GrizzMuffley Private Joy

Shadowe was a beautiful brindle girl with very dark pigmentation, square head, a fabulous straight front, her mother's cat feet and ATTITUDE that can't be beaten. She had a lovely square body, and in her mature state was a solid girl.

Shadowe loved the show ring and the admiration of her fans :) She was sheer "Joy" in the ring and went around with a happy grin on her face. I am sure I could hear her saying 'look at me, I'm so pretty, look at me' as we went around. Shewais very light on her feet and very eye catching as she was so dark and glossy. She had beautiful expression and you knew what she was thinking from the changes flickering across her face - from "Gosh I love you" to "You are a maniac what are you doing?" to "Don't YOU start with me Beccie!!" - she really communicated so well just by subtle changes.

Shaddy came showing every now and then and she enjoyed her day out, in and out of the ring. She was extremely easy to be with and very pleased to meet people and spread the word on how brindles are the best in her opinion.

She is our 'Shadowe Flame, Shadowe Fire, Daughter of our Heart's Desire'.

Critique from Chris Quantrill at 3rd National Specialty:
Another quality brindle baby, good feminine head with very nice expression, good depth to chest, nice and square moved very well.

That's our Shadowe. Our little brindle baby.

Shaddy won FOUR BEST NEUTER IN SPECIALTY SHOW AWARDS - She was only entered four times!

Shaddy passed away on the 23rd September 2013, 4 days shy of meeting her grandchildren. We miss her very much, especially that loud moan that the food is taking too long to arrive!

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0420 938 026
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Pedigree for GrizzMuffley Private Joy
Sire : Sochin Pride S: Aust Ch Powerbulmas Pridenjoy S: Aust Gr Ch Powerbulmas Pezaz Obargo
D: Powerbulmas Gina Obargo
D: Powerbulmas Opaltoo S: Aust Ch Bournevalley Buffalo Bill (Imp UK)
D: Opalguard Audacious
Dam : Balgu Katie S: Curnabrae Ike Opbulmas S: Oldwell Wayne (UK)
D: Aust Ch Powerbulmas Vanityobargo
D: Balgu Lelani S: Aust Ch Pryderi Glyndwr (Imp UK)
D: Balgu Zuy Derzee

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    Cootamundra All Breeds Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Dr M Giles (NSW))

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    Bullmastiff Club of NSW (Inc) [CH] (Judge was Mr Alex Gunn (UK))


    Bullmastiff Club of NSW Specialty Show [CH] (Judge was Mrs A McInnes (Morvern Kennels))