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Limbunya Sweet Matilda
(Kay Sullivan)

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SA Abacel Nite Cruiser (Ch.) (B. Musolino / J. Rice)
WA Ambermoon Hear Me Roar (Australian Supreme Champion.) (Christine & Emma Luxford)
WA Ambermoon Heat Of The Night (Aust Ch) (Mrs C & Miss E Luxford)
VIC Anscot Sandpiper (Ch) (Maureen Plant)
WA Arajento Brushed With Gold (RuBISS) (CEA GEN CLEAR) (Aust Ch) (Mrs KC Tonkin)
NSW Arajento Golden Foosteps (Lyn Pearson)
SA Arajento Raise The Stakes (Aust Ch) (B A And A R Shepherdson)
VIC Arano The Marshall Turns Heads (Multiple BIG/RUBIG Aust Ch) (M K Yeo)
NZ Beauideal Midnight Rush (Imp Aus) (Aus Sup Ch & NZ Gr Ch) (Kelly Martin)
VIC Bellarose Holly Bluff Hearts On Fire ( imp usa ) (American Champion / Australian Champion) (Nicky Renwood)
SA Bluescot Bi Thunder (L Schwier)
NSW Bluescot Bravado (Aust. Ch.) (Debra & Geoff Hill)
VIC Bluescot Geronimo (Debra & Geoff Hill)
SA Bluescot Out Of Focus (Ch) (Mrs L J Schwier)
VIC Charmhill Callin The Shots (Champion) (Christine Klempel)
NSW Charmhill JacquesCartier (GEN Clear CEA/CH & MDR1, VWBIII, DM) (Aust Ch) (Nicole Pearson)
NSW Cheralay As If By Magic (Ch) (Gai Runnalls)
VIC Dancing to the Blues at Edglonian (imp UK) (Eng Ch. & Aust Ch.) (Donna Saltau & Jeanette Kania)
NSW Deerod Rich And Famous (Gen Clear CEA/CH, MDR1, VWD III & DM) (RUBISS Aust Ch) (Deirdre Crofts)
NSW Deerod Rich Reward 'ROMA' (Multi BIS, Multi BISSS Aust Supreme Ch) (Deirdre Crofts)
NSW Eyes Of Angel Crown Prince (Imp) (Kor CH. CH) (Donna Lennard)
QLD Gavend C My Illusion (RUBISS Champion) (Robyn Carroll)
VIC Glenkinchie By Jimny (CH) (Mrs.M.C Gostelow)
VIC Grandgables Home Town Hero (Imp USA) (Multi BIS/RUBIS Supreme Ch /Can Ch) (Elizabeth Lasry)
SA Harradei Valeroso (Hope and Jody Innes)
SA Harradei Van Gogh (Hope and Jody Innes)
NSW Hartly How About That ( Gen Clear CEA/CH, MDR1, VWDiii, DM) (BIS, RUBIS, MBIG/RuBIG Champion) (Nicole Pearson)
NSW Hartly Keep Commenting (RUBISS Champion) (N Pearson)
NSW Herdsman Little Larikin HT (May Fung)
VIC Hillacre Headline News PT RE (Aust Ch) (Llandaff Kls (Jan and Alison West))
NSW Hillacre Play By Play (Gen Clear Cea/CH/MDR1/VwB (Ch) (L & M Long & D Dryburgh)
NZ Hillswick Sorcerers Apprentice (Imp Aust) (NZ CH) (Peter & Rosemary Richards)
VIC Hortonpark Simply the Joker (AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) (Marruce Kennels)
NSW Inneslake Rising Sun (Ch & Ntr Ch) (DN & DL Hedge)
VIC Ireland's Aviator (Imp. USA) (American Gr. Ch. BIS Aust. Ch.) (Debra and Geoff Hill)
VIC Island Breeze Como (imp Est) (AUST CH. FIN CH. EE MVA. EE JR CH.) (Donna Saltau)
WA Jmell Mambo (Multi BIS, RUBIS, BISS, BISSS, Aust Sup CH.) (Alannah Edmondson)
VIC Kataku In The Darkest Night (Mrs S & Mr M Turner & Mrs S Glasheen)
TAS Katanda Tri To Be. (Aust Ch, RN) (Miss C Nunn)
NSW Kelanmee Top Deck (BISS, BIS, MRUBIS, AUST. Supreme Ch.) (Kim Tresidder)
NSW Kentroy Stamped In Silva (BIS Aust. Ch.) (Kentroy Knls)
VIC Kieno Stars Aligned (Jeanette Walden)
VIC Kirrimist Grease Lightning (Ch) (Alan & Robyn Spargo)
VIC Laknest Be Lucky (imp Rus) (BLR CH. C.I.B. EE CH. FIN CH. LTU CH. LVA CH. RU JR CH. RUS. BALT CH) (M Mathers)
NSW LochWind Grand Design. HIC. HT. PT. (BIS/RUBISS. Australian Champion.) (Long - Dryburgh - Marquette)
VIC LochWind I Am What I Am. (Australian Champion.) (C Tenney, I Truswell, G Jones, K McKay.)
SA LochWind Just In Time. (LochWind Kennels - Gail M Jones)
SA Louanda Causing A Stir (Aust Ch) (J Elaine Hall)
VIC Lovesome Fire N Gold (imp Pol) (ROM CH. POL CH. POL JR CH. ROM GR CH. ROM JR CH) (M Mathers)
NZ Lyndream Cartier’s Creation (Kelly Martin)
NSW Lyndream Magical Ballad (Champion) (Lyn Pearson)
NSW Lyndream U Dont Say (Champion) (Lyn Pearson)
SA Marruce The Illusionist (B.I.S. Australian Champion) (Shalreign Kennels)
VIC Montage Escapade (BISS MULTI RUBIS Ch    ) (Kataku Kennels)
QLD Nedsur A Lil Somethin Bi (Sheila Marchant)
SA Nigma Cadfael (Supreme Ch Multi BIS Multi BISS) (I & C Spangler)
SA Paray Tailor Made For Harradei (IMP USA) (Jody and Hope Innes)
VIC PaRay's Kappa Sigma (Imp. USA) (Multi BIS Aust. Sup. Ch. Singapore Ch. Malaysian Ch.) (Debra Hill)
NSW Peerielee As You Like It (Gen Clear All DNA Tests) (Ch) (L & M Long & D Dryburgh)
NSW Peerielee Iridescent Blu (Clear CEA & Gen Clear MDR1 & VW111 & DM) (Ch) (LP Hall)
NSW Peerielee Midnyte Delight (Gen Clear CEA) (Ch) (LT & MR Long & D Dryburgh)
NSW Peerielee Raincatcher (CEA Clear) (Ch) (LT, MR Long & DL Dryburgh)
NSW Peerielee Sunrise By Design (Ch) (Mrs T Ferguson and Miss D Lennard)
NSW Poulsgaards Casual Design (imp Norway) (AUST.CH) (Shelbrae Kennels, John & Leslie Tanks)
QLD Rayora Stylish Oak (Aust Grand Champion) (Helen Gordon)
SA Rimini Nevada (Aust Ch) (B Turner)
SA Rimini South Dakota CEA CLEAR GEN DM MDR1 WVD111 (Aust champion) (R Turner)
SA Rimini Wild Colonial Boy (Aust Ch) (Brian Turner)
VIC Robgai Rainy Day Blues (Michelle Doe)
VIC Robgai Rainy Day Blues (Aust Ch) (Michelle Doe)
NZ Romanoc Kiwi Krusader (NZ CH) (Peter & Rosemary Richards)
NSW Ronashill Blue Tycoon (Aust Ch) (Victor Hugo)
VIC Shadow Hill Rascal Flatts (Imp.USA) (American Australian Champion) (Debra and Geoff Hill)
VIC Sharndah Jetstream CCD, CD, CDX (Jenny Hall)
VIC Sharndah Some Days R Diamonds (Alan Spargo)
WA Shatrin Patron Saint (Ch) (Mrs S Van Dinter)
NZ Shatrin Saints Beckon (IMP AUS) (BISS Multi BIS/RUBIS Aust Sup Ch/NZ Ch) (Jeanine Bishop)
QLD Shelamour Groovy Kind Ov Love (AI) (Shelamour Shetland Sheepdogs)
ACT Shelbrae So Its Just Me (SUPREME CHAMPION) (Shelbrae Kennels)
NSW Shelbronze Wild Breeze (Donna Saltau)
NSW Sheldan Mile High (Grand CH) (T Riordan)
QLD Shelkeys Limited Edition (Gen Clear CEA Ch , MDR1, VW3 Carrier DM) (BIS Australian Grand Champion) (Le-Anne Schwier & Bernadette Lines)
SA Shelsian Aussie Accent (Multi BIS Ch.) (I R & C E Spangler & N Jeffery)
SA Shelsian Double Dare (Aust ch) (B A Shepherdson)
SA Shelsian Lasseter (Ch) (I R & C E Spangler)
SA Shelsian Rocky Road (I R & C E Spangler)
SA Shelsian Royal Ascot (Sup. Ch) (N Jeffery and I R & C E Spangler)
SA Shelsian Star Spangled (Supreme Ch. Multi BIS BISS) (I. & C. Spangler)
VIC Sheltastic Man In Black (BISS Aust CH.) (Kim Hone- Santecho Kennels)
WA Sheltastic The Illusionist (Aust Ch) (Mrs S Wildman)
WA Stonehaven Grandgables Game On (Aust Ch Am & Can CH) (Greg Mellor)
NSW Summerset Mind Games (Aust. Ch.) (C. Young)
SA Sunland Suntory (Supreme Champion) (A.Lim, P.Brennan-Lim,R.Egel, A. Egel)
QLD Tesskatel Liam James (Ms K J Lutzow)
QLD Tiakina Tilyabluintheface (Multi BIS RUBIS SUPREME CHAMPION) (Philip, Michelle and Bianca Hickey)
QLD Tiakina Truly Madly Deeply (Allison Begnell)
NSW Widecombe Wild Card (Ch.) (T & L. Dyer)
VIC Winslow Good To Go (Imp. USA) (Multi BIS Multi BIG RU BISS American Canadian Aust. Supreme Champion) (Geoff and Debra Hill)
SA Zesta Acceleration (Imp Can.) (Can. Ch) (I R & C E Spangler)

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