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B.I.S.S. Aust Ch Karlyermai Material Girl
(Karlyermai Kennels)

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QLD Allannette Causin A Storm (Mrs A Collins & Mrs K Pastiu)
QLD Allannette Devil in Disguise (Aust Ch) (Annette Collins & Kristina Pastiu)
QLD Allannette Here Comes Trouble (A. Collins & K. Pastiu)
QLD Allannette Just By Chance (Ch) (Mrs A Collins & Mrs K Pastiu)
QLD Allannette Million Dollar Baby (Annette Collins & Kristina Pastiu)
QLD Allannette Secret Combination (Mrs A Collins & Mrs K Pastiu)
QLD Allannette Stellar Affair (Mrs A Collins & Mrs K Pastiu)
NSW Allsilky Lady Eleanor (Vivian Price)
NSW Allsilky Lord Benjamin (Vivian Price)
NZ Altmark American Exposure (AI) (NZ CH) (Robyn Campbell)
NZ Altmark Symplythebest (BIS NZ CH) (Robyn Campbell)
QLD Aussie Dream Dress to Impress (AUST CH, LUX CH, CRO CH, CRO JCH) (Annette Collins & Kristina Pastiu)
VIC Balkana Anastasia Talking (Ch) (Mr J W Camac)
VIC Balkana Backstreet Affair (Aust Ch) (James Camac)
VIC Balkana Breakfast at Tiffanys (Aust Ch) (James W Camac)
VIC Balkana Broadway (Aust Ch) (J W Camac)
WA Balkana Double Trouble (Aust Ch) (Mr J.W. Camac & Rosedale Kennels)
VIC Balkana Fine Detail (Aust Ch) (J W Camac)
NSW Balkana Fire and Ice (Australian Champion) (J W Camac / Scales / Johnston)
VIC Balkana Flirtacious (IDD) (Silvacharm Kennels)
VIC Balkana Freyah of Anastasia (Ch) (Mr James Camac)
VIC Balkana Front Page News (Aust Ch) (J W Camac)
TAS Balkana Hollywood Dream (Aust Grand Ch) (Japatina Kennels)
NSW Balkana Idol Rumours (Grand Ch) (Jodie Prymke)
VIC Balkana Jack Sparrow (Multi BIS Aust Sup Ch) (Mr J W Camac)
VIC Balkana Jessie's Girl (Ch) (Mrs C A Treacy)
VIC Balkana Memory Lane (Aust Ch) (J W Camac)
VIC Balkana Mischief Maker (Aust Ch   ) (J W Camac)
VIC Balkana Pretty In Pink (Aust Ch    ) (James Camac)
VIC Balkana Purple Rain (Aust Ch) (J W Camac)
VIC Balkana Rave Revue (Aust Ch) (James W Camac)
NSW Balkana She Wears It Well (James Camac)
VIC Balkana Stevie Wonder (Aust Champion) (James Camac)
NZ Balkana Sumlike Ithot (NZ & Aust Ch) (Denise Clark)
VIC Balkana Sweet Child OMine (James Camac)
VIC Balkana Take A Chance On Me (James Camac)
VIC Balkana Talking Riddles (Ch) (Mr James Camac)
NSW Balkana The Black List (Australian Champion) (James Camac)
TAS Balkana Time Walka (Aust Ch) (Mrs A & Miss J Waddington)
NSW Balkana Top Score (Gr Ch) (James Camac)
VIC Balkana Two Thumbs Up (BIS, BISS Aust Supreme Ch) (J W Camac)
VIC Balkana Under the Influence (Aust Ch ) (James Camac)
VIC Balkana Whispering Jack (BISS Aust Ch) (J W Camac)
NSW Barrian Moffat Pender (Aust Gr Ch) (Allen & Faye Dwyer)
NSW Bedafareal River Song (Aust Ch) (Mrs L V Mineif)
NSW Bedafareal Storm (Aust Gr Ch & NZ Ch) (Allen & Faye Dwyer)
NSW BISS Rosedale Twilight Time (Aust Ch) (Rosedale Kennels & N.F. Walker)
NSW Brunkerville The Awestriker (Aust CH) (J.Ovens L. Knight)
QLD Brunkerville Valley of Jewels (Amanda Glass)
QLD Chanwarra Blue Force (Aust Ch) (Annette Collins & Kristina Pastiu)
VIC Curiosity Balkana Bound ( imp Fin ) (Fnl Ch Aust Ch) (J W Camac)
VIC Curiosity Royal Edition (imp FNL) (BIS, BISS. Aust GrandChampion/Finnish Champion) (James Camac)
VIC Curiosity Walking the Talk (IMP FNL) (Aust Ch) (Mr J W Camac)
VIC Curiosity Winner Take’s It (IMP FNL) (NORD CH, FI CH, SE CH, NO CH, FIW-11, NOW-11, Aust Supreme Ch) (J W Camac)
QLD Dazzlnsilk Bold Blu N Brazen (Aust Ch) (AC Glass)
QLD Dazzlnsilk Chaos In Motion (BISS Aust Ch) (Mrs AC Glass)
QLD Dazzlnsilk Just Ace (Aust Ch) (Mrs Amanda Glass)
QLD De Brisilk Heavens Lil Angel (AUST CH, CRO CH) (Annette Collins & Kristina Pastiu)
VIC Dunnwarren Nikitas Folly (Ch) (Anky Berry)
SA Emdee Xmas Angel (Aust Ch) (Japatina Kennels)
NSW Hautchien Lady Sings The Blues (Jane and Jeffery Fisher)
NSW Hautchien Luck Be A Lady (JF & JE Fisher)
NSW Hautchien Molly Malone (Gr Ch) (Ian and Lyn Osborne)
NSW Hautchien Over The Limit (Jeff & Jane Fisher)
NSW Hautchien Two Times A Lady (GR Ch    ) (Jeff and Jane Fisher)
NSW Hautchien Walking On Sunshine (Aust Ch) (Mrs LV Mineif)
VIC Jansilk Dysart (CH) (Mrs J Cooke)
VIC Jansilk Ryans Daughter (Aus Ch) (Mrs J Cooke)
VIC Jansilk Tawne Royal Silk (Aus Ch) (Mrs J Cooke)
VIC Jansilk Walkn the Gulliver Talk (Ch) (Mrs J Cooke)
TAS Japatina Big Dreams High Hopes (Aust. Champion) (Japatina Kennels)
SA Japatina Dream Big Or Go Home (Aust Grand Ch) (Japatina Kennels)
TAS Japatina In It To Win It (Japatina Kennels)
SA Japatina Make Way For Da Rogue (Japatina Kennels)
TAS Japatina Penny Arcade (Japatina Kennels)
TAS Japatina Showing Them Whos Boss (Japatina Kennels)
SA Japatina The Devil Wears Prada (Japatina Kennels)
QLD Karaitasilk Bilbo (Ch) (Mrs A Glass)
WA Karlyermai Aint Misbehavin (Aust Ch) (Karlyermai Kennels)
WA Karlyermai Aint Wizlin Dixi (Karlyermai Kennels)
WA Karlyermai Barely Legal (Aust Ch) (Karlyermai Kennels)
WA Karlyermai Bling It On (Aust Ch) (Karlyermai Kennels)
WA Karlyermai Cool Dude (Aust/Int/Fin/Swed/Dan/Ital/Slo/Cro/Wrld Champion) (Karlyermai Kennels)
WA Karlyermai Dolly Dunit (Aust Ch) (Karlyermai Kennels)
WA Karlyermai Dragon Singer (Karlyermai Kennels)
WA Karlyermai Dragon Slayer (B.I.S.S/B.I.S/ Aust Ch) (Karlyermai Kennels)
SA Karlyermai Faithfull Rogue (Aust Ch) (Karlyermai Kennels)
WA Karlyermai Good Lookin Roosta (Karlyermai Kennels)
WA Karlyermai Gotta Have A Reason (B.I.S.S. Aust Grand Ch) (Karlyermai Kennels)
WA Karlyermai Grace N Favour (Aust Ch) (Karlyermai Kennels)
NZ Karlyermai Kawznkaos At Altmark (Imp Aust) (NZ Ch) (Robyn Campbell)
WA Karlyermai Keep The Faith (Aust Ch) (Karlyermai Kennels)
QLD Karlyermai Klassy Dame (CH.) (W&ao'brien)
WA Karlyermai Klassy Kandidate (Aust Ch) (Karlyermai Kennel)
WA Karlyermai Latin Lover (BIS, BISS Aust Grand Champion) (Karlyermai Kennels)
WA Karlyermai Material Girl (B.I.S.S. Aust Ch) (Karlyermai Kennels)
WA Karlyermai Rogue Trader (B.I.S.S. Aust. Supreme Ch) (Karlyermai Kennels)
WA Karlyermai Strz N Whispas (Aust Ch) (Karlyermai Kennels)
WA Karlyermai Style Maker (B.I.S.S. Aust Ch.) (Karlyermai Kennels)
WA Karlyermai Wicked Intent (Karlyermai Kennels)
WA Karlyermai Wicked Temptation (Aust Ch) (Karlyermai Kennels)
VIC Kaylaw Talk OfTheTown (Aust Ch) (J W Camac)
QLD Matyler Blue Print (Mrs Kristina Pastiu)
QLD Mayesilk Mr Bright Spark (Amanda Glass)
NSW Nantiki Jack Frost (Ch) (J N Boyce)
NSW Nantiki Jacklyn (Aust Ch) (Jan Boyce)
NSW Nantiki Kiss Me Kate (Aust Ch) (J N Boyce)
NSW Nantiki Pocket Bandit (Aust Ch) (Janice Boyce)
NSW Nantiki Pocket Full O Sunshine RN (Aust. Ch.) (J N Boyce)
NSW Nantiki Pollyanna (Aust Ch Neut Ch) (Janice Boyce)
NSW Nantiki Sunshine Affair (Australian Champion) (Miss J N Boyce)
NSW Nantiki Touch O Frost RA (Aust Ch) (Jan Boyce)
NSW Nantiki Walking With Jacklyn (Mrs LV Mineif)
WA Parmelia Storming Norma (Aust Ch) (Heather Horne)
WA Parmelia Sweet Talkin Gal (Aust Ch) (Heather Horne)
WA Parmelia Talk Up A Storm (Aust CH) (Heather Horne)
QLD Pondaroza True Colours (Mrs D Jacques)
QLD Quinvale Pretty Woman (Noeline Quinn)
QLD Quinvale Whos That Girl (AUST.CHAMPION) (Noeline Quinn)
QLD Quinvale Xanadu Yuan (Aust.Champ.) (Noeline Quinn)
NSW Rosedale Aussie Legend (Australian Grand Champion) (Linley Mineif)
NSW Rosedale Burlesque (Aust Ch) (Mrs LV Mineif)
NSW Rosedale Cinderella (Aust. Ch.) (Mrs LV Mineif)
NSW Rosedale Constellation (Aust Ch) (Mrs LV Mineif)
NSW Rosedale Fidelity (Australian Champion) (Mrs L Mineif)
NSW Rosedale Friendly Persuasion (Mrs L V Meneif)
NSW Rosedale I Can Hear Music (Mrs L V Mineif)
NSW Rosedale Power Of Love (Mrs L V MIneif)
NSW Rosedale Secret Combination (Aust Ch) (Mrs LV Mineif)
NSW Rosedale Serenity (Linley V mineif)
WA Rosedale Sherlock Holmes (Mrs L V Mineif)
WA Rosedale Silver Bell (Aust Ch) (Rosedale Kennels & N.F. Walker)
NSW Rosedale Smokey Mountain (Aust Ch) (Mrs LV Mineif)
NSW Rosedale Twlight Shaddow (Aust Ch) (Mrs LV MInif)
NZ Shado-Lans Flyin First Class At Altmark (NZ Supreme Ch) (Robyn Campbell/Denise Clark)
NZ Shado-Lans Hot Suma Nites (Denise clark)
NZ Shado-Lans Th'Magic Man (Ch) (Mrs Denise Clark)
NSW Skysilk Highway Edition (Aust Ch) (Brian Keith & Gail Keegan)
NSW Skysilk Northern Duchess (Ch) (B.K. & G. Keegan)
NSW Skysilk Northern Skye (Ch) (Brian Keith & Gail Keegan)
NT Tagetarl Silky Kiss Chasey (J & C Beckett)
NT Tagetarl Silky Steel (deceased) (R/UP BEST IN SHOW, MultiBIG, MultiRUBIG, Australian Champion) (J & C Beckett)
NT Tagetarl Silky Travis Fimmel (BIS, RBIS, Multi BIG CHAMPION) (J & C Beckett)
SA Willame Aussie Tom (Yevgeniya Snyezhko)
QLD Willame Blue Bubbles (B.I.S.S., R.U.B.I.S. Multi Class in Show, B.I.G. AUST GR CHAMPION) (Bill &aileen O'brien)
WA Willame Dusty Rogue (B.I.S, B.I.S.S. Aust Supreme Ch) (Karlyermai Kennels)
QLD Willame Klassy Bizniz (CH) (W.&A. O'Brien)
QLD Willame Klassy Lil Annabelle (W & A O'brien)
QLD Willame Klassy Lil Marney (W. & A. O'Brien)
QLD Willame Klassy Maiden (W & A O'brien)

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