Balrion Weathertop Spellsong (imp UK)

Sincere thanks to Saudjie and John for allowing Lyric to come and join the Zenchel family. She has settled in as if she has lived here all her life. Lyric will hopefully be having some puppies in November 2010.

Hips 3:6, Elbows 0:0, Eyes Clear BVA Sep '07, Optigen Clear/Normal, EIC DNA Clear

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03 9746 1292
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Pedigree for Balrion Weathertop Spellsong (imp UK)
Sire : Balrion Weathertop Troubador S: Am Ch Allegheny's Strolling Minstrel S: Am Ch Cambremer Tudor Mistrel
D: Crossfield Witch Hazel
D: Balrion Black Eloquence S: Hawksmoors Webster
D: Lymelyn Loose Living At Balrion
Dam : Weathertop La Nina S: Balrion Ring Round The World S: Hawksmoors Webster
D: Balrion Edge Of Darkness
D: Am Ch Beechcroft Weathertop Wind S: Am Ch Cambremer Tudor Minstrel
D: Am Ch Beechcrofts Trillium