Bronacre Money Money Money 'A''Z'

Amdak is very proud to announce our newest edition "Cash" Bronacre Money Money Money AZ. We have high hopes for this girl to follow in her lovely partners paw prints!!!!!!

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Pedigree for Bronacre Money Money Money 'A''Z'
Sire : Aust Ch Bluemax Salt AZ Bscl1 S: Aust Ch Jimmy vom Barutherland (imp Gmy) S:
D: Bluemax Sofie 'A' 'Z' BSCl 1 S:
Dam : Aust Ch Bronacre Dark Diamond E.T. 'A' 'Z' B.S. Class 1. Excellent. S: *Aust Ch Orrinshir Elton John E.T. 'A' 'Z' Excellent S:
D: *Bronacre Imogen 'A' 'Z' Excellent S: