Sunford Red Letter Day

Richie. RichieRich.
A beautiful boy inside & out.
Richie reflects the perfect personality, true to the English Springer Spaniel. He is kind, loving, there is no agression in him at all. I say that after owning & showing him for 2 years. Richie fits in wherever he goes.
He's right on height, 21 inches tall, with the correct substance & great bone.
He has been compemented on having one of the nicest heads seen today in the show ring.
His eyes are lovely & dark, his pigment is dark liver. He is heavily ticked.
Richie's hips have been scored, excellent results.

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Pedigree for Sunford Red Letter Day
Sire : Supreme Champion Sunford Marley Mo S: S:
D: S:
Dam : Champion Tetaniwha Anzac Devinity S: S:
D: S:

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