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Aust Ch Ardgaeithe Errons Erik
(Nikki Smith)

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VIC Alinex A Place of Our Own (Iain Bradbeer)
VIC Alinex Bella Eterna (Iain Bradbeer)
VIC Alinex Four Part Harmony (AI) (Iain Bradbeer)
VIC Alinex Frame by Frame (Iain Bradbeer)
NSW Alinex Take My Lead (Iain Bradbeer)
NSW Ardgaeithe Ailisi Orlaith (Aust Ch) (Dr N.Smith)
NSW Ardgaeithe Aurnia Solveig (Aust Ch) (Dr N.Smith)
NSW Ardgaeithe Ballinbar Bubblegum (Aust Ch) (Dr N..Smith)
NSW Ardgaeithe Ballinbar Magnus (Dual R/U BISS Aust Ch) (Dr N.Smith)
NSW Ardgaeithe Caeli Annatina (Aust Ch) (Dr N Smith)
NSW Ardgaeithe Derrydale Dara (BISS Aust Ch) (Dr NSmith)
NSW Ardgaeithe Derrydale Dexter (Aust Ch) (Dr NSmith)
NSW Ardgaeithe Errons Erik (Aust Ch) (Nikki Smith)
NSW Ardgaeithe Heryk Trubel (Lynnette Pezely)
NSW Ardgaeithe I Mauve (Nikki Smith)
NSW Ardgaeithe i Ruckus (Lyn Pezely)
NSW Ardgaeithe Jubelwind Teddy (NIkki Smith)
NSW Ardgaeithe Jubelwind Tilly (Nikki Smith)
VIC Avalon Ridgie Didge Jam-Tart from Kolohe (Imp USA) (Aust Ch and Am Ch) (Dr M O'Kelly)
NSW Betandy O To Believe In Dreams (Ch.) (Phil and Trish Wall)
SA Bilstonwake Candy Man (CH) (G & S P Swalling)
VIC Bradberry's Houston, We Have Lift Off! (Imp USA) (US CH) (Iain Bradbeer)
VIC Bradberry's Love Her to the Moon and Back (Iain M Bradbeer)
SA Broomsquires Ballinglen (G & S P Swalling)
SA Broomsquires Earlana (Aust CH.) (G & S P Swalling)
SA Broomsquires Fayela (G & S P Swalling)
SA Dancestar Eureka Swing (Ch.) (Peter Oswald & Vince Fleming)
NSW Dancestar Pirate's Gold (BISS Grand Ch) (M.A & N D Gray)
NSW Dancestar Zero O Seven (BISS Grand Champion) (Ms Lori Ann Davis & J Collard)
QLD Dangul Amais (Ch) (ARONAW KENNELS -L & A Lobegeiger)
VIC Druidsglen Silverchair (Aust Ch) (Mrs G L Burton-Taylor & Mrs Judy Mullens)
SA Elsomwheat Gwynonwen Gogarth (AI) (Aust Ch) (Mrs. D. Swann)
SA Elsomwheat Silk of Maize (Aust Ch   ) (Di Swann)
VIC Geragold Tinker's Wedding (Imp USA) (American & Australian Ch) (Dr M O'Kelly (Larnook))
VIC Honeyrags Island Duke of Villa Rosa (Imp SWD) (SWD & AUST Champion) (Margaret A Gray)
NSW Inchageela Aoife Epakiisa (Aust Ch) (Dr N.Smith)
SA Kanidor Diva La Viva (G & S P Swalling)
WA Kanidor Hero (Dr S Johnson)
VIC Larnook AAA Plus (AI) (Dr M O'Kelly)
VIC Larnook Bea Tricks (Dr Monica O'Kelly)
VIC Larnook Bilbo Baggins (Dr Monica O'Kelly)
QLD Larnook In The Heat Ofthe Nite (Ch) (A Deegan & Dr M O'Kelly)
VIC Larnook Irish Eyes (Dr M O'Kelly)
VIC Larnook Kris Kringal (Neuter Champion) (Sarah Lowe)
VIC Larnook Nellie Melba CAA (BISS Ch Neuter GR Ch) (Sarah Lowe & Dr Monica O'Kelly)
VIC Larnook Tea for Two (Aust Grand Ch) (Sarah Lowe)
NSW Larnook U Got It (Aust Ch) (Lori Ann Davis)
VIC Larnook Velvet Wedding (Monica O'Kelly)
WA Lindywheat's Macciato (Imp Sweden) (Aust Supreme Ch) (Stuart Johnson)
NSW Ozwheat Angel Of Truth (Aust Ch) (Ms L A Davis)
NSW Ozwheat Aurora Australis (AI) (Lori Ann Davis)
NZ Ozwheat Earth Angel (Bev Knight)
NSW Ozwheat God Of Thunder (RBIS Aust Ch) (Lori Ann Davis)
NSW Ozwheat Heaven Sent (Lori Ann Davis)
VIC Ozwheat Heaven's New Star (BISS) (Iain Bradbeer)
NSW Ozwheat It Had To Be U (Aust Ch) (Lori Ann Davis)
NSW Ozwheat Korben Dallas (BISS Aust Ch) (L A Davis)
NSW Ozwheat The Fifth Element (Aust Ch) (L A Davis)
VIC Ozwheat The Stars Align (Iain Bradbeer)
NZ Rosheen New Moon Over Silktrader (Imp-USA) (Bev Knight)
VIC Saphyr Ice Creme (AI) (Dual R/Up BISS, Grand. Ch.) (M A Gray)
VIC Saphyr Independent Treat (AI) (Aust Ch) (M A Gray)
VIC Saphyr Jocelyn Bell Burnell AI (M A Gray)
VIC Saphyr Konagaderra Kiss (M A Gray)
NSW Saphyr Puttin On The Ritz RA CCD (Aust. CH) (Trish and Phil Wall)
VIC Saphyr Royal Parade (M A Gray)
VIC Saphyr Sentimental Journey RN (Aust Ch RBISS) (Norman Gray)
VIC Saphyr Triple Creme RN (Dual BISS, Int CIB, Grand Ch) (N D Gray)
VIC Shaneca Aussie Cobber (Sarah Lowe)
VIC Shaneca Burning Red CA (Aust Ch) (Sarah Lowe)
VIC Shaneca Can You Keep A Secret (Sarah Lowe)
WA Shaneca Dadz Master Plan (Aust Ch) (D Sue)
SA Shaneca Let Them Eat Cake JC (Aust Ch) (S.Lowe & L.Novak)
VIC Shaneca Making Waves (Sarah Lowe)
VIC Shaneca Rainbow Sherbet (Amy French & Sarah Lowr)
SA Shaneca Sails on the Bay (Ch) (G & S P Swalling)
VIC Shaneca Seasons of Change (Sarah Lowe)
VIC Shaneca Sparks Fly JC (Ch) (Sarah Lowe)
VIC Shaneca Sunday Rose CAA (Ch Neut Ch) (Sarah Lowe)
SA Shaneca Sweet Evil (L.Novak)
VIC Shaneca The Most Happy (Sarah Lowe)
WA Shaneca Waltzing Matilda (Stuart Johnson)
NSW Silktrader Neva A Dull Moment (imp NZL) (Aust Ch RBISS) (Lori Ann Davis)
SA Silktrader Strike A Pose (Imp NZ) (Aust Ch) (Mrs Di Swann)
SA Tchoklat Primrose of Donegal (Peter Oswald & Vince and Cheryl Fleming)
SA Tchoklat Rose of Belfast (Ch) (Peter Oswald & Vince Fleming)

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