue Ribbon (Aust Ch) (S & B Washington/ D Venables)
SA AlpyneAir Born Supremacy AI (Aust Grand Ch) (S&B Washington/ D Venables)
NZ AlpyneAir Coast to Coast (AI) (Imp Aust) (NZ CH) (Sharon Grant & Brooklyn McDonald)
SA AlpyneAir Confiture (Aust Ch) (S&B Washington/ D Venables)
SA AlpyneAir Divine Indievention (BIS Aust Dual Ch (T)) (S & B Washington)
NZ AlpyneAir Double Exposure (Imp Aust) (Mrs S Grant and Mrs C Mc Donald)
SA AlpyneAir Incandescent (S&B Washington)
SA AlpyneAir Je Ne Sais Quoi (AI) (Aust Ch) (S&B Washington)
SA AlpyneAir Piping Hot (AI) (Aust Ch) (S&B Washington/ D Venables)
SA AlpyneAir Remember Me (Aust Ch) (S & B Washington)
SA AlpyneAir Sacre Bleu (Aust Grand Ch) (S & B Washington)
VIC AlpyneAir Snow Belle (AI) (Aust Ch) (A Douglass / S & B Washington)
SA AlpyneAir Southern Cross (AI) (RUBISS Aust Ch) (S & B Washington/ D Venables)
SA AlpyneAir Thunder Down Under (AI) (Aust Ch) (S & B Washington/ D Venables)
SA AlpyneAir Uncorked (S & B Washington)
SA AlpyneAir Wrattonbully (Aust Ch) (S & B Washington)
QLD Amvikal Valkyrie (Imp NZ) (Labztales Labradors)
QLD Aquacara Celestial Guide (Nicky Marr)
VIC Aralyen Back in Black QND (Magicland Kennels)
NSW Aralyen Devine Ice (BIS RBIS MBIG SUP Ch) (V A Dodge)
NSW Aralyen From Paris With Love (Anne D O'Connor)
NSW Aralyen Good Vibrations (Aust Ch.) (Anne D O'Connor)
NSW Aralyen I Can Hear Music (BISS RUBISS RUBIS Aust GRAND Ch) (Dianne Blaney)
NSW Aralyen Ice Age (Australian Champion) (Peter Levett & Pauline Gill)
NSW Aralyen Melting Moment (BISS Aust CH MBNIS Neut Ch) (Dianne Blaney)
NSW Aralyen Moment OvGlory (GRAND Ch) (Anne O'Connor)
NSW Aralyen Moonlit Full Moon Rising (Georgina Kedzlie)
NSW Aralyen Moonlit FullMoonRising (AI) (Dianne Blaney)
NSW Aralyen Moonlits Shine (AI) (Mrs A D O'Connor)
NSW Aralyen River Rose (Anne D O'Connor)
NSW Aralyen Running Wild With Time (ai) (Aust Ch.) (Anne D O'Connor)
NSW Aralyen Study in Time (AI) (Anne O'Connor)
NSW Aralyen Studys Moment Eternal (Aust Ch) (Anne D O'Connor)
QLD AralyenThe French Connection (Aust. Ch.) (Maurie and Sue Fisher)
VIC Arigato On The Brink (Ch) (Mrs J Hocking)
NZ Arohalane Kinder (Simon Monson)
NZ Ashdale Flame N Red Hot At Cowanheights (Mr Simon Monson)
NZ Ashdale Mid-Knight Tango With Cowanheights (RBISS NZ CH) (Mr Simon Monson)
NZ Ashdale Ruby Red Dress (Steph Benfell)
NZ Ashdale Ryding-Sky High [AI] (Denise Roberts)
NZ Ashdale Tequila Sunrise At Cowanheights (RBISS NZ CH) (Mr Simon R Monson)
NZ Ashdale Treacle Tart (Mr Simon Monson)
VIC Aussielab Tender Moments (Bellkazz)
QLD Avokah Bundy Black Q.C. (Aust Ch) (Merrilyn Walsh)
QLD Avokah Chocabloc Q.C. (Aust Ch) (Merrilyn Walsh)
QLD Avokah Choclyt Mudcake (Merrilyn Walsh)
QLD Avokah Chocochino A.I. (AUST CH) (Mrs Merrilyn Walsh)
QLD Avokah Chocolat (AI) (Aust Ch) (Avokah Labradors)
QLD Avokah Chocolatier A.I. QC (Aust Ch) (Ann Newnham and Merrilyn Walsh)
QLD Avokah Classic Choclyt (Aust Ch) (Maurie and Sue Fisher)
QLD Avokah Hot Cappuccino (Avokah Labradors)
QLD Avokah Malteser (Merrilyn Walsh)
NSW Ayladee Brandy May (Donna Robinson)
NSW Ayladee Ell Kell (Donna Robinson)
SA Bachdore Face of Boe (L.Simons & C. Adey)
SA Bachdore Jefferson (Lynda and Danielle Simons)
SA Bachdore Madison (Lynda and Danielle Simons)
ACT Balarishnan Wicked (Max and Agnes Martin)
SA Ballentine Farrero (G Harding .& R Paunovic)
VIC Ballentine Mysterious Girl (Kylie Strain)
VIC Ballydoon Celtic Boy (Marie van Eggelen)
VIC Ballydoon Diamonds n Pearls (Merrilyn Thorpe)
NSW Ballydoon Tahitian Beauty (Sharon Mulgrew)
VIC Balrion Weathertop Spellsong (imp UK) (S Power)
NSW Bamgyps Eko Beach (Sharon L Bamford)
QLD Bamgyps Gorgeous Georgie CCD (CH) (Sharon Bamford)
QLD Banderra Lady Josephine (Penny Campbell)
NSW Banderra Regal Anna (Aust Ch) (Ms E Thomas)
QLD Banderra Regal Dominic (Aust Ch) (Gail Reilly)
WA Banderra Regal Harriet (Ch) (Mr Y.L. Kahawita)
WA Banderra Regal Legend (Ch) (Mr Y.L. Kahawita / Mrs &Mrs Scanlon)
WA Banderra Regal Shadow (Ch) (Mr Y.L. Kahawita / Mrs &Mrs Scanlon)
VIC Banderra Regal Victoria (AUST CH.) (Janvalli Kennels)
VIC Bantaskin shanti maya (Janis thomson)
NSW Barkalinda Blaze Of Glory (Sarndra Wood)
VIC Barkalinda Cinderella (Aust CH) (A Douglass)
VIC Barkalinda Invincible (Kylie Britt)
VIC Barkalinda Jett Noir (Aust Ch) (Mrs A Cameron)
VIC Barkalinda Sunnyside Up (Rikim Kennels)
VIC Barkalinda The Snow Queen (H & R Fensling)
QLD Barkooli White Diamond (Mrs K Coaster-Garton)
VIC Barwonlab Bons Journey (Laurene Egan)
VIC Barwonlab Choclat Ripple (Laurene Egan)
VIC Barwonlab Sweet Indulgence (Laurene Egan)
NSW Baydonslane Bluemoon (Deborah Wetherill)
NSW Baypark Wyanet Dakota (AI) (M Weeks)
VIC Bedwilmar Jazz Star (Fay McGannon)
VIC Beereegan Last Boy Scout CM (NTL & GR RT CH) (Mark & Wendy Davis)
VIC Beereegan One Tree Cm (NTL & GR RT CH) (Mark & Wendy Davis)
NSW Belcharm Molly of Lawnwood (IMP UK) (Aust Champion) (Miss Sharan Burnley - MAJOLEY LABRADORS)
NSW Bellasdream Black Is Back (Aust Ch) (Mrs A M Smith)
NSW Bellasdream Desert Rose (Mr.C & Mrs.L Mitchell)
NSW Bellasdream Ice Princess (Mr. C & Mrs. L Mitchell)
NSW Bellasdream Jamie Vous (Mr.C & Mrs.L Mitchell)
NSW Bellasdream Queen Bee (Mrs A M Smith)
NSW Bellasdream River Melody (Mr. C & Mrs L. Mitchell)
NSW Bellasdream Shaoys Image (Mr. C & Mrs. L Mitchell)
VIC Bellbidgee All That Glimmers (Miss M Purtill)
VIC Bellbidgee Shimmer of Light (Miss M Purtill)
VIC Bellbidgee Shine N Light (Miss M Purtill)
QLD Bemety Eliza (Aust Ch) (Mrs G Reilly)
NZ Berolee William Trigg (imp UK ) (BISS  RBISS   NZ Champion) (Blackhills Labradors)
NSW Biljem Coco Lass (Katrina Anderson)

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