Ch Tchoklat Rose of Belfast

Tchoklat Rose of Belfast, known as "Aoife", has come to South Australia. Aoife is from the Tchoklat kennels of Tony and Tina Clift in NSW. She is owned, in partnership, by Peter Oswald of Paxterr Kennels and Vince, Cheryl and Sinead Fleming. Aoife personifies all that is best in the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier breed being not only beautiful to look at but also full of life and having a gentle, loving temperament. She loves to be with her family. She has had a very successful year in the Show ring in 2016 gaining her Australian Championship title inn September. Young Sinead Fleming has taken on the role of show handler and has done a superb job with her. Sinead shows great promise as a junior handler in the next few years.
Aoife has passed all the health tests used to indicate that, as far as we can possibly achieve, her progeny will be physically sound and healthy. She has had her hips scored with results of 9/7 for a total of 16 out of a maximum possible 106. The lower the score the better! Elbow scores returned a result of 0/0 which is the best result. She has had kidneys checked by both bloods and ultra sound showing excellent results as are the results for thyroid tests. Eye checks by a veterinary ophthalmologist returned perfect scores also. A comprehensive DNA profile conducted by Orivet revealed that while Aoife is clear for a range of breed-specific conditions, she is carrying one gene for Degenerative Myelopathy. As she is only carrying one copy of the gene, this indicates that she should not develop the condition herself and, as long as she is mated to a dog which does not carry the gene, the chances of passing on the gene to her pups is lessened. As both her parents were clear of the breed specific condition, Protein Losing Nephropathy (PLN), she is also clear. At the beginning of 2017 she was mated to Ch. Bilstonwake Candy Man which resulted in a litter of three puppies born on 16th March.

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Pedigree for Ch Tchoklat Rose of Belfast
Sire : Tralilgill Prionnsa Pisceach (Imp NZL) S: NZ Ch, Ballysax Bennadix (Irl) S: Irl Ch. Ballysax Bruce (IRL)
D: Beau Diddly (IRL)
D: Traligill Isibeal (NZL) S: Bayadeirann Dashing Declan (NZL)
D: NZ Ch. Bannighers Bean MHI of Traligill (Imp IRL)
Dam : Betandy My Love S: Ch. Ellora Oak of Truth (Imp UK) S: UK Ch. IRL Ch. Feanaro Niallan Naomhan (NLD)
D: Ellora Funky Valli (UK)
D: Ch. Glendowan Gillyflower RN. (Imp UK) S: Killeshin Hogan (IRL)
D: Glendowan Muffin McLay (UK)

Recent Results

  • 22-Jul-2016 Bitch Challenge, Runner-up Best of Breed, Junior of Breed

    Marion Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Mrs E Yerusalimsky)

  • 17-Jul-2016 Bitch Challenge, Junior of Breed.

    Projeccted Improvements Committee [CH] (Judge was Mrs H Weil)

  • 16-Jul-2016 Bitch Challenge, Junior of Breed

    Projected Improvements Committee (AM) [CH] (Judge was Ms F Ward (Victoria))

  • 16-Jul-2016 Best of Breed, Bitch Challenge, Junior of Breed

    Projected Improvements Committee (PM) [CH] (Judge was Mr D Sidebottom (ACT))

  • 31-Jan-2016 Puppy of Breed, Bitch Challenge, Best of Breed

    The Adelaide Hills K C "Summer Classics" [CH] (Judge was Mr Pilikin Victor (Russia))

  • 30-Jan-2016 Puppy of Breed, Bitch Challenge, Runner up BoB

    The Adelaide Hills K C "Summer Classics" [CH] (Judge was Mr Branislav Rajic (Slovenia))

  • 29-Jan-2016 Puppy of Breed, Bitch Challenge, Runner up BoB

    The Adelaide Hills K C "Summer Classics" [CH] (Judge was Mr Gerson Ayala (Guatamala))

  • 2-Jan-2016 Best of Breed, Bitch Challenge,

    Dogs SA Projected Improvements Committee [CH] (Judge was Jeanette Lees)