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Aust Ch Cardhu Can't Touch That
(Jan Waite)

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NZ Aberlour Cailin (NZ CH) (Jenny Norrish (NZ))
QLD Aberlour Cashmere Mafia, RN (Aust Ch) (Lyn Dunne - ABERLOUR KENNELS)
QLD Aberlour Casidhe - imp NZ (Aust CH) (Lyn Dunne - ABERLOUR KENNELS)
QLD Aberlour Flaming Lambourghini (Lyn Dunne - Aberlour)
QLD Aberlour Its Show Thyme (Lyn Dunne - Aberlour)
QLD Aberlour Valentynes Doll (L/W) (Lyn Dunne - Aberlour)
QLD Alhambra Shirley Bassey (J & T Sharpe)
QLD All My Loving Three Ponds Valley (Imp POL) (Ch) (S Phillips & R Arnott)
NSW Amelish first lady (Aust ch) (K and T Denny)
NSW Amelish Lady Chaterly (Ch) (K&t Denny)
NSW Amelish Lady O glen (Aust Ch) (K and T Denny)
NSW Amelish Pride O Erin (Aust Ch) (Kevin and Tracey Denny)
QLD Angel In The Sky Three Ponds Valley (Imp POL) (CH.) (S Phillips & R Arnott)
NZ Arawhiti Mr Fahrenheit (NZ Grand CH & Aust Sup Ch) (Nigel and Robynne Trainor)
NZ Arawhiti O Wot A Buzz (Nigel & Robynne Trainor)
NZ Arawhiti Rock DJ (NZ CH) (Nigel and Robynne Trainor)
VIC Arawhiti Shoot N Star (Imp NZ) (Aust Grand Ch) (Robert and Wendy Stobbie)
QLD Arawhiti Wot U Look 'N' At (Aust Sup CH/ NZ GR CH) (R/ D Rosmary Stockam and N Trainor)
QLD Arawhiti Wot u lookn at (NZ Grand Champion) (N Trainor, R Stockham)
QLD Arbendskye Its A Kind Of Magic (T & K Wesener)
NSW Ardenlee Ebony Daze (Aust Ch) (E McShane)
SA Artedosa IMP ESP (Mrs K Callery)
NSW Asudo Hello Delicious (Aust Ch) (Joanne Meadows)
NSW Asudo Sweet Serenade (Aust Ch) (J Meadows & N Briggs)
NSW Asudo Truly Scrumptious (Joanne Meadows)
NSW Azucroft Atlantic Romance (Miss T & Mrs K Perkiss)
NSW Azucroft Dressed In Black (Ch) (Robynne Woolcock)
NSW Azucroft Saintly (Grand CH) (Mrs K Perkiss)
SA Azucroft Wears Prada (Ch) (Sarah Auld (nee Bennett))
NSW Azucroft Zafirah (Aust Ch    ) (Joanne Meadows)
NSW Azudance Anchors Away (Aust Ch) (Joanne Meadows)
NSW Azudance Little Lion Man (Aust Sup Ch) (Miss M Lauder)
NSW Azudance On Broadway (Aust. Sup Ch) (Miss M Lauder)
NSW Azudance Singing In The Rain (Ch) (Helen Stanford)
QLD Babeuf Mixed Spice (Aust Grand Ch) (Sharyn Phillips)
VIC Baghasdail Be Blest (Aust Ch) (Anita Stewart)
QLD BeachSprings Amy Carmichael (Anna Dixon)
QLD Beachsprings Heiro the Staunch (Anna Dixon)
QLD BeachSprings Mary Slessor (Anna Dixon)
SA Beautelle B Leevit Ornot (Aust CH) (Miss A Marsden & Mr S & Mrs J Wraith)
VIC Beautelle Desert Breeze (Aust & NZ Ch) (S & J Wraith)
VIC Beautelle Sea Breeze (Ch) (Kinsheran Kennels)
TAS Beautelle Shiraz (Grand Ch) (Terry & Jeanne Skudder)
TAS Beautelle Time Travla (Aust Ch) (T & J Skudder / S & J Wraith)
SA Birchlands Crown Choice (Imp NZ) (Aust Ch) (Renee and Jo Hartnett)
NZ Birchlands Crown Crusader (AUST & NZ CH) (J K Birchall & T Birchall)
SA Birchlands Crown Royal (IMP NZ) (Aust Supreme Ch) (Merchant/Hartnett/Rasche/Parker)
NZ Birchlands Royal Romance (NZ CH) (J K Birchall)
QLD Brynfield Black Tie Affair (Aust Ch. Aust Neuter Ch.) (Debbie Angel & Margaret Whitfield)
QLD Brynfield Hotoff Thpress (Supreme Champion) (Debbie Angel & Margaret Whitfield)
NSW Burchfield Call Me Madam (Aust Gr Ch) (Carolyn Burch)
NSW Burchfield Dimonds On Ice (Ai) (Ch) (Carolyn Burch & Melinda Perrett)
NSW Burchfield Dream Catcher (Ch) (C Burch/M Perrett)
NSW Burchfield Harrigan (Aust Ch) (B & R Pearce)
NSW Burchfield Kokomo (CH) (Erica Riley)
NSW Burchfield Light My Fire (c Burch/M Perrett)
NSW Burchfield Nordic Ice (ai) (Ch) (Carolyn Burch)
NSW Burchfield Royalist (CH) (Erica Riley)
NSW Burchfield Sarabande CD (Ch) (Carolyn Burch)
NSW Burchfield Savoir Faire (Aust Ch) (Carolyn Burch)
NSW Burchfield Thomas Magnum (Ch) (Carolyn Burch & Melinda Perrett)
NSW Burlishcharm Aceospades (Emma Brooke)
NSW Burlishcharm Beauty (Australian CH.) (Denise Dwyer)
NT Burlishcharm Bonita (MBIG MRUIG Champion) (Nicola & Peter Jones)
NSW Burlishcharm Opie AD JD (Neut CH) (Emma Brooke)
NSW Burlishcharm Runvor Ice (Australian CH.) (Denise Dwyer)
VIC Calvdale Smooth Criminal (Imp UK) (Aust Ch and Neuter Ch MBNIS) (Ms S Raine&Mr E Glass Mr K &Mrs L Brown)
WA Cardhu a Dare to Dream (AI) (Aust Ch) (Natalie Boekelman)
VIC Cardhu Be The Boss (Aus Ch) (Jan Waite)
VIC Cardhu Boys To Men (AI) (Aust Ch) (Mrs L M Ayres)
WA Cardhu Brothers In Arms (AI) (Steph, Paul and Laurie Meikle)
VIC Cardhu Can't Touch That (Aust Ch) (Jan Waite)
QLD Cardhu Cash Is King (AI) (Miss S Phillip's & Ms J Madsen)
QLD Cardhu Cash Is King (AI) (Aust Ch) (Sharyn Phillips)
WA Cardhu Dare To Chase (Kim Wilson)
QLD Cardhu Dare To Dance (Aus Ch) (J Waite)
VIC Cardhu Deal Or No Deal (Grand Champion) (Lyn Ayres)
VIC Cardhu Divine Truth (Aus Ch) (Jan Waite)
NSW Cardhu Flat Bush Burning (E & M Borg)
VIC Cardhu Flatbush Dreaming (Ch) (Jan Waite)
WA Cardhu On The Money (AI) (S Dilley & N Boekelman)
VIC Cardhu PS I Love You (AI) (J Waite)
VIC Cardhu Remember My Name (jan Waite)
VIC Cardhu Reserve Edition (imp NZ) (Aus Ch) (Jan Waite)
VIC Cardhu Rhythm Of The Heart (AI) (Jan Waite)
QLD Cardhu Scarlet Warrior (Imp NZ) (Aus Ch) (Robyn Nicholson)
NSW Cardhu Scents of Power (Multi BIS, BISS, Multi RUBIS, RUBISS, Multi BIG, Multi RUBIG, Muliti CIS & CISS) (Aust CH) (E & M Borg)
NSW Cardhu Scentually Yours (Aust CH:) (E & M Borg)
SA Cardhu Stash The Cash AI (J Waite)
VIC Cardhu Strictly Whatever (Aus Ch) (Jan Waite)
VIC Cardhu Tainted Love (Aust Ch) (Lyn Ayres)
NSW Cardhu Under My Thumb (E & M Borg)
VIC Cardhu Who Dares Wins (Aus Ch) (Jan Waite)
NZ Careve Crumpys Man (NZ CH) (B Wickstead)
VIC Carhu Mate Of Mine (J Waite)
SA Carnoustie It's In The Look (Carnoustie Kennels)
QLD Cathatina Duke Of Hazard (Elizabeth McShane)
QLD Cathatina Whispers In The Wind (Aust. Ch.) (Sharyn Phillips & Catherine Williams)
QLD Chatto The Cheerleader(IMP N.Z.) (MULTI CIG/RUBIG) (AUST CH) (Ozdezign Kennels)
VIC Clarbeigh Annies Lane (Ch) (Mr G & Mrs S Gillingham)
ACT Coranderrk Cullinan (Aust Ch) (Meaghan O'Shannassy)
WA Coranderrk Delta Dawn (Aust CH) (Denise Mosley)
ACT Coranderrk Designer Label (BIS RUBISS Aust SUPREME Ch) (G & F Quinlan)
ACT Coranderrk Faith (Aust Ch) (G and F Quinlan)
ACT Coranderrk Flame Tree (Aust Ch) (G and F Quinlan)
ACT Coranderrk Timeless (Aust Ch) (B E and Dr J A O'Shannassy)
ACT Coranderrk True Blue (Aust Ch) (G and F Quinlan)
ACT Coranderrk Wild One (Neuter Ch & Aust Grand Ch) (Meaghan O'Shannassy)
NSW Deferlee Fateful Attraction (MBIS MRUIS Aus Supreme Ch.) (R.W. & L Corbett)
NSW Deferlee Kiwi Express (Australian Champion) (R W&L Corbett & D &R Stockham)
NSW Deferlee Matilda Blue (Aus Grand Ch) (Rob & Lee-Ann Corbett)
NSW Deferlee Road Star (Aust Ch) (E & M Borg)
NSW Deferlee Starof Therings (MBIS BISS MRUIS/RUISS Supreme Ch) (Deferlee Kennels)
WA Deferlee Sweet Kis Met (Aust Ch) (Kim Wilson)
QLD Equity Master Plan (Aust Ch) (Tracey Lane)
QLD Espaneire Out Of the Box (Imp NZ) (Aust Ch) (Jay and Tracey Sharpe)
TAS Esspree Epic Poetry (Mr T & Mrs J Skudder)
WA Esspree Isle Of Skye (AI) (Australian Champion) (Miss Karen and Mrs Julie Hiscott)
WA Esspree Morning Star (Australian Champion) (Miss Karen and Mrs Julie Hiscott)
WA Esspree Poetic Justice (Julie & Karen Hiscott)
WA Esspree Rule Brittannia (AI) (Australian Champion) (Miss Karen and Mrs Julie Hiscott)
VIC Fairsky Boston Strangler CCD (Neut Ch) (Lyn Ayres)
VIC Fairsky Clacton onSea (NZ CH) (Ross and Mary West)
NSW Fairsky Perfect Murder (Ch) (Carolyn Burch & Melinda Perrett)
QLD Fraelighte Fantom Menace (MBISS MBIS Aust Supreme Ch) (Kaye McGhie & Jessica Jolly)
QLD Fraelighte Field ODreams (Aust. Ch) (Mr R & Mrs Y Lauder & Mrs J Reimer)
QLD Fraelighte Fly Me To The Moon (Imp NZ) (Aust Sup Ch) (Kaye McGhie/Jessica Jolly/Paige O'Neill)
QLD Fraelighte Foreign Dream (Aust Grand Ch) (Mr & Mrs D. & C. Rudd)
VIC Fraelighte Formula One (MBIS & MBISS American/Canadian Ch & Aust Supreme Ch) (Jessica Jolly & Kaye McGhie)
QLD Fraelighte Frozen Dream (AI) (K McGhie & J Jolly)
TAS Fraelighte Frozen Heart (AI) (CH) (Mrs C & Ms S Gangell)
QLD Fraelighte Frozen In Time (AI) (Aust Ch) (K McGhie & J Jolly)
NSW Fraelighte Frozen To Touch (AI) (Aust Ch) (Mr R & Mrs Y Lauder)
VIC Fraelighte Fun And Games (Aust Gr & NZ Ch) (Jessica Jolly & Kaye McGhie)
SA Fraelighte In The Fastlane (BIS Aust Ch) (Sarah Auld/Kaye McGhie/Jessica Jolly)
QLD Fraelighte Secret Formula (Aust Ch) (Chikako Rudd)
NT Gaelforce Guernica (Nicola & Peter Jones)
SA Glastonpark Tweed (Ben Harding)
VIC Glenkinchie Darcys Pryde (Aust Ch) (Mrs Anita Stewart)
VIC Glenkinchie Royal Crown Affair (CH) (Maureen Gostelow)
VIC Glenkinchie Rumour Has It (CH) (Maureen C Gostelow)
VIC Glenkinchie Smash Hit (CH) (Mrs Maureen Gostelow)
VIC Glenkinchie Smash Hit (Aust Ch) (Maureen Gostelow)
NZ Goldust Sailema Lilly (NZ CH) (A Wickstead)
NSW Hathaway Feste (Christine Streater)
TAS High Score River-Runs-Wild (Imp Sweden) (BIS Swedish Show Ch, Norwegian Show Champion & Australian Supreme Champion) (Terry & Jeanne Skudder)
VIC Hollycrest Chablis (Ch) (Mr G & Mrs S Gillingham)
NZ Hollywell Out Of Africa (C.Davis)
NZ Hollywell Roi (Hamish Goodman)
NZ Hot Pepper of Blair Lodge (CD) (NZ CH) (Lyn Dunne - ABERLOUR KENNELS)

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