Adderslot Legally Blonde

AVA hips: 0:0

AVA elbows: 0:0

PennHIP Left 0.44 Right 0.42

Eyes: Current ACES - Normal examination

Exercise induced collapse: Clear/Normal
PRA: Clear/Normal
All other DNA disease results clear/normal

DNA profiled.

YouTube link for interest: Older black dog in video is (Adderslot Obi Wan Ken Obi) "Obi" is the sire of repeat (2017) breeding. Younger black Labrador (Adderslot Ari) in video is the result of Blondie/Obi breeding. Young 6 month old Ari is the black Labrador being held before being released to search.

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Dr Andrew & Mrs Julie Cramond (Member Details)
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0357721218/ 0418 334406
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Pedigree for Adderslot Legally Blonde
Sire : Adderslot Maverick RRD S: Adderslot Crackers Stamp RRD S:
D: Adderslot Hope N Sesame NRD S:
Dam : Kadnook Highland Flite S: Grand and National Retrieving Trial Champion Kadnook Pride Ov Cork CM S:
D: Kadnook Echo The Dream S:

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