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NSW Milollylabs Canasta (Aust Ch) (Colleen Baker)
NSW Milollylabs Look Twice (V A Dodge)
NSW Milollylabs Murphy Brown (T Fuller)
NSW Milollylabs Penny Arcade (Colleen Baker)
NSW Milollylabs Spice Of Life (Colleen Baker)
NSW Milollylabs Whispering Willow (Colleen Baker)
NSW Minamere Ravel (Tracking Champion) (DL McInerney)
VIC Minamere Telemann (Andy McPherson)
QLD Minimish Amber Belle (Aust. Ch.) (Maurie and Sue Fisher)
QLD Mispah Secret Destiny at Mikelli (Maurie & Sue Fisher)
NZ Mistybrook Glory Days (Peter & Jan Wallace)
NZ Mistybrook Make Mine Mink (BISS NZ Ch) (Peter & Jan Wallace)
NZ Mistybrook Man Of Vision (NZ Ch) (Peter and Jan Wallace)
NZ Mistybrook Matthais (Multi BISS NZ Ch) (Peter & Jan Wallace)
NZ Mistybrook Maybelline (Peter and Jan Wallace)
NZ Mistybrook Meet Pandora (Peter and Jan Wallace)
NZ Mistybrook Midsummer Magic (Peter & Jan Wallace)
NZ Mistybrook Mona Lisa (Multi RBISS NZ Ch) (Peter & Jan Wallace)
NZ Mistybrook Mr Bojangles CGC (Multi RBISS NZ Ch) (Peter & Jan Wallace)
NZ Mistybrook Mr Sandman (Peter and Jan Wallace)
NZ Mistybrook Mustang Sally CGC (NZ Ch) (Peter & Jan Wallace)
NZ Mistybrook My Viva La Vida (Peter and Jan Wallace)
NZ Mistybrook Strike A Home Run (Peter & Jan Wallace)
VIC Morndew Carmine (CH) (Hugh Vardon)
VIC Morndew Chloe (Australian Champion) (Hugh Vardon)
VIC Morndew Diamonds Are Forever (Hugh Vardon)
VIC Morndew Game Chaser (Ch) (Hugh Vardon)
VIC Morndew Grace And Favour (Hugh B Vardon)
VIC Morndew Harry (Hugh Vardon)
VIC Morndew Jaide (A.I.) (AUST CH) (Laskelsa Labradors)
NSW Morndew No More Favours (Glen Vernon)
VIC Morndew Paris With Love (Hugh Vardon)
VIC Morndew The Deal Breaker (Hugh Vardon)
NZ Moutere Abbaye De Citeaux (Catherine McFaul)
NZ Mr Darcys Kiwi Kid at Lonegum (NZ CH) (Michelle Lynch)
QLD Mudtales Blackout Josh (Smart Pups Assistance Dogs)
NSW Nativewood Springtime Chelsea (Lianne Berry)
VIC Nepea Dark Crystal (Catraz Kennels)
SA Nirvana's Package At Galestorm (Imp USA) (M Lobbestael)
NZ Not on Your Nellie at Lonegum (Michelle Lynch)
QLD Nygambi True Grit (Ms M P Wedgwood)
QLD Oakhouse 'Ot Spell (IMP WALES) (AUST CH) (Gail Reilly/Barbara Norman)
VIC Oaysis Diamond In The Rough (Mrs S & Mr D Thompson)
VIC Oaysis Enchanting Temptress (ai) (Mrs S & Mr D Thompson)
NZ Ohakuri Southern Man (Lilly Lansdell)
NSW Oldcastle Look Whos Up (Aust CH .) (Mr I & Mrs D Irvin)
NSW Oldcastle Sienas Sovereign (Ian & Darelle Irvin)
VIC Olrick Misdemeanour (Aust. Champion) (M. Brock/R.brock)
NZ Outback Jack Of Awahiwi (Mrs Catherine Reilly)
SA Pandappa Glamour Gal (Sarah Stevens)
QLD Pawling Clover (Theresa Jones)
NSW Petelynn Black Diamond (Lynn Hunter)
NSW Petelynn Dancing Diva (Lynn Hunter)
NSW Petelynn Fable Express (Lynn Hunter)
NSW Petelynn Harper By Design (Lynn Hunter)
NSW Petelynn Jasper Mcdonald (Lynn Hunter)
NSW Petelynn Lady Aspens (Lynn Hunter)
NSW Petelynn Lady Lola (Lynn Hunter)
NSW Petelynn Lightning Strike (Paulene Andrews)
NSW Petelynn Million Dollar Madden (Lynn Hunter)
NSW Petelynn Princess Leia (Carolyn Duff)
NSW Petelynn Sand Dancer (Paulene Andrews)
NSW Petelynn Sand Dancer (Mrs Amanda M Smith)
NSW Petelynn Silver Summer (Lynn Hunter)
NSW Petelynn Travlin Holly (Bernadette Kennedy)
QLD Phenwick Alley Cat (Mrs K Gadd)
NSW Phenwick Angus (Shelley Smith)
QLD Phenwick Black Sapphire (Michelle Ginn)
QLD Phenwick Brandy Snap (Kahil Labradors)
QLD Phenwick Brigadier (Fiona Williamson)
QLD Phenwick Jamaican Girl (Michelle Ginn)
QLD Phenwick Mesmerising Sun (Australian Champion) (Helen Wilbraham)
NSW Phenwick Morocco (Helen Roche)
QLD Phenwick Sweet Ella (Mrs Kelly Gadd)
QLD Pinnarendi Silki Buka CDX, RAE, GD,JDX, TD (RO.CH Ch) (D M Williams)
QLD Pinnarendi Stari Billie (W M Jodvalkis)
NSW Play The Fool Bella Mare (Imported Poland) (NZ.CH.) (Julie Bedford-Pope & Raymond Attard)
VIC Prestonvale Painted Lady (Ch) (Mrs J Hocking)
VIC Prestonvale Pluto (Gr Ch) (Mrs J Hocking)
NSW Priorise Spending Time (Imp UK) (BIS Eng Sh Ch/Aust Ch) (Guy Spagnolo/Anna Spanswick)
NSW Puddncreek Florella (Colleen Baker)
NSW Puddncreek Lady Lucy (Colleen Baker)
NSW Quinquino Candle Cakes (Melanie & John Jamieson)
NSW Quinquino Sunset Sandy (Melanie & John Jamieson)
NSW Racettta Chocklate Mandms (Mr R Toohey)
SA Raymel Imagine That (Aust CH) (Chanpema Kennels)
SA Raymel Yield To None (AUST CH) (Frank Cardone)
NSW ReeChance Little Black Dress (Aust Ch) (Mrs E Cole)
NSW ReeChance Reckless Instinct (Mrs E Cole)
NSW ReeChance Stirling Oak (Mrs E Cole)
ACT Riftintime Bohemian Rhapsody CDX RAE ORA (Dual Ch (RO) Neut Ch) (Anne Walkington)
ACT Riftintime Gallifrey (Aust Ch.) (Trevor & Michelle Ament)
ACT Riftintime Midnight at Marios (Trevor & Michelle Ament)
ACT Riftintime Midnight Maple (Aust Ch.) (Mr T & Mrs M Ament)
ACT Riftintime Out of this World (Trevor & Michelle Ament)
ACT Riftintime River Song (Aust Ch.) (Trevor & Michelle Ament)
ACT Riftintime Special Maple (Aust Ch.) (Trevor & Michelle Ament)
VIC Rikim Chocolate Truffles (Rikim Kennels)
VIC Rikim Dash Of Rum (Aust.Champion) (Rikim Kennels - Marj Deignan)
VIC Rikim De Ja Vu (Aust Ch) (Catraz Kennels)
VIC Rikim Look At Me (H & R Fensling)
VIC Rikim Waltzing Matilda (Belinda Howard)
VIC Rivamar Priscillas Treasure (J Taylor)
QLD Riverdog Black Frost ET (Aust. Ch.) (Sue Riseley)
QLD Riverdog Frost Fire RN ET (Sue Riseley)
WA Riverinalabs Kimberley Rose CCD RN (Hayley Stephens)
NSW Riverlands Black Opal (K Sokolinski)
QLD Riverlands Cappuccino (IID NZ) (Kahil Labradors)
NSW Riverlands Coco Bean (AI) (K Sokolinski)
NSW Riverlands Coco Chanel (IID NZL) (Kelly Sokolinski - RIVERLANDS)
NSW Riverlands Electric Blue (Jude Tankard)
NSW Riverlands Kiwi Moana (Peter Levett & Pauline Gill)
NZ Riverlands Walk the Line (AI) (Aust Ch and NZ Champion) (Willowspring Labradors)
NZ Riverlea Learning To Fly At Dorimor (Mrs S L Benfell)
VIC Riveroakstar Old River Romance (Tracey)
VIC Rodorbal Crystal Gem (Mrs Linda Malseed)
VIC Rodorbal Hid N Recipe (Aust Ch) (Shepherd Family)
VIC Rodorbal Martini Breezer (RUBIS  BPISS Aust Ch   ) (Rodorbal Kennels)
VIC Rodorbal Miles To Go (Aust Ch) (G & E Simpson)
VIC Rodorbal Quite A Star (Exp Mal) (Mal Ch Aust Ch) (Mr Linus Chan)
VIC Rodorbal Quite Amazing (Aust Ch) (Rodorbal Kennels)
VIC Rodorbal Roxy Music (Kylie Johnstone)
VIC Rodorbal Slipry Downunder (AI) (Aust Ch) (Rodorbal Kennels)
NSW Rondelay Simply Striking (Rosebird Kennels)
VIC Roscana Stardust CD RA (CD RA) (Leonie and Doug Freeman)
NSW Rosebird My Addiction (Rosebird Kennels)
NSW Rosebird Time For Me (Rosebird Kennels)
NSW Rosedelight Sienas Noble Glory (Ian & Darelle Irvin)
NSW Roseground Molly (Mark & Joanne de Jong)
QLD Roselock Annie Oak (AUST CH) (Gail Reilly)
NSW Roselock Ot Spell Luna (J Short)
NSW Roselock Ot Spell Turbo (J Short)
QLD Roselock Paddy Oak (Peggy Porter)
QLD Roselock Pearly Shells CDX (Aust CH) (Gail Reilly)
QLD Roselock Pearly Shells CDX (Aust Ch) (Mrs G Rielly)
QLD Roseswain Mocking Jay (Mrs J A Moy)
QLD Roughfield IL Sorpasso (AI) (Imp NZ) (NZ Ch) (W Chang)
NZ Roughfield Rhythm of the Rain at Flagstaff (NZ Ch) (Claire Penno)
NSW Rumreiiridge King Caleb (Carolyn Duff)
NSW Runningwater Mysticmoon (Australian Champion) (Cherilyne Blackman)
QLD Rusticdogs Golden Aurora (Karen Daveson)
QLD Rusticdogs Sparkling Thea (Karen Daveson)
VIC Salmack Sumo (AUST. CH.) (Ron and Lyn Lee)
QLD Sandwoodlabs Greatest Showman (K Wood)
QLD Sandwoodlabs Kirrabillie (K Wood)
QLD Sandwoodlabs Sparkling Goddess (K Wood)
WA Sangate Double Agent (Aust Ch) (Julia Van Dinter)
WA Sangate Strawbery Blonde (Ch) (Mrs Julia Soltoggio)
NSW Santrace Tracey (Aust Ch) (Glen Vernon)
NZ Sarasota Didya See Me (Libby Henderson)

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