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I selected Kelly's sire for a number of traits that would improve the functionality of our dogs. Vin has consistently produced progeny with long outruns and a natural tendency to sit off stock, making them much more versatile dogs to work. A taller, athletic dog, Vin has contributed endurance and stamina.

My good young red girl Pria has shown a combination of traits from both parents. A medium/strong eye from her dam and a natural cover and desire to fetch from her sire. Pria is a stunning girl, winning Puppy of Breed at Sydney Royal, and Junior Bitch at Melbourne Royal.

Kelly spent some time with a talented sheep dog trainer/competitor who said she is by far the best working cattle dog she has seen. She has an outstanding brain, working a flock of sheep and lambs and only applying pressure to the older sheep. She has lovely flanks, which is developing into a great cast. Very excited to see her hold pressure on the heads of stock without going into hyper drive. She is incredibly workmanlike.

Her first time on cattle she showed her thinking mind, same walk up strength as her mother, and a clean nose bite.

As a 2 year old Kelly produced a litter to her grandsire Ted, which produced some cracking pups. She has also been assisting kelpies on a 6000 acre sheep & cattle property. She has proven to be a formidable combination with a big casting paddock kelpie, with him steering wide and her providing some decent, level headed push. She has also proven her worth pulling up 300+ hard running Dohne Merino ewes on her own, without any use of teeth.

Kelly is also trustworthy in the yards lamb marking, and is very gentle with lambs and calves. She can fill a race very efficiently.

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Sire : Spader Vintage Vaquero HSAsc (USA) S: Kuawarri Vaquero (USA) S: DC WTCh Rewuri Blue Bogong CD
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