Arajento Opportunity Knocks (CEA Clear)

Nox is our long awaited Tri boy, we are excited to see how he matures.

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Pedigree for Arajento Opportunity Knocks (CEA Clear)
Sire : Arajento The Diplomat (CEA Clear) S: Ch Arajento Tri N Stop Me (CEA Carrier) S: Arajento All Night Long (CEA Carrier)
D: Arajento Picture Perfect
D: Arajento Social Graces (CEA Carrier) S: Gnd Ch Kismet Korouroy Kid
D: Arajento Social Climber (CEA Carrier)
Dam : Ch Arajento Golden Opportunity (CEA Carrier) S: Lowick Gold Braid Of Milesend (CEA Gen Clear,DM Clear,MDR Clear,VWD Clear) S: Saunderswood Shoemaker of Milesend
D: Dynamiles Ambers at Lowick
D: Arajento Hot Damn Here I Am S: Ch Arajento Spellbinder (CEA Carrier,VWD Clear,MDR Carrier,PCD Clear)
D: Kismet Miss Kiki

Recent Results

  • 9-May-2021 **Puppy of Breed**

    Canine Stewards [CH] (Judge was Ms c Loft (NSW))

  • 8-May-2021 **Puppy of Breed**

    FDC [CH] (Judge was Mr J Lewington (SA))

  • 8-May-2021 **Puppy of Breed**

    FDC [CH] (Judge was Mrs p Brown (Qld))

  • 1-May-2021 ** Puppy in Show**

    Working Dog Club of WA [CH] (Judge was Ms Sue Mallia)

  • 4-Apr-2021 **Puppy of Breed**

    ABDC [CH] (Judge was Mrs G Hesketh)

  • 4-Apr-2021 **Puppy of Breed**

    ABDC [CH] (Judge was Mrs S Lippiatt)

  • 14-Mar-2021 **Minor of Breed**

    B/A FDC [CH] (Judge was Mrs A Smith)

  • 13-Mar-2021 **Minor of Breed**

    B/A Working Dog Club of WA [CH] (Judge was Mr J Fenner)

  • 28-Feb-2021 ** ReCC Dog/Minor in Show**

    Western Classic Last Days Of Summer [CH] (Judge was Mrs O Meyer)

  • 27-Feb-2021 **Minor of Breed**

    Western Classic February Fun [CH] (Judge was Mrs S Baxter)

  • 26-Feb-2021 **Minor of Breed**

    Western Classic Summer Madness [CH] (Judge was Mr P Primrose)

  • 19-Feb-2021 **Minor of Breed**

    Hills Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Mrs S Wildman)

  • 14-Feb-2021 **Minor of Breed**

    Utility Dog Club WA [CH] (Judge was Ms J Sayers)

  • 8-Nov-2020 **Baby in Show**

    Working Dog Club of WA [OP] (Judge was Mrs S Einem)

  • 8-Nov-2020 **1st Baby Dog**

    Working Dog Club of WA [CH] (Judge was Ms J Van Dinter)