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QLD Aftrshok True Reflection (Justine Bradley)
NZ Akylah Applaude For Willowbend (AI) (NZ CH) (Jessica Gibson- Willowbend Bullmastiffs)
NZ Akylah Danae (AI) (Rachel Collins)
NZ Akylah Davvi (NZ CH) (R Collins)
NZ Akylah Heaven Beside Me At Willowbend (RBIS CH.) (Jessica Gibson and Rachel Collins)
NZ Akylah Hyzenthlay (AI) (NZ CH) (Rachel Collins)
NZ Akylah Issi Noho (AI) (R Collins)
NZ Akylah Just Like Heaven (Ch.) (Rachel Collins)
NZ Akylah Lallante (NZ CH) (R Collins & S Verran)
NZ Akylah Laszlo (AI) (R Collins & S Verran)
NZ Akylah Made In Heaven (AI) (Rachel Collins)
NZ Akylah State of Grace (AI) (CH) (Jessica Gibson & R Collins)
NZ Akylah Vavara (R Collins)
NZ Almastem Just Bronx (Emma Hunt & Gary Boyce)
VIC Anmenta Black Knight (Australian Champion) (Erin Fowler)
NSW Anmenta Blonde Ambition (Supreme Champion) (Andrew & Melissa Smith)
NSW Anmenta Grand By Design (Aust Champion) (Andrew & Melissa Smith)
NSW Anmenta Grand Seduction (Aust. Champion) (Andrew & Melissa Smith)
NZ Anmenta Lady Freya at Waterlea (DUAL BISS CH) (Vicki and Wayne Mills)
QLD Anmenta Standing Ovation (CH) (Michael & Vicki Yates)
NZ Anmenta Thor the Thunderer at Waterlea (CH) (Wayne and Vicki Mills)
NSW Anmenta Zulu Queen (Aust. Champion) (Andrew & Melissa Smith)
QLD Aussieknight Spice Girl (Cindy Patching)
NZ Avetra Persephone (Ch) (Jessica Gibson & Mathew Gibson)
NZ Axels-Billie-Jo of Waterlea (RBISS NZ CH) (Vicki & Wayne Mills)
NSW Balgu Katie (Brendan & Stacey Wehmeier)
QLD Banobrae Berliner Weisse(AI) (Justine Bradley)
QLD Banobrae Black Ops (AI) (Justine Bradley)
ACT Banobrae Circles of Hell (AI) (Gregory Barber)
ACT Banobrae Hell or High Water (Aust CH.) (G&P Barber / J Karena)
ACT Banobrae Southern Star (Aust CH.) (G & P Barber)
NSW Banobrae The Warlock (Janine Snowie)
SA Beachlane Dark Wolf (Vicki Brzezniak)
SA Beachlane Red Wolf (Aust Ch) (Vicki Brzezniak)
SA Beachlane Sea Spirit (Vicki Brzezniak)
SA Beachlane Silva Lupas (Vicki Brzezniak)
NSW Bellezzatoro Black Gold (Aust Ch) (Chris Luciani)
NSW Bellezzatoro Breakr Of Chains (ai) (Aust Ch) (Chris Luciani)
NSW Bellezzatoro Nero Harrenhal (Aust Ch) (James Harvey)
NSW Bellezzatoro Rememberthetitans (Aust Ch) (Chris Luciani)
NSW Bellezzatoro Shes A Gshock (Aust Ch) (Mr D Addems & Ms N Burton)
NSW Bellezzatoro Stormborn (AUST CH) (Chris Luciani)
NSW Bellezzatoro Winterfell (Aust Ch    ) (Chris Luciani)
NZ Blackmask Whisper of Hope (Rebecca Dalglish)
NSW Blaqveil Brute Divine (Ms T Szentes)
ACT Blaqveil Hush Sublime (Ms T Szentes)
VIC Blaqveil Illustrious Brute (Ms T Szentes)
NSW Blaqveil Lorenzo Saint John (Mrs N Hooper / Ms T Szentes)
NSW Blaqveil Lorenzo Saint John (Nicola Hooper/ T Szentes)
SA Blazonknight Emerald Rose (BLAZONKNIGHT Bullmastiffs)
SA Blazonknight Incan Rose (Aust Ch) (BLAZONKNIGHT Bullmastiffs)
SA Blazonknight Limited Edition (Blazonknight)
SA Blazonknight Maple Rose (Blazonknight)
SA Blazonknight Saffron Rose (BLAZONKNIGHT Bullmastiffs)
NZ Bodacious After Forever (CH) (Quentin & Tracey Robinson)
NZ Bodacious Happy Ever After (CH) (Quentin & Tracey Robinson)
NZ Bodacious Horatio Nelson CGCB RN (NZ CH) (Sharron Mischefski - Numoda)
NZ Bodacious Out On Bail (CH) (Tracey & Quentin Robinson)
NZ Bodacious Shake It Petal (CH) (Quentin & Tracey Robinson)
NZ Bodacious Twisted Angel (Quentin & Tracey Robinson)
NZ Bodacious Xmas Eva (CH) (Quentin and Tracey Robinson)
NZ Bodacious Xmas Ice (Quentin and Tracey Robinson)
NZ Boomers Boy of Waterlea (CH) (Vicki Mills)
NSW Brinkybull A Bit Of Hope (Ch) (S Brinkworth)
NSW Brinkybull Arms Of An Angel (AI) (Janine Snowie)
NSW Brinkybull Attitude AI (Aust Ch) (S Brinkworth)
SA Brinkybull Cinnamon Girl CCD RN (Nuet Ch) (BLAZONKNIGHT Bullmastiffs)
NSW Brinkybull Cowgirl In The Sand (Miriam O'Callaghan)
NSW Brinkybull Crack The Whip (Ch) (S Brinkworth)
SA Brinkybull Delilah CD RN (BLAZONKNIGHT Bullmastiffs)
NSW Brinkybull Faith of Heart (AI) (S Brinkworth)
NSW Brinkybull Lagertha (Ch) (S Brinkworth)
NSW Brinkybull Like A Hurricane (BISS RUBISS MULTI BIS MULTI RUBIS AUS Supreme CH) (Mr M M McAllister)
NSW Brinkybull New Era AI (Aust CH) (S Brinkworth)
NSW Brinkybull Nullas Dream (RUBIS ,Multi BIG,RUBIG Grand Ch) (S Brinkworth)
NSW Brinkybull One Way Or Another (S Brinkworth)
NSW Brinkybull Pink Floyd (Aust Ch) (S Brinkworth)
NSW Brinkybull Pocahontas (Ch) (S Brinkworth)
NSW Brinkybull Sugar Mountain (Aust Ch) (S Brinkworth)
NSW Brinkybull Wilfys Lad AI (Multi BIS & RUBIS Supreme Ch) (S Brinkworth)
NZ Brookpark Delta Dawn (Rebecca Dalglish)
NZ Brookpark Game On In Vegas (Rebecca Dalglish)
NZ Brookpark I Walk The Line (CH) (Rebecca Dalglish)
NZ Brookpark The Gambler (CH) (Rebecca Dalglish)
NSW Brookpark Yukon Reflection (AI)(IMP NZ) (Nz Ch. Aust Ch.) (B Turner, G Sparham, R Dalglish)
NSW Bruin Grizzy Bear (Aust Champion) (Brendan & Stacey Wehmeier)
VIC Bulavista Boston Firecracker (AI) (AUST. CH.) (Sue & Vaughan Ellis)
VIC Bulavista Boston Red Sox (AI) (AUST. CH.) (Sue & Vaughan Ellis)
VIC Bulavista California Blu (AI) (AUST. CH.) (Mr C Mutton)
VIC Bulavista Dare To Dream (AI) (Sue & Vaughan Ellis)
VIC Bulavista Deltablue Mill (AI) (RUBISS AUST. CH.) (Chris Mutton & Bronwyn Wright)
VIC Bulavista Downunder Diva (AI) (AUST. GRAND CHAMPION.) (Sue & Vaughan Ellis)
VIC Bulavista Dream Force (AI) (Sue & Vaughan Ellis)
VIC Bulavista Field Of Dreams (AI) (Sue & Vaughan Ellis)
VIC Bulavista For Your Eyes Only (Sue & Vaughan Ellis)
VIC Bulavista Grace The Covers (AI) (Sue & Vaughan Ellis)
VIC Bulavista Kahn of the Mill (AI) (AUST. CH.) (Bulavista Bullmastiffs)
VIC Bulavista Kentucky Rein (AI) (RUBISS AUST. CH.) (Bulavista Bullmastiffs)
VIC Bulavista Meet Me In Moscow (AI) (AUST. CH.) (Sue & Vaughan Ellis)
VIC Bulavista Millsweet Sari (AI) (AUST. CH.) (Bulavista Bullmastiffs)
VIC Bulavista Mississippi Girl (AI) (RUBISS AUST. CH.) (Sue & Vaughan Ellis)
VIC Bulavista Pretty Woman (AI) (DUAL RUBISS AUST.CH.) (Bulavista Bullmastiffs)
VIC Bulavista Red Hot Chilli (AI) (AUST. CH.) (Bulavista Bullmastiffs)
VIC Bulavista Stare If You Dare (Sue & Vaughan Ellis)
VIC Bulavista This Girls On Fire (AI) (Sue & Vaughan Ellis)
QLD Bullalryll Aa La Rouge (C .M. Jenkins)
NSW Bullalryll Banderas (Aust Ch Aust Nueter Ch) (Chris Luciani)
QLD Bullalryll Cynthea (C .M. Jenkins)
QLD Bullalryll Ebonyface (AUST CHAMPION) (C M Jenkins)
QLD Bullalryll Lady Anne (Aust Ch) (C.M.Jenkins)
QLD Bullalryll Masala Chai (C.m. Jenkins)
QLD Bullalryll Nilo (GRAND CHAMPION) (Cheryll Jenkins)
QLD Bullalryll OH Ruby (Cheryll Jenkins)
QLD Bullalryll Red Rebal (AUST CH) (Bullalryll Kennels)
QLD Bullalryll Rohza (Australian Champion) (cheryll Jenkins)
QLD Bullalryll William Tell (AUST Ch) (Cheryll Jenkins)
QLD Bullalryll Wish Away (Cheryll Jenkins)
QLD Bullalryll Zebulons Zest (A I ) (AUST CHAMPION) (C M Jenkins)
NSW Bullarmour Big Cruzer (BISS BIS Aust. Ch.) (Terrence & Kerry Kelly)
NSW Bullarmour Kat Ballou (Aust. Ch.) (T & K Kelly)
QLD Bullarmour Mighty Bodacious (Oceancrest)
NSW Bullarmour Rowdy Hoodlum (BISS Multi BIS Multi BIG Aust Ch) (T & K Kelly)
NZ Bullatoro Baldavino (Sarah Bradford)
NZ Bullatoro Bellazena (Sarah Bradford)
NSW Bullgladiata Dionysus (AI) (Ch) (K Munro, R Crilly & K Wernicke)
VIC Bullmaster Big Guns (BISS Ch) (Mrs P Quinn)
VIC Bullmaster Black Knight (Bullmaster Kennels)
VIC Bullmaster Black Prince (Bullmaster Knls)
VIC Bullmaster Black Tartan (Bullmaster Kennels)
QLD Bullmaster Coco Chanel (AI) (Justine Bradley)
VIC Bullmaster Fifth Avenue (RUBISS Ch) (Bullmaster Knls)
VIC Bullmaster Lexington Avenue (Bullmaster Knls)
VIC Bullmaster Madison Avenue (Ch) (Bullmaster Kennels)
VIC Bullmaster Mdnite Special (Ch) (Bullmaster Kennels)
VIC Bullmaster On Broadway (Ch) (J & S Reid)
VIC Bullmaster Pinball Wizard (Bullmaster Kennels)
VIC Bullmaster Sampson (BISS Ch) (Bullmaster Kennels)
VIC Bullmaster Scandalous Affair (Bullmaster Kennels)
VIC Bullmaster Silver Surfer (Bullmaster Kennels)
VIC Bullmaster Sirius Black (Bullmaster Kennels)
VIC Bullmaster State Trooper (Ch) (Bullmaster Kennels)
VIC Bullmaster Storm Trooper (Ch) (Bullmaster Kennels)
VIC Bullmaster Sweet Melody (Multi BISS Ch) (Bullmaster Kennels)
VIC Bullmaster Sweet Success (Ch) (Bullmaster Kennels)
VIC Bullmaster Texas Ranger (Ch) (Bullmaster Knls)
VIC Bullmaster Twist Of Fate (Bullmaster Kennels)
VIC Bullmaster US Marshall (Ch) (Bullmaster Knls)
VIC Bullmaster Wots Up Ya Kilt (Bullmaster Kennels)
SA Bullmighty Fairies Wear Bootz (Australian Champion) (Becci Dawson)
SA Bullmighty Anarchy (Australian Champion) (Becci Dawson)

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