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SA Abacel Nite Cruiser (Ch.) (B. Musolino / J. Rice)
TAS Aerten Dawn Of The Highlander (Mrs Josephine Clements (Tasmania))
WA Aerten I Did It My Way (Champion) (Muriel & Julie Kaden)
WA Aerten Total Eclipse Oth Heart (Mrs.D.Leverington)
SA Aliste De La Hoya (Aust. Ch.) (A & S Lim, P. Brennan-Lim s)
VIC Aliste Pacquiao (Aust Ch.) (J. Prout)
WA Ambermoon Hear Me Roar (Australian Supreme Champion.) (Christine & Emma Luxford)
WA Ambermoon Heat Of The Night (Aust Ch) (Mrs C & Miss E Luxford)
WA Ambermoon Midnight Margaritas (Mrs C & Miss E Luxford)
WA Ambermoon On A Witch Hunt (Mrs C & Miss E Luxford)
VIC Anscot Sandpiper (Ch) (Maureen Plant)
WA Arajento All In Good Time (Mrs KC Tonkin)
WA Arajento Brushed With Gold (RuBISS) (CEA GEN CLEAR) (Aust Ch) (Mrs KC Tonkin)
NSW Arajento Golden Foosteps (Lyn Pearson)
WA Arajento Golden Handshake (CEA CLEAR) (Mrs KC Tonkin & Ms D Greenlee)
WA Arajento Mystical Saige( CEA CLEAR) (Kay C Tonkin)
WA Arajento Night Fever (CEA Clear Carrier) (Mrs KC Tonkin)
WA Arajento Opportunity Knocks (Mrs KC Tonkin)
SA Arajento Raise The Stakes (Aust Ch) (B A And A R Shepherdson)
WA Arajento Raising Hell (CEA Clear) (Multi BIS/BISS Aust Supreme Ch) (Mrs K C Tonkin)
WA Arajento Roll Of The Dice (Mrs KC Tonkin)
WA Arajento Steppin Out In Style (CEA Clear) (Mrs KC Tonkin)
WA Arajento Style N Charm (Mrs KC Tonkin)
WA Arajento The Peacemaker (CEA CLEAR) (Kay C Tonkin)
WA Arajento The Still Oth Night (CEA CLEAR) (Mrs KC Tonkin)
VIC Arano The Marshall Turns Heads (Multiple BIG/RUBIG Aust Ch) (M K Yeo)
VIC Baelou Pearls n Diamonds (CH) (Mrs Marita Biggs)
NSW Beauideal Girl At Heart (Ch) (Judy Docksey)
NSW Beauideal Ice Princess (AI) (Ch) (Judy Docksey)
NSW Beauideal Laced In Silver (Ch) (Judy Docksey)
NSW Beauideal Midnight Rush (Multi RUBIS, BIG & RUBIG NZ CH Supreme Ch) (Veronica Royston)
NZ Beauideal Midnight Rush (Imp Aus) (Aus Sup Ch & NZ Gr Ch) (Kelly Martin)
NSW Beauideal Tres Chic (BIS/BISS Aust Ch) (Mrs J Herd)
NSW Beauideal Turn On The Charm (Ch) (Judy Docksey)
NSW Beauideal Turn On The Charm (Champion) (R Anderson)
SA Bellarose Holly Bluff Ace Of Hearts AM. NA.AM.NAJ. (Imp usa) (Am and Can Ch) (Mrs B Shepherdson)
VIC Bellarose Holly Bluff Be Still My Heart (Imp USA) (American Ch / Australian Supreme Ch) (Nicky Renwood)
VIC Bellarose Holly Bluff Hearts On Fire ( imp usa ) (American Champion / Australian Champion) (Nicky Renwood)
VIC Blue Heavens Secret Obsession (Imp USA) (Aust Ch) (J Prout)
VIC Blue Heavens Smith N Wesson (Imp USA) (Am Ch & Aust Ch) (J. Prout)
NSW Bluegables Th Darke Side (EXP ZAF) (T Walters)
NSW Bluescot Bravado (Aust. Ch.) (Debra & Geoff Hill)
VIC Bluescot Geronimo (Debra & Geoff Hill)
SA Bluescot Just An Illusion (Neut Ch) (Mrs L J Schwier)
VIC Bluescot Mademoiselle (Australian Champion) (Lakamari Kennels)
SA Bluescot Out Of Focus (Ch) (Mrs L J Schwier)
NSW Brashelle Do U C What I C (Allison Begnell)
NSW Burdekin Baby Come Back (BIS/RUBIS Aust Ch) (Glenda Grant)
VIC Charmhill Callin The Shots (Champion) (Christine Klempel)
NSW Charmhill JacquesCartier (GEN Clear CEA/CH & MDR1, VWBIII, DM) (Aust Ch) (Nicole Pearson)
NSW Cheralay As If By Magic (Ch) (Gai Runnalls)
QLD Deerod Bling It On (Phil Michelle and Bianca Hickey)
NSW Deerod Etoile Brillante (BIS Aust Ch) (Miss Deirdre Crofts)
SA Dezshel Midnight Witch (Aust. Ch.) (Mr A & Mr S Lim and Mrs P Brennan-Lim)
QLD Donriver Rockabilly Rebel (Aust CH.) (Mrs C H Murdoch)
SA Fioremyst Blak Talisman (Kathryn Hole)
SA Fioremyst Blu Argento (Kathryn Hole)
SA Fioremyst Blu Bellisimo (Kathryn Hole)
SA Fioremyst Blu Serendipity (Kathryn Hole)
QLD Gavend C My Illusion (RUBISS Champion) (Robyn Carroll)
QLD Gavend Simply Reminiscing (Brigitte McCann)
QLD Gavend Whispers Ov Gold (Multi BIS, Multi BISSS, Multi RUBISSS, RUBISS Supreme Champion) (Traci Addison)
WA Glenmira Diamond Keepsake (Glenda Hesketh)
WA Glenmira Hope Diamond (Multi BIS Aust Ch) (Glenda Hesketh)
WA Glenmira Perfect Potion (Glenda Hesketh)
VIC Goldview Kaseys Gift (Maureen Plant)
VIC Goldview On the Move (Ch) (Maureen Plant)
SA Grandgables Alfenloch Uno. ROMC. (Imp Can) (Multi BISS/BIS/RUBIS/Am Grd/Can Grd/Australian Supreme Ch) (LochWind Kennels - Gail M Jones.)
SA Harradei By Design (Austrailan Champion) (Lentaridy Kennels and H & J Innes)
SA Harradei Nite Affair (Australian Champion) (H. and J.A Innes)
SA Harradei Zig Zag (Hope and Jody Innes)
NSW Hartly Deep Impact (Gen Clear CEA/CH, MDR1, VWBiii, DM) (BIS/RuBIS Multi BIG/RuBIG Supreme Champion) (N Pearson)
NSW Hartly Goal Keeper (Nicole Pearson)
NSW Hartly How About That ( Gen Clear CEA/CH, MDR1, VWDiii, DM) (BIS, RUBIS, MBIG/RuBIG Champion) (Nicole Pearson)
VIC Hartly Jewel Of Fire (Champion) (Christine Klempel/ Nicole Pearson)
NSW Hartly Keep Commenting (RUBISS Champion) (N Pearson)
NSW Hartly Keep On Shining (Nicole Pearson)
VIC Hartly Oh Me Oh My (Deborah Brearley)
NSW Hartly That’s That (Aust Ch) (Nicole Pearson)
WA Hartly Wander Out Yonder (Ms J Harris & Ms A Stanton)
NSW Herdsman Nothing Compares (Diann Marquette)
NSW Hillswick Diamond Diva (Mrs C. A Wylie)
NSW Ifonly Intoxicating (T Walters)
QLD Inneslake Vanity Fair (Miss D Yates Mr D Hedge & Mrs D Hedge)
SA Jaemist As You Wish (J Rainey)
SA Jaemist Lasting Tribute HT (J Rainey)
WA Jmell Hollywood Glamour Girl (GREG Mellor & Alannah Edmondson)
WA Jmell Look Who's Talking (Greg Mellor)
WA Jmell Mambo (Multi BIS, RUBIS, BISS, BISSS, Aust Sup CH.) (Alannah Edmondson)
WA Jmell We Got Fire (Greg Mellor)
VIC Kataku Dare To Fantasize (Mrs S & Mr M Turner & Mrs S Glasheen)
TAS Katanda Tri To Be. (Aust Ch, RN) (Miss C Nunn)
NSW Kelanmee Autumn Aria (MBISS, MBIS, MRUBIS, RUBISSS SUP. CH.) (Kim Tresidder)
NSW Kelanmee One for the Money (ai) (Kim Tresidder)
NSW Kelanmee Richly Decked (Multi BIS, MRUBIS. Aust. Supreme Ch.) (Kim Tresidder)
NSW Kelanmee Timeless Classic (ai) (Kim Tresidder)
NSW Kelanmee Treasured Timepiece (AI) (RUBIS, MBIG, MRUBIG Ch.) (Kim Tresidder)
NSW Kelanmee Undathe Kissing Tree (Australian Ch.) (Kim Tresidder)
WA Kensil's Smiling Eyes (Imp USA) (Aust Ch) (LochWind Kennels)
QLD Kilcoy Me Myself N I (Carrier CEA GEN CLEAR MDR1 DM VWD3) (Australian Champion) (Miss B A Lines (Kilcoy Kennels))
SA Kirrimist Blu Fiore (Miss KJ Hole)
VIC Kirrimist Grease Lightning (Ch) (Alan & Robyn Spargo)
WA Kismet Rain Shadow (Neut CH. RUBIS/ BISS/ Multi BIG/ Multi RUBIG Aust CH) (Sheltastic Kennels)
NSW Laureate Cloudberry (Imp Singapore) (Sharndah Kennels)
NSW Lizneb Dark Side Ov The Moon (Ej Nelson)
NSW Lizneb Skyes Ov Diamonds (Ej Nelson)
SA LochWind Freeze Frame of PaRay. (Imp USA). (SAF Ch/Aust Ch) (LochWind Kennels)
SA LochWind Gentle Smile. (BIS/RUBIS/Australian Champion.) (LochWind Kennels - Gail M Jones)
NSW LochWind Grand Design. HIC. HT. PT. (BIS/RUBISS. Australian Champion.) (Long - Dryburgh - Marquette)
SA LochWind Hill of Grace. (BMISS/) (Noel & Lorraine Pedofsky.)
WA LochWind How Do Uno (BBIS/BPIG) (Ron & Trish Scobbie)
NSW LochWind Hunger Games. (Australian Champion.) (Mrs Val Creasy)
VIC LochWind I Am What I Am. (Australian Champion.) (C Tenney, I Truswell, G Jones, K McKay.)
SA LochWind I Like It Like That. (Australian Champion.) (LochWind Kennels - Gail M Jones)
SA LochWind Just In Time. (LochWind Kennels - Gail M Jones)
SA LochWind Just Opulent. (Australian Champion.) (LochWind Kennels - Gail M Jones)
SA LochWind Keep The Faith (LochWind Kennels - Gail M Jones)
SA LochWind Key To My Heart (LochWind Kennels - Gail M Jones)
NSW LochWind Kopyright (LochWind Kennels - Gail M Jones.)
WA Louanda Dont hold Back (Ms J Harris & Ms A Stanton)
VIC Louanda Fallen Angel (MBIS Ch) (Louanda knls)
WA Louanda Hot Summer Nights (Heather Hawkins)
WA Louanda Moonlite Madonna (Miss E Ayre)
WA Lurikeen Game Set Match (Aust Ch) (Ms J Harris & Ms A Stanton)
WA Lurikeen Girl On Fire (Aust Ch) (Ms J Harris & Miss A Stanton)
WA Lurikeen Little Miss Norti (Neut Grand Ch & Aust Ch) (Ms J Harris & Ms A Stanton)
WA Lurikeen Talkn About My Girl (Neuter Champion) (Ms J Harris & Ms A Stanton)
WA Lurikeen To Glam T Give A Damn (Aust Ch) (Ms J Harris & Ms A Stanton)
WA Lurikeen Turn Up Th Heat (Multi BISS / Multi BIS / Multi RBIS / Multi BIG Supreme CH) (Miss Ashlea Stanton)
NSW Lyndream Flirting With Cartier (Lyn Pearson)
NSW Lyndream Flirting Withthe Rest (Champion) (Lyn Pearson)
NSW Lyndream Imperial Moet (Aust Ch) (Lyn Pearson)
NSW Lyndream Magical Interlude (BIS/BISS NZ & Aust CH) (Lyn Pearson)
NSW Lyndream Sticking Withthe Times (Champion) (Lyn Pearson{)
NSW Lyndream U Dont Say (Champion) (Lyn Pearson)
SA Lynroge Copyright (Ch) (J Allen)
NSW Mackland Wings Ov Change (IMP South Africa) (Aust Ch) (Sharndah Knls)
QLD Majikblu Front Line Angel (Brooke Williams)
QLD Majikblu Im Likah Tigah (Brooke Williams)
QLD Majikblu Shes Got The Look (Aust Ch) (Brooke Williams)
QLD Maliddie Heart of A Hero (Miss I Gordon)
NSW Maliddie Jumping Jack Flash (Helen Gordon)
QLD Maliddie Mi Belle Chanelle (Helen Gordon)
QLD Maliddie Tri A Tiara (Australian Champion) (Helen Gordon)
VIC Mallaraba Miss Marple (Aust Ch) (Ms J Baker)
QLD Mazarelli Magic Electric Storm (Ms M L Clarke)
VIC Meega Starr Affair (Maureen Plant)
VIC Montage Escapade (BISS MULTI RUBIS Ch    ) (Kataku Kennels)
VIC Montage Fantasia (Ch    ) (Mrs E Lasry)
NSW Nedsur Love Me Like U Do (Supreme Champion) (Mrs T & Miss J Rusden)

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