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Ch Peerielee Sunrise By Design
(Mrs T Ferguson and Miss D Lennard)

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NSW Aanara Antique Lace (RUBIS Aust Ch) (Deirdre Crofts)
VIC Abovin Freya (John & Val Wishart)
WA Aerten Absolutely Shameless (Ms Jeanette Mitchell)
WA Aerten Blinded By The Light (Miss Kirsty Post)
TAS Aerten I Did It My Way (Champion) (Muriel & Julie Kaden)
NSW Aerten Once More With Feeling JDX AD GD SPD (Lisa Wright)
WA Aerten She Did A Bad Bad Thing (Mrs Di Leverington)
NSW Aerten Speak To The Paw (Aust Champion) (Sharndah Knls)
NZ Airam Asya N Black (Ch) (Airam Kennels)
NZ Airam Dash O Black Pepper (CH) (M Devery)
NZ Airam Frosted N Silver (Airam Kennels)
NZ Airam Stirl'ng Silver (Ch) (Airam Kennels)
NZ Airam Tri A Nice Reprint (NZ Ch) (Airam Kennels)
SA Aliste De La Hoya (Aust. Ch.) (A & S Lim, P. Brennan-Lim s)
NSW Aliste Leonidas the brave (Aust.Ch) (Marilyn Evans)
SA Aliste Living Doll (A.Lim & P.Brennan-Lim)
SA Aliste Masquerade (A.Lim, S.Lim & P. Brennan-Lim)
VIC Aliste Pacquiao (J. Prout)
SA Aliste Pastel Portrait (A.Lim, S.Lim & P. Brennan-Lim)
NSW Almaroy Bi The Way (Liz Nelson)
NSW Almaroy Eliza Jane (CH.) (Coral Young)
NSW Ambermoon All Fired Up (BISS / Ru BISS Aust CH) (Christine & Emma Luxford)
WA Ambermoon Come What May (National BISS Winner Aust Ch) (Christine & Emma Luxford)
QLD Ambermoon Farleys Angel (Australian Champion) (Miss B A Lines)
QLD Ambermoon Fashioned in Sable (Australian Champion) (Miss B A Lines)
WA Ambermoon Hear Me Roar (Champion) (Christine & Emma Luxford)
WA Ambermoon Heat Of The Night (Mrs C & Miss E Luxford)
WA Ambermoon Just Kidding (Australian Champion) (Christine & Emma Luxford)
WA Ambermoon Lifes Pretty Sweet (Christine & Emma Luxford)
WA Ambermoon Moment Like This (Supreme Champion) (Christine & Emma Luxford)
WA Ambermoon Personal invitation (Mrs C & Miss E Luxford)
QLD Ambermoon Summer Fantasy (RBIS / RBISS Australian Grand Ch Neuter Ch) (Miss B A Lines ( Kilcoy Kennels))
WA Ambermoon Sweet Georgia E.T (BISS/Multi Royal BIS/Multi Royal BIG/Multi BIS/ SUPREME CH) (Christine & Emma Luxford)
WA Ambermoon The Beat Goes On (Mrs C & Miss E Luxford)
VIC Anscot Sandpiper (Ch) (Maureen Plant)
SA Apple Acres Flash Drive (Imp USA) (Mrs D & Mr G Hill & Mrs L Schwier)
WA Arajento Affair Trememba (Aust Grand Ch) (Mrs K C Tonkin)
WA Arajento Applause A Plenty (Mrs K Tonkin)
WA Arajento Brushed With Gold (Mrs KC Tonkin)
WA Arajento Calico Kid (CEA CLEAR) carrier (Muli BIS/RuBIS Supreme Ch) (Kay Tonkin)
WA Arajento Debutante (Aust Ch) (Mrs K C Tonkin)
QLD Arajento Gold Smith (Australian Champion) (Karrin Lappworth)
NSW Arajento Golden Foosteps (Lyn Pearson)
WA Arajento Golden Opportunity (Aust Ch) (Mrs KC Tonkin)
NSW Arajento Golden Opportunity (Ch) (VJ Royston)
NSW Arajento I Got The Faith (Ch) (G & M Young)
WA Arajento I Shot D Sherif (Multi BIS/BISS AUST CH) (Mrs K C Tonkin)
WA Arajento Leather N Lace (Aust Ch) (Mrs K C Tonkin (nee Noonan))
SA Arajento Raise The Stakes (Aust Ch) (Mrs B A Shepherdson)
WA Arajento Raise The Tempo (Aust Ch) (Mrs K C Tonkin)
WA Arajento Raising A Ruckus (Mrs KC Tonkin)
WA Arajento Raising Hell (CEA Clear) (BIS Aust Ch) (Mrs K C Tonkin)
WA Arajento Spellbinder (CEA Clear) carrier (Aust Ch) (Mrs K C Tonkin)
NSW Arajento Swedish Edition (Aust/Sth Afr Ch) (Mrs A Ventress (Sth Afr))
NZ Arajento Tri N Stop Me (Aust Ch) (Mrs K C Tonkin)
VIC Arano Summer Enchantress (M K Yeo)
VIC Arano The Marshall Turns Heads (Aust Ch) (M K Yeo)
VIC Baelou Pearls n Diamonds (Mrs Marita Biggs)
NSW Beauideal Abra Cadabra (Aust. ch) (Tenille Riordan)
NZ Beauideal Celeste (Imp Aust) (Kelly Martin)
NSW Beauideal Girl At Heart (Ch) (Judy Docksey)
NSW Beauideal Girlish Charm (Grand Champion) (Judy Docksey)
NSW Beauideal Laced In Silver (Judy Docksey)
NSW Beauideal Midnight Rush (Multi RUBIS, BIG & RUBIG NZ CH Supreme Ch) (Veronica Royston)
NZ Beauideal Midnight Rush (Imp Aus) (Aus Sup Ch & NZ Gr Ch) (Kelly Martin)
NSW Beauideal Rave Review (Supreme Champion) (Judy Docksey)
NZ Beauideal Rock My World (Multi BIS, Multi RUBIS & BISS & RUBISS Aust & NZ Supreme Champion) (Kelly Martin (NZ))
NZ Beauideal Rock My World (Aust Supreme Ch, NZ Supreme Ch & NZ Specialist Grand Ch) (R & K Martin)
QLD Beauideal Rock On AD JD (Multi BIS/RUBIS Aust Supreme Ch) (Jacqui Cant)
NSW Beauideal Scandal (Ch) (JL Docksey & VJ Royston)
NSW Beauideal Starr Attraction (Ch) (Judy Docksey)
NSW Beauideal Tres Chic (Aust Ch) (Mrs J Herd)
NSW Beauideal Truly Sinful (Judy Docksey)
VIC Bellarose Holly Bluff Be Still My Heart (Imp USA) (Am & Aust Ch) (Nicky Renwood)
VIC Bellarose Holly Bluff Hearts On Fire ( imp usa ) (American Champion / Australian Champion) (Nicky Renwood)
VIC Belmar N Lakewood Miss American Bi (Imp. USA) (Debra and Geoff Hill)
VIC Blue Heavens Show Stopper RN (Imp USA) (Aust. Ch. Am. Ch.) (J. Prout)
VIC Blue Heavens Smith N Wesson (Imp USA) (Am Ch & Aust Ch) (J. Prout)
VIC Blue Heavens You Make My Heart Sing (Imp USA) (Australian Champion) (Jenny Prout)
NSW Bluegables Dancin On My Own (T Walters)
SA Bluescot Bi Thunder (L Schwier)
NSW Bluescot Bravado (Aust. Ch.) (Debra & Geoff Hill)
VIC Bluescot Geronimo (Debra & Geoff Hill)
VIC Bluescot High Voltage (Debra and Geoff Hill)
SA Bluescot Just An Illusion (Mrs L J Schwier)
VIC Bluescot Little Town Flirt (Ch.) (Debra and Geoff Hill)
VIC Bluescot Mademoiselle (Australian Champion) (Lakamari Kennels)
SA Bluescot Out Of Focus (Mrs L J Schwier)
VIC Bluescot Scarlett O Hara (Lakamari Kennels)
VIC Bluescot The Good Bi Girl (Debra and Geoff Hill)
QLD Bonaustell Punk Rock (BISS/Multi BIS Aust Ch) (Jacqui Cant)
NSW Brashelle Do U C What I C (Allison Begnell)
NSW Burdekin Baby Come Back (BIS/RUBIS Aust Ch) (Glenda Grant)
NSW Burdekin I Got You Babe (Mrs T S Ryles)
NSW Burdekin Ooh Baby Baby (Aust Ch) (Glenda Grant)
VIC Charmhill By Chaser ( Gen Clear CEA /Ch) (Australian Champion) (Kay Sullivan)
VIC Charmhill Callin The Shots (Christine Klempel)
VIC Charmhill Carlotta .Gen Clear CEA (Christine klempel)
VIC Charmhill Cavalier (CH) (Charmhill Kennels)
VIC Charmhill Celtic Rivalry (Aust CH) (Gregory Jones)
VIC Charmhill Cherished Moments. Gen Clear CEA Ch , DM , VW3 (Christine Klempel)
VIC Charmhill Claudia (Aust Ch) (Christine Klempel)
NSW Charmhill JacquesCartier (GEN Clear CEA/CH & MDR1, VWBIII, DM) (Aust Ch) (Nicole Pearson)
VIC Charmhill Noahs Crusade. ROMA . Gen Clear CEA Ch , MDRI & DM (BISS Aust & NZ Ch  ) (Christine Klempel)
SA Charmhill The Lion King (Julie Deane)
NSW Cheralay Fireworks (Ch) (G & M Young)
NSW Cheralay Im Sweet On You (CH) (G & M Young)
NSW Cheralay Its Gettn Hot In Here (G & M Young)
NSW Cheralay Sweet About Me (Ch) (G & M Young)
NSW Cheralay Under My Skin (Ch) (G & M Young)
QLD Cheslynrise Rumour Hasit (Aust Ch) (Cathryn Murdoch)
VIC Daestar Dandara ROMA (Australian Champion) (Daestar Kennels)
VIC Daestar Dannaher ROMA (Australian Champion) (Daestar Kennels)
VIC Daestar Daytime Dreamer CEA clear (Australian Champion) (John & Rae Davis)
VIC Daestar Dream Diva (Australian Champion) (Daestar Kennels)
VIC Daestar Dream Magic (Australian Champion) (Daestar Kennels)
VIC Daestar Dreams Are Gold CEA clear (Australian Champion) (John & Rae Davis)
QLD Darjoba Shifting Sands (J & D Bartley)
NSW Daydream Blue Nun (Aust Ch) (W & D Bolwell)
NSW Daydream Burning Embers (BISS Aust Ch) (W. & D. Bolwell)
NSW Daydream Cloudy Patches (RUBISS. Aust Ch) (Warren & Deirdre Bolwell)
NSW Daydream Darien ROMA (Multi BIS & BISS Grand Ch) (W & D Bolwell)
NSW Daydream Darius (W & D. Bolwell)
NSW Daydream Designer Label (W & D. Bolwell)
NSW Daydream Devil Woman (Therese & Lauren Dyer)
NSW Daydream Divine Intervention (Aust Ch    ) (W & D. Bolwell)
NSW Daydream Drusilla (Multi BIS & BISSS. Supreme Champion) (V. Royston)
NSW Daydream Heart O Gold (BISS & RUBIS Aust Ch) (W & D Bolwell)
NSW Daydream Hearts On Fire (BISS Aust Ch) (W & D Bolwell)
NSW Daydream Its Twilight Time (John & Val Wishart)
NSW Daydream Keep The Faith (Aust. Ch.) (W & D. Bolwell)
NSW Daydream Send Me An Angel (Ch.) (W & D. Bolwell)
NSW Daydream The Preacher Man (Ch.) (W & D. Bolwell)
NSW Daydream Wild At Heart (BISS Ch) (Warren & Deirdre Bolwell)
NSW Deerod Aint Miss B Haven (RUBISS Aust Ch) (Deirdre Crofts)
NSW Deerod Bedazzling In Bling (Gen Clear CEA/CH, MDR1, DM & VWD III) (Aust Ch) (Deirdre Crofts)
QLD Deerod Bling It On (Phil Michelle and Bianca Hickey)
NSW Deerod Bloomin Bluetiful (Aust Ch) (Deirdre Crofts)
NSW Deerod Charmed Im Sure (Aust Ch) (Deirdre Crofts)
NSW Deerod Dazzling In Diamonds (Aust CH) (Deirdre Crofts)
NSW Deerod Esprit Celeste (Aust Ch) (Deirdre Crofts)
NSW Deerod Etoile Brillante (Aust Ch) (Miss Deirdre Crofts)
NSW Deerod Flashn My Fascinator (Gen Clear CEA/CH, MDR1, VWD III, DM) (Aust Ch) (Miss D Crofts)
NSW Deerod Frost My Socks (BISS & RUBIS Aust Ch) (Deirdre Crofts)
NSW Deerod Give Me The Night 'ROMA' (Multi BIS & Multi BISS Aust Grand Ch) (Deirdre Crofts)
NSW Deerod Hand Painted (Aust Ch) (Deirdre Crofts)
NSW Deerod Rich And Famous (Gen Clear CEA/CH, MDR1, VWD III & DM) (RUBISS Aust Ch) (Deirdre Crofts)
NSW Deerod Rich Bitch (Aust Ch) (Deirdre Crofts)
NSW Deerod Rich Reward 'ROMA' (Multi BIS, Multi BISSS Aust Supreme Ch) (Deirdre Crofts)
NSW Deerod The Bitch Is Blak (Aust Ch) (Deirdre Crofts)

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