CH/NEUT CH Ballydoon Tahitian Beauty

Skyerose Labradors proudly announce that the sometimes naughty but lovely Keeva will now be known as AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION Ballydoon Tahitian Beauty after gaining her final points at DV Library Committee Show 1.1.2019 under Ms Ros Barden (NSW). What a wonderful start to the new year!! A work in progress, there have been many ups & downs but persistence prevailed and those elusive points were earned.

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Sharon Mulgrew (Member Details)
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Pedigree for CH/NEUT CH Ballydoon Tahitian Beauty
Sire : CH Simballoch Mystic Black S: AM GR CH & AUST GR CH Greatlands Magic Touch S: NZ CH/CH Croftsway Touch Of Frost (IMP NZ)
D: CH Greatlands Latin Doll
D: CH Simballoch Happy Image S: CH Simballoch Murphys Law
D: CH Prestonvale Felicity
Dam : Ballydoon Miss Polynesia S: Simballoch Amigo CCD S: CH Panard Black Rhapsody
D: CH Prestonvale Felicity
D: Ballydoon Pacific Dancer S: CH Simballoch Craftsman
D: Ballydoon Hot Andspicey

Recent Results



  • 1-Jan-2019 BCC

    DV Library Committee Show [CH] (Judge was Ms R Barden (NSW))

  • 31-Dec-2018 RCC

    DV NYE Amenities Show [CH] (Judge was Mrs L Niemann (SA))

  • 30-Dec-2018 RCC

    DV Amenities Show [CH] (Judge was Mrs L McKenzie-Goodwin (NZ))

  • 4-Nov-2018 BCC & RUBOB

    Albury KC [CH] (Judge was Mrs P Hall (NSW))

  • 27-Oct-2018 RCC

    Euroa A&P Society [CH] (Judge was Ms J Lees)

  • 13-Oct-2018 RCC

    Shepparton Ag Show [CH] (Judge was Mr D Smith (NSW))

  • 7-Oct-2018 BOB & Best Open in Group

    DV Open Show (PM) [CH] (Judge was Ms C Wright)

  • 7-Oct-2018 BOB/ Open in Group/ Best Open in Show

    DV Open Show (AM) [CH] (Judge was Ms L Berrill/ GS Judge: Mrs S Langford)

  • 1-Oct-2018 RCC & A/B of Breed

    Walbundrie Show [CH] (Judge was Mr R Besoff (NSW))

  • 29-Sep-2018 RCC & A/B of Breed

    Corowa Show [CH] (Judge was Mr W Ranie (ACT))

  • 2-Sep-2018 BCC & A/B of Breed

    Wagga Wagga A&P Society [CH] (Judge was Mr N Strathdee (NSW))

  • 5-Aug-2018 BCC & RUBOB

    Wagga KC [CH] (Judge was Mr A Brown (QLD))

  • 4-Aug-2018 BCC & A/B of Breed

    Wagga KC [CH] (Judge was Mr W Stevenson (NSW))

  • 3-Aug-2018 RCC & A/B of Breed

    Wagga KC [CH] (Judge was Mrs J. Keenan)

  • 23-Jun-2018 BCC & RUBOB

    Southern Region Country Classic [CH] (Judge was Mrs R Trainor (NZ))

  • 22-Jun-2018 BCC & RUBOB

    Southern Region country Classic [CH] (Judge was Mrs S Tassan (QLD))

  • 5-May-2018 RCC & A/B of Breed

    Corowa KC [CH] (Judge was Mrs M Gostelow)

  • 20-Apr-2018 BCC

    Deniliquin & District KC [CH] (Judge was Mr Derrick Seow (Malaysia))

  • 24-Apr-2015 RUBOB & Bitch Challenge

    Kilmore Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Mr Cameron Cavallo)

  • 2-Aug-2014 Reserve Bitch Challenge & Australian Bred Of Breed

    Ladies Kennel Association [CH] (Judge was Dr D Barclay)

  • 1-Jun-2014 Minor Puppy Of Breed

    Box Hill Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Mr W Miles Gunter (NSW))

  • 21-May-2014 Runner Up Best Of Breed & Reserve Bitch Challenge

    Town & Country Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Mrs D Duffin)

  • 13-Apr-2014 Best Of Breed

    Heathcote Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Mr I Hinde)

  • 1-Mar-2014 Bitch Challenge & Junior Of Breed

    Metropolitan Canine Association [CH] (Judge was Mrs A O'Keefe (NSW))

  • 8-Sep-2013 Puppy Of Breed

    Yea Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Mr S Mills (ACT))

  • 11-Aug-2013 Puppy Of Breed

    Gundogs Of The Southern Region NSW [CH] (Judge was Mrs D Horner (NSW))

  • 10-Aug-2013 Puppy Of Breed

    Murray Valley Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Mr R Natividad (PHIL))

  • 10-Aug-2013 Best Puppy In Show

    Gundogs Of The Southern Region NSW [CH] (Judge was Mrs A O'Keefe (NSW))

  • 3-Aug-2013 Puppy of Breed

    Werribee/Barwon Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Ms V Morrow (NSW))

  • 3-Aug-2013 Puppy Of Breed

    Ladies Kennel Association [CH] (Judge was Mr G Vernon (NSW))

  • 26-May-2013 Minor Puppy Of Breed

    Geelong Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Mr A McQuire (QLD))

  • 5-May-2013 Minor Puppy Of Breed

    Autumn Extravaganza [CH] (Judge was Mr K Chuan (MAL))

  • 24-Mar-2013 Baby Puppy Of Breed

    Sovereign Ciry Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Mrs B Doyle)

  • 23-Feb-2013 Baby Puppy Of Breed

    Berwick & District A & H Society [CH] (Judge was Mrs G Rhodes)

  • 23-Feb-2013 Baby Puppy In Group

    Berwick & District A & H Society [OP] (Judge was Mrs C Raven)

  • 2-Feb-2013 Baby Of Breed

    Classic Dog Show [CH] (Judge was Mr C Cavallo)