Paray Tailor Made For Harradei (IMP USA)

Now in Australia we want to thank Tray Pittman and Paul Flores for entrusting Tailor to us.

Tailor will be in the show ring in 2020 and we know we are going to have a lot of fun with him - he is quite a character.

DM (Degenerative Myelopathy)
Invermectin Sensitivity MDR1
Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Phosphatase 1 DEF
Von Willebrand's Disease Type lll
Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia

First Australian Champion Progeny - Harradei By Design

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Contact :
Hope and Jody Innes (Member Details)
Phone :
08 85243490
Email :
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Pedigree for Paray Tailor Made For Harradei (IMP USA)
Sire : AM. CH. Sunaire Mainstay Integrity(USA) S: GR. CH. PL Jesstar Nivana (USA) S: GR. CH. BR. Rosmoor Protocol (USA)
D: AM. GR. CH. Jesstar Astoria (USA)
D: AM. GR. CH. Sunaire Opulence and Bling (USA) S: AM. CH. Lochlyn Dream Catcher (USA)
D: Sunaire Mardi Gras (USA)
Dam : Paray's Allure (USA) S: GR. CH. GL. Paray's Preferential (ROM) (USA) S: AM. CH. Corteo Paray Of Don Quixote (ROM) (JAP)
D: AM. CH. Paray Posh Spice (USA)
D: Granite Gables Paray Paramount (USA) S: AM. CH. Macdega Motion Picture (USA)
D: Granite Gabels Mystic Morgan (USA)

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