DUAL CH (T) Brafferton Winter Bird (HIC)

"Ava" is the first Smooth Collie retained by Brafferton, the others having gone to other owners.
She is from two collies who have excelled in the herding field for their breed as well as sire doing well in Obedience and Rally and mother excelling in Tracking and Track and Search. Ava is showing the same aptitude for excelling in dog sports during training so far.
She is attending Obedience Club for future Dog Sport Activities, learning Tracking and already achieved her HIC (Herding Instinct Certificate) at the age of 7 months.
Ava gained her final points at the Portland show on 26th November 2017 and her Australian CH ANKC Certificate was issued on 21/12/2017 arriving early January 2018.
On 2/2/2018 "Ava" took time off for Maternal duties. She blessed us with a Single pup from Sire Ch Cheltary Dirty Dancer.
"Ava" has now commenced Tracking and passed her TD (Tracking Dog) Title on 24/08/2018: TDX (Tracking Dog Excellent) Title on 15/07/2019: T CH (Tracking Champion) Title on 26/08/2019. This also gives Ava her Dual CH(T) Title which was issued on the 5th September 2019.
2020 became the year of nothing happening here in Victoria with showing or Dog Sports due to the Covid 19 Virus and lockdowns.
On 7/2/2021 "Ava" again having time off for Maternal duties. This is her 2nd litter and she this time blessed us with 10 puppies. Sire is Brafferton Orions Dragon who is a singleton pup whose sire was Ch Cheltary Dirty Dancer and Dam was T CH TS CH Brafferton Heaven Scent RN. This will be "Ava's" last litter and after a suitable time witll be desexed.

Eyes Ophthalmology tested as a puppy were clear.
DNA Tested for CEA - Carrier:
MDR1 Carrier: DM - Carrier:
Hips 2/3 Elbows 0/0

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Pedigree for DUAL CH (T) Brafferton Winter Bird (HIC)
Sire : Ch Foxbell First Romance CD RE HNAs (Smooth) S: Ch Carluke By Design (Rough) S: Bhyllsacre King Of Lions (Imp UK) (Rough)
D: Ch Carluke Champagne Blush (Rough)
D: Ch Foxbell First Kiss (Smooth) S: Ch Foxbell Far Echo (Smooth)
D: NZ CH CH Glenrere Lady Of The Myst (Imp NZ) (Smooth)
Dam : T CH TS GRAND CH Brafferton Night Navigator HSAs (Rough) S: DUAL.CH.(T) Vimtar Thunder Lord TSDX HT (Rough) S: CH. Leanor Midnight Meteor (Rough)
D: CH. Brentland Blue Rose (Rough)
D: CH. Foxbell Miss Finland (Smooth) S: CH. Bell Pepper's Gate Keeper (Imp FIN)(Smooth)
D: Foxbell Hot N Firery (Rough)

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