Adderslot Lay Down Misere RRD

Missy is an Adderslot bred bitch top and bottom of pedigree. She is a combination of the best pedigrees in Australia and America. As well as being a high drive competitor, she and her siblings are wonderful pets and working ..detector....Labradors.

Hip: 0:1

Penn hip: 33:38 (70 percentile)

Elbow: 0:0

Eyes: ACES clear 2016

EIC: Clear Normal

CNM: Clear Normal

PRA: Clear Normal

Black carrying yellow

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Dr Andrew & Mrs Julie Cramond (Member Details)
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0357721218/ 0418 334406
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Pedigree for Adderslot Lay Down Misere RRD
Sire : Adderslot Maverick RRD S: Adderslot Crackers Stamp RRD S:
D: Adderslot Hope N Sesame NRD S:
Dam : Truclass Pink (AI) NRD S: Adderslot Star Spangled Yank RRD IMP USA S:
D: Truclass Boss M Around (AI) S: