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SA Almarange Firenice (Barbara & Mark Gurner)
TAS Baqilodge Quiet Riot (Champion) (Mim Bester)
NSW Baqilodge Quiver N Arrow (Aust Champion) (Barry & Leah Ryan)
VIC Baqilodge Quizmaster HiC (GR CH) (Sue Kennedy)
NSW Baqilodge Romani Traveller (Australian Champion) (Jean Dally/Robin Ford)
VIC Baqilodge Ukulele Lady (RUBISS GR CH.) (Mrs Sue Kennedy)
WA Barcoo Coffee Isa Hug Ina Mug (Mrs W S Fancote)
VIC Bell Pepper's Gate Keeper (Imp Finland) (Australian Champion) (Carluke Kennels)
SA Billand Always Bet on Black DWDF.S HTM.N (Aust Ch) (Tania, Kimberly and Denise Adams)
SA Billand Back By Demand FS.I (Aust Ch) (Tania, Kimberly and Denise Adams)
SA Billand Back in Black (Ch Neut. Ch) (Tania, Kimberly and Denise Adams)
SA Billand Back nThSpotlite (Aust Ch) (Adams/ Holland)
SA Billand Bringin SexyBack RN (Aust Ch) (Tania, Kimberly and Denise Adams)
TAS Blossom Hill American Dream (IMP USA) (Australian & American Champion) (Mim Bester)
VIC Blossom Hill Toast Of The Town (Aust & Am. CH) (Sue Kennedy/ Mim Bester/ Mary Wells)
VIC Brafferton Bush Master CCD RN TSD (NSW1) (DUAL CH (T)) (Yvonne Hill)
NSW Brafferton Its About Time (NTD) (Coral Moffat)
TAS Brafferton Silver Searcher (Aust Ch) (Kerry Webb)
VIC Brafferton Winter Bird (HIC) (DUAL CH (T)) (Brafferton Kennels - Vicki & Noel Brown)
SA Carluke Contra Indicated (RUBISS RUBIG Aust Ch) (Tania, Kimberly & Denise Adams)
VIC Carluke Flirtwth Noskirt (National Show BIS, Multi BISS, Multi RuBISS GRAND Champion) (Carluke Kennels)
VIC Carluke Only Makebelieve (BISS Australian Champion) (Ms J Baker)
VIC Carluke Tinseltown Tart (Australian Champion) (Carluke Kennels)
VIC Cherrylea Raindance (Aust Ch) (Carluke Knl's)
NSW Collegiate Arrosa Star (Australian Champion) (J Dally, R Ford, A & M Goodman)
VIC Fancy Blue at Glenrere (imp NZ) (Australian & New Zealand Champion) (Carluke Kennels)
QLD Foxbell Fairly Naked (RUBISS Aust Ch) (Ms J Baker)
TAS Foxbell Faithfully Yours (Australian Champion) (J Dally/J Jefferson)
VIC Foxbell Fashion Plate (Ch.) (Ms Janice Cook)
VIC Foxbell Fashion Temptress CCD RN TD HSAs (Ch Neuter & Ch) (Shelley Donald)
VIC Foxbell Fashion Zista (Shelley Donald)
VIC Foxbell First Romance CD RE HNAs (Ch) (Shelley Donald)
SA Foxbell Guy Fawkes RN TD HT (Aust Ch) (Tania, Kimberly and Denise Adams)
VIC Foxbell X Factor (Australian Champion) (Mrs C & Miss K Baker)
VIC Foxbell You Fetchem At Orthanc (Ch) (Shelley Donald)
NSW Jedford Calibre (Jean Dally)
NSW Jedford Ricochet (Roz Davis)
VIC Jencol Cherry Bomb (Aust Ch) (Ms J Baker)
VIC Jencol Designer Label (Aust Ch) (Ms J Baker)
QLD Jencol Herefa th Applause (Australian Champion) (Ms J Baker)
QLD Jencol No Frills Required (Ms J Baker)
QLD Jencol Oneway or Another (Australian Champion) (Ms J Baker)
VIC Jencol Playing With Fire (Aust Ch) (Ms J Baker)
VIC Jencol Shanghai Lily (Aust Ch) (Ms J Baker)
QLD Jencol Sinspiration (Aust Ch) (Lynell Gallagher)
VIC Jencol Swing Ona Star PT WPD (Aust. Ch.) (K Hoggard)
QLD Jencol Thrills Not Frills (MRUBISS/MBIG/MRUBIG/ Aust Grand Ch) (Ms J Baker)
NSW Jencol Tripped Ona Star (Aust Ch) (Ms J Baker)
QLD Jencol Written inth Sky (Australian Champion) (Ms J Baker)
VIC Jencol Written Inth Stars (Ch) (Ms K Hoggard)
VIC Kahnhond Ina Short Blu Dress (D I & D J Wall)
SA Kilcoy No Mistaking Karma (Barbara Gurner)
QLD Mazarelli Born A Princess (Pending DQ) (Marilyn Clarke)
QLD Mazarelli Diamond Frma Rough (Marilyn Clarke)
QLD Mazarelli Life’s A Fantasy (Marilyn Clarke & Bernadette Lines)
SA Nauglamir Set To Impress (Australian Champion) (Barbara Gurner)
NSW Nauglamir Steward O Clan Ionna (Ms J M Kernot)
VIC Robgai Nightyme Inparis (BISS Grand Aust Ch.) (Michelle Koch)
VIC Robgai Rhythm Oth Night (Aust Ch) (R & G Doe)
VIC Robgai Rocki Mtn Hi (Aust.Grand Ch.) (Michelle Koch)
SA Rogbai Last Tango In Paris (Gr. Ch.) (Mr S & Mrs M Almond)
SA Seaview Smooth Delight CCD AD HT (Aust Ch) (Tania, Kimberly and Denise Adams)
VIC Sunshard The Alchemist CD RE (Dual Ch. (T)) (Clare Hodges)
QLD Vedamea Im All Torque (Aust Ch) (Marilyn Clarke and Leah Ryan)
VIC Wiru Let It Ride RN PT (Aust. Ch.) (Ms K Hoggard)
SA Wiru Undressed For Success (BISS RUBIG Grand Ch) (Tania, Kimberly and Denise Adams)
SA Yaxeka It The Only Way To Fly (Ch.) (Mr & Mrs S & M Almond)
SA Yaxeka Spirit Of Australia (Mr & Mrs M & S Almond)

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